Chapter 274: Letting The Cat Out Of The Bag (2)

Chapter 274: Letting The Cat Out Of The Bag (2)

Regardless of what was going on in her mind, Mama Shen was still the picture of calmness. Shen Jingbin had probably inherited her cool-headedness from her.

“Which family are they from? Are they serious about you? If they are, bring them over so we can have a look at them.”

Papa Shen looked heartbroken. “My little girl…”

“Dad, I’m not dead yet, you don’t have to look so sad.”

The knowledge of his granddaughter having a boyfriend didn’t sit well with Old Master Shen. “Little Jing, what does the brat from the Zhao family mean to you? Where did this boy pop out from? Isn’t that boy from the Zhao family good enough? You better think this through!”

Grandma Shen wasn’t nearly as riled up as Old Master Shen. She turned to Shen Jingbin and offered her heartfelt advice, “Little Jing, we shouldn’t be meddling in something personal like you choose as your boyfriend, but you’re still young, and we’re worried that you might have been swindled because of your inexperience.”

Judging by the expressions on the faces of her elders - ones that looked like they were about to face some great enemy - Shen Jingbin felt that there might have been a misunderstanding.

“But, Zhao Chengning’s my boyfriend.”



“The brat from the Zhao family? Hahahahaha!”


Apart from Mama Shen’s, whose reaction which was a little more subdued, the other three elders were blown away by the news. Papa Shen and Old Master Shen were especially affected by it. Shen Jingbin shrugged and said, “I didn’t want to tell you guys and make it look like I was in a rush since we just got together, but since you guys have found out, then there’s no point in me hiding it.”

Mama Shen was clearly satisfied with Shen Jingbin’s choice of Zhao Chengning and nodded. “Mm, I can accept you having a boyfriend if he’s the one. Take good care of one another then. I’ll be taking another look at him tonight during dinner.”

“Although I’m not too happy about you getting a boyfriend, I can at least rest easy if he’s the one. We know him well, and we don’t have to worry about you being taken advantage of… No, the thought of my sweet baby girl being with another man breaks my heart!”

“Dad, don’t be like that. You're a bit too much.”

“Little Jing has a good eye. Hahahaha, didn’t I say that the brat from the Zhao family was pretty good? I knew you wouldn’t blindly pick someone else over him.”

Grandma Shen eyed the bundle of items by Mama Shen’s feet and asked, “Did you buy all these for the Zhao boy?”

Shen Jingbin nodded.

“Good, that’s good. Since that’s the case, the two of you should carry on. Let us know if he does anything to make you unhappy.”

With that, what was once a joint hearing had inexplicably turned into a meeting exhorting Shen Jingbin to ‘take good care of one another’. Even Shen Jingbin herself was a little confused by this turn of events.

And the reason for all this was probably because of one thing: Zhao Chengning was just that charismatic.

After sending her parents off, Shen Jingbin heaved a sigh of relief and nestled herself in her room before making a call.

No one picked up the first time she called, so she figured that he was busy and couldn’t answer the phone. Sure enough, Zhao Chengning called back shortly after.

“What’s wrong? You missed me?” A man’s voice asked teasingly, causing Shen Jingbin’s ears to itch a little.

What a knave! After getting together, he’s taken every opportunity to flirt with her!

“I’ve told my Mom and Dad about us.”

“Mm? That’s quick. I thought we were going to keep it under wraps for a while longer. I didn’t expect you to be so efficient.”

Shen Jingbin furrowed her brows and harrumped indignantly. “I’ve always been efficient. What about you?”

“You want me to make an announcement as well?”

Shen Jingbin sat up on her bed. “You’re not going to do it?”

Zhao Chengning chuckled. “I wouldn’t dare. My Grandfather is dead set on you becoming his granddaughter-in-law. As for revealing that we’re together, I should be the one begging you to tell everyone that we’re together. I still haven’t told my Grandfather that we’re attached because I was worried that you’d mind. If you don’t, then I’ll tell them tomorrow before dinner.”

“... I don’t mind.”

Zhao Chengning’s tone turned serious. “Little Jing, I’m committed to our relationship, and I’m dating you with the intention of marrying you in the future.”

Shen Jingbin gave a faint “Mm” in acknowledgement. “I know that… I’m… serious too.”

“I’m very happy.”


Almost as if he’d suddenly thought of it, Zhao Chengning said, “In that case, I need to be better prepared for this dinner. After all, this is my first time meeting Uncle, Aunty, and your Grandparents as your boyfriend.”

While imagining him in formal wear with a stoic expression on his face, Shen Jingbin thought of the clothes she’d bought for him and said, “Ah, I went shopping today and saw some clothes that would suit you, so I bought them.”

Zhao Chengning smiled. “You know my measurements?”

“I guessed.”

“Aren’t you worried about it not fitting me?”

“Don’t wear it then. Give it back.”

“I was just joking. It’s a gift from you, so I’d go on a diet if it’s too small. If it’s too big, I’ll find a way to get fatter.”

“Are you an idiot? Just get it exchanged if it doesn’t fit.”

“That’s a pretty good idea, but I don’t know where the shop is. Would you accompany me?”

So that was what he was trying to get at.

Shen Jingbin felt that the complexity of Zhao Chengning’s thoughts was on a whole other level.


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