Chapter 273: Letting The Cat Out Of The Bag (1)

Chapter 273: Letting The Cat Out Of The Bag (1)

After Xue Sijia stormed off, Shen Jingbin got the sales assistant who’d been following her around for the entire day to wrap up all of the clothes she’d tried on too.

She’d really done all of this just to piss Xue Sijia off, but the clothes did fit her. And, now that she thought about it, she hadn’t bought any clothes for herself for a long time either, so she decided to use this opportunity to refresh her wardrobe.

At first, the sales assistants had thought that Shen JIngbin wasn’t going to buy all the clothes that she’d picked out. Instead, she was presented with a very pleasant surprise, and her eyes lit up in happiness as she went to wrap up Shen Jingbin’s purchases.

It looked like her commission for the month was going to be pretty good!

After she bought her clothes, Shen Jingbin went back to the third level of the shopping mall with several full bags of clothes in hand. Then, once Papa and Mama Shen were done picking out what they wanted to buy, the group made their way up to the restaurant for lunch.

Once they’d finished lunch, Shen Jingbin handed her stuff over to Shen Jingchen and bid farewell to everyone before taking a cab down to Yiju headquarters. In the cab, she gave Xiangpeng a call to let him know that she was on her way over. When she arrived, Xiangpeng was already waiting by the entrance for her, and after the two of them exchanged pleasantries, they entered the building.

Xiangpeng led Shen Jingbin over to the VIP room to wait while he went to fetch the finished version of the trailer. Awhile later, he returned with a laptop in hand. Its screen was black, and only a pause symbol could be seen at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

“This is the final cut from the Technology Department. I had to borrow their laptop for a bit to show it to you,” Xiangpeng explained, as he might have been worried that she’d wonder why he’d brought a laptop over.

Xiangpeng placed the laptop in front of her and tapped on the space bar.

Immediately, the unmoving black screen began to be filled with motes of colourful lights.

Yiju’s logo was the first thing to appear on the screen, followed by around a second of darkness. An aged, world-weary voice began to speak, their voice emanating from within the computer, “At the beginning of the world, all was chaos…”

The promotional video spoke of your stereotypical girl who was thought of as trash by others becoming the Lead Disciple of a sect. She then went on to lead the Six Great Sects in a battle against the forces of evil. The final scene was that of her and Xue Sijia facing off against one another with weapons in hand. Initially, the Shinra Sect wasn’t supposed to reveal themselves, but due to Xue Sijia taking on the role as the Shinra Sect’s envoy, there was no chance of that happening. With this in mind, they made her a special cloak belonging to the Shinra Sect that hid her face.

It was your standard run of the mill story, but the trailer itself was a high-quality production. The people at Yiju were confident that it’d cause a sensation once it was released. After all, this was an age where looks meant everything.

The promotional trailer wasn’t all that long and lasted for only around five minutes. When it was over, Xiangpeng asked, “What does Miss Shen think? We can discuss anything you’re dissatisfied with, and we’ll release the trailer once everything’s good to go.”

Shen Jingbin thought that the trailer was very well done and had no qualms about it. “I’m quite satisfied with the trailer. Has Miss Xue seen it yet?”

Xiangpeng froze for a moment before he thought to himself, “You’re the only one we’d extend this special treatment to! No one else would be allowed to watch the video and make amendments, alright?!”

“Miss Xue has no issues with it.”

Shen Jingbin nodded. “I have no issues either.”

“That’s great; I’ll have a word with our Marketing Department then. We’ll let you know when we’ve released the trailer… Oh right, Miss Shen, do you have a Weibo account? Let’s follow one another, and I’ll @ you when the time comes.”


She did have a Weibo account, but it was private, and the ones who followed her were all people she was close with, so she wasn’t very comfortable with giving it out. Nowadays, online users were filled with evil intent. Just one wrong word would be enough to get you torn apart. Not only that, they loved taking the moral high ground to condemn others. It wasn’t something that sat well with her.

“Sorry, but I don’t use Weibo.”

Disappointment coloured Xiangpeng’s face. “That’s a shame.”

Shen Jingbin flashed a smile and changed the topic. “Is there anything else? I’ll be taking my leave if there isn’t.”

“Ah, there’s nothing else. Safe travels, Miss Shen.”

Shen Jingbin declined Xiangpeng’s offer to escort her out and went home.

When she arrived home, she spotted the Four Heavenly Kings sitting on her couch in the living room. Sitting by Mama Shen’s legs were, surprisingly, the clothes that Shen Jingbin had bought for Zhao Chengning.

The atmosphere felt a little strange. While changing to her indoor footwear, she asked, “Mom, Dad, Grandpa and Grandma; why’re you guys here?”

“Little Jing, tell us the truth: did you get a boyfriend?” Papa Shen asked seriously.

Shen Jingbin glared at Shen Jingchen who was doing his utmost to erase his presence.

You told them?!

Shen Jingchen shook his head and blinked back to argue his innocence. I did no such thing! Mom just happened to see the clothes you’d bought when I was bringing them home. You should know just how bad her death glare is!


Shen Jingbin sighed in her heart and decided to tell them the whole truth. She was planning to tell them now anyway, but the cat was let out of the bag before she had the chance to say anything.


Shen Jingbin gave her admission casually and straightforwardly, but the expressions of those on the couch changed in an instant.

My goodness, my daughter/granddaughter’s gone and gotten herself a boyfriend! What do we about that brat from the Zhao family then?! How are we going to explain this to them?! Do we really have to break couples up in this day and age? Isn’t that a little too melodramatic?!

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