Chapter 276: The Wildly Popular Promotional Trailer (2)

Chapter 276: The Wildly Popular Promotional Trailer (2)

Having reached an impasse, many people turned their attention to <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> various social media accounts with private messages, bombarding them with demands to release her information. However, regardless of the pressure he faced online, the Administrator didn’t dare to reveal Shen Jingbin’s information. If he did that, he probably wouldn’t even be able to show his face in B City anymore. Someone in the office had said that she was the girlfriend of the Second Young Master of the Zhao family, so he definitely couldn’t afford to provoke her.

But alas, these netizens weren’t ones to be deterred.

In the end, the Administrator who’d been harassed continuously by them suddenly had a bright idea and hurriedly made a post on Weibo shortly after the trailer was released.

“Legends of Celestials and Demons’ Administrator: Hey there everyone, I heard that you’re interested in looking for the Senior Sister from White Cloud Temple, right? Hahaha, she's gorgeous, isn’t she? (●♡∀♡) That being said, I can’t possibly hand over someone as stunning as her so easily! But, I’ll let you guys in on a little secret: She plays <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> too. Why don’t you try going into the game and looking for her if you really want to get to know her? (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ ( ̄~ ̄)”

With that, the campaign to ‘find the Lead Disciple of White Cloud Temple’ began. And on that day, <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> saw a never before seen number of new players.

Of course, the ones who’d watched the promotional trailer weren’t just limited to those new players who had yet to get into the game. In fact, it was the veterans who’d already been playing the game from before that made up a majority of the views. Said veterans were utterly unsettled when they finished watching the trailer, with the players from White Cloud Temple being primarily affected.

What the f*ck! They’re even trying to go after someone as beautiful as her?! But seriously though Mr Administrator, have you seen what the White Cloud Temple’s Lead Disciple looks like?! Leading us on like this means you’re cheating your customers!

However, we’re willing to let it slide if you give us the contact details of the Senior Sister in the promotional video!

Administrator: I refuse! (Hmph)

On the other end of things… Song Yubao was all in a tizzy when she saw the promotion video. She hastily opened up her Wechat group and began kicking up a fuss.

National Treasures: Oi oi oi! Did you guys see the promotional trailer? Wtfwtf, that Senior Sister from White Cloud Temple is the very same girl I’ve been telling you guys about! She’s so beautiful she brings a tear to my eyes!

Song And Alcohol: I’ve seen it, and she really does look amazing. The motion effects, post-processing effects on the clothes, and everything else all come together to enhance her beauty by several times. I was blown away by her the second I opened the video. What a shame, why do all the beauties have boyfriends!

I’m Not A Monster: Beautiful +1, but I think this is very unethical on the part of the game company.

National Treasures: Why’s that? How is it unethical?

I’m Not A Monster: What’re we supposed to do about Nutty now that they’ve gone and gotten such a beautiful woman to play the part of White Cloud Temple’s Lead Disciple?! As the saying goes: feelings can’t be hurt if no comparison is made! Because of… ahem, Nutty’s already being bullied by so many people, and now, this beautiful Senior Sister has made an appearance. Doesn’t that mean that Nutty’s going to be laughed right out of the game!?

Eternal Rest: That’s true. I’ve looked through the comments on the Administrator’s post and noticed that lots of people joined the game because of her. But when they see Nutty and realise that not only is she different from the woman in the video, but also so... they might take out their frustrations on Nutty instead. In this day and age, not everyone has a good moral character. I’m just worried about them launching personal attacks against Nutty.

Descent Of Rain And Snow: But the Administrator didn’t say that Nutty and the woman in the trailer were the same person. All he said was that she played <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> too.

Lingering White Clouds: That’s the underlying problem. First impressions are always the strongest, and they’re now all working under the assumptions that the woman in the trailer is the Lead Disciple of White Cloud Temple. Coupled with the Administer’s post, I suspect that around eighty percent of the people who’ve watched the video would be working under this assumption.

National Treasures: Σ(゜ロ゜;) Doesn’t that mean that Nutty’s screwed?

Dawn’s Twilight: What are you guy talking about? What video?

Tanabata Evening: Yiju released its new promotional trailer. There was an amazingly beautiful woman inside, but she happened to play the part of White Cloud Temple’s Lead Disciple. Now, hordes of people are rushing into the game just to meet her. We’re worried they might do something drastic towards Nutty when she fails to meet their expectations.

Dawn’s Twilight: Something drastic? How bad can it be?

Temperate Scarlet Moon: We can’t say for sure, but it’s hard to get away from the attacks these kinds of disgusting people use. I’ve also seen quite a few of Xue Sijia’s fans commenting in the Administrator’s post. You guys should know that she has tons of fans, and many of them are very unhappy with the Administrator neglecting Xue Sijia and choosing to prop up a newcomer instead. They’ve already begun disparaging the woman, and they might even vent their anger on Nutty when they get into the game.

It was rare to see Shen Jingchen - who loved sleeping in - up so early. He’d reached over to his phone and found that his Wechat was going off non-stop, so he’d opened it up to take a look. When he’d looked through the message history, his sleep-addled mind had some difficulty processing what was happening.

The promotional trailer’s release had led to the group’s participants thinking up all sorts of verbal slugfest scenarios. Shen Jingchen thought that his little sister might’ve gotten herself embroiled in something big again and hurriedly ran over to her room with his phone in hand.

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