Chapter 272: The Battle Between Women (2)

Chapter 272: The Battle Between Women (2)

Shen Jingbin found the white turtleneck woolen sweater the sales assistant recommended pretty good. The material felt nice too. Just as she was about to get it wrapped up, a slender hand stretched over from the side and picked up the sweater in her hands.

“This doesn't look too bad. Wrap it up for me,” The person beside her said, heedless of Shen Jingbin’s presence.

Shen Jingbin glanced over and saw that Xue Sijia was staring back at her with disdain written all over her face, her chin tipped back in arrogance.

The sales assistant following Xue Sijia around looked uneasily at Shen Jingbin who was standing stock still. The sales assistant beside Shen Jingbin awkwardly spoke up, “Miss Xue, I’m sorry, but Ms Shen has already selected this piece…”

Shen Jingbin cut her off. “It’s fine, just get me another one with the same dimensions I’ve mentioned before; Miss Xue can have this piece.”

It was only clothing. If Xue Sijia wanted it, she could have it; this wasn't an idol drama.

Xue Sijia’s face visibly stiffened after Shen Jingbin spoke. Shen Jingbin shot a sidelong glance at her before she smiled and said to her own sales assistant, “Can you help me find a pair of casual pants?”

The sales assistant eagerly nodded her head. “Yes, Ms Shen. This way please.”

Shen Jingbin turned and left without even sparing a glance at Xue Sijia. After looking through a selection of pants, she eventually settled on a pair of black casual pants. When was about to have her item wrapped up, Xue Sijia appeared by her side once more and asked for the same pair of pants.

The sales assistant felt a little put off. In the past, she'd never quite liked Xue Sijia because she always felt that Xue Sijia was pretentious. Now that she was making such demands, the sales assistant couldn’t let it go any longer and said, “Miss Xue, sorry to bother you, but are you buying this for your friend? It’s recommended for you to check the measurements first before you make your purchase. This pair is in Miss Shen’s size, so it might not be suitable for you.”

“This is the pair I want, and it fits me just right. There’s no need to change anything,” Xue Sijia replied, her expression remaining unchanged.

Xue Sijia’s rebuke left the sales assistant at a loss for words. The customer is King; no matter how dissatisfied she was with Xue Sijia, she couldn't publicly contradict her. If she did, she’d be the first on her Manager’s chopping board.

Knowing the sales assistant was being put on the spot, Shen Jingbin gave her a pat on the shoulder, indicating for her to leave it be. Just as everyone thought she was going to give in once again, Shen Jingbin suddenly asked, “Miss Xue, I have a question.”

“Speak,” Xue Sijia’s lofty tone was far from friendly.

“Do you always take an interest in items that other people pick out?”

“Miss Shen, are you sure you aren’t misunderstanding something? I really do think that this pair of pants looks nice. Furthermore, the measurements perfectly fit my friend. Why would you imply that I’m purposely going after the clothes that you want?”

Shen Jingbin flashed a smile at her. “Alright then. I’m looking to buy lots of things today, so make sure you buy whatever I pick out.”

Before Xue Sijia had the chance to rebut and argue that she wasn’t intentionally going after the clothes that Shen Jingbin wanted, Shen Jingbin suddenly added, “Whoever bows out first is a coward.”

Shen Jingbin’s final statement stopped whatever rebuttal Xue Sijia had dead in its tracks.

This was a high-end store that sold clothes for both sexes. Since she'd already gotten clothes for Zhao Chengning, she started shopping in the female section just to screw with Xue Sijia.

Not only did Shen Jingbin look gorgeous, but her figure was also perfect - sporting curves in all the right places, long shapely legs, and a slender waist. Her figure was the polar opposite of Xue Sijia’s, who’d achieved her frail figure by losing weight so that she would look good on screen.

With that in mind, the clothes she had the sales assistant pick out were all deep V-neck pieces or garments that required the wearer to have an exceptional figure to pull off. There was no doubt that Shen Jingbin would look great in these clothes, but the same might not apply to Xue Sijia. To top it off, their prices were sky high.

Xue Sijia couldn’t bring herself to leave because of what Shen Jingbin had said before, so she could only grit her teeth and buy everything that Shen Jingbin purchased. As long as she didn't try them on, no one would be able to compare how the clothes looked between Shen Jingbin and herself. As for the little bit of money being spent... it didn’t bother her one bit!

But there was no way Shen Jingbin would let her off with just that.

When Shen Jingbin brushed past Xue Sijia to try on her clothes, she whispered in her ear, “Is Miss Xue so lacking in confidence that she doesn’t even dare to try out the clothes in front of me?”

Xue Sijia was someone who had to excel in everything she did, and would never allow herself to appear weak; even if she was on her period! In the face of such provocation, she gritted her teeth and went straight into the fitting room.

Feelings can’t be hurt if no comparison is made. When the two of them walked out of the fitting room wearing the same clothes, everyone’s attention was unconsciously drawn towards Shen Jingbin. None of them even noticed Xue Sijia. Even her fans by the entrance couldn't help but turn their attention to Shen Jingbin.

Although all it took was a single glance to know that Shen Jingbin was prettier than Xue Sijia, they had different builds, so there was no common ground for any comparisons to be drawn. That all changed now that they were wearing the same clothes. Because of that, Xue Sijia was relegated to the role of an ugly duckling or a Cinderella; the radiance of her beauty entirely overshadowed by Shen Jingbin.

The sales assistant trailing behind Xue Sijia couldn’t help but call out to her when she saw her face darken, “Miss Xue…”

Xue Sijia shifted her attention and locked eyes with Shen Jingbin’s provocative gaze. Her anger immediately flared up, and she wordlessly made her way over to the fitting room.

When she emerged from the fitting room, Xue Sijia was back in her original clothes.

“Miss Xue, about the clothes you tried on just now…” Someone asked softly.

“Wrap it all up and send it to my apartment!” Xue Sijia harshly replied. She then shot a glare at Shen Jingbin before turning to leave.

Shen Jingbin’s lips curled. Where’d you find the courage to go against me?

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