Chapter 271: The Battle Between Women (1)

Chapter 271: The Battle Between Women (1)

Shen Jingchen was always in a bad mood whenever he was woken up in the morning, but no matter how unhappy he was, his hands were tied when he was up against Shen Jingbin. His very first instinct was to punch whoever was dragging him out of bed, but he instantly shirked back the moment that he realised it was Shen Jingbin.

“My dearest sister, just what are you doing? Can’t you see what time it is?! Even if you’re all raring to go for the day, can’t you be little more considerate towards me?!”

“Mom and Dad are here. They said to hurry and wake you because we’ll be heading out in a bit,” Shen Jingbin replied.

Shen Jingchen wailed and buried himself under his blankets. “Inhumane! I’m going to sleep naked in the future! I dare you to barge into my boudoir while I’m sleeping nude!”

“You call this room a boudoir? Are you kidding me? Also, it’s not like there’s anything to see even if you do sleep naked,” Shen Jingbin replied, her voice dripping with disdain.


Papa Shen and Mama Shen left with the siblings roughly half an hour later.

This time around, they were out to buy some items for the New Year. After some discussion, Mama Shen and Papa Shen decided that they had to bring something fitting as a present since this was their very first visit to the Zhao household.

While accompanying them as they shopped around, Shen Jingbin was suddenly struck with the idea of getting something for Zhao Chengning as well. She tugged at Shen Jingchen and asked in a whisper, “What kind of gifts do guys like?”

Shen Jingchen thought for a moment. “Planning to give something to Zhao Chengning?”

Shen Jingbin nodded.

“As a girlfriend?” Shen Jingchen asked once again.

Shen Jingbin continued nodding her head.

Shen Jingchen shrugged. “Just give him whatever; he’ll like it as long as it’s from you.”

“I shouldn’t have had any expectations for help from you,” Shen Jingbin lamented as she facepalmed.

“Don’t look down on me!” Shen Jingchen unhappily retorted.

Shen Jingbin gave him a withering look in reply before turning to Papa and Mama Shen, telling them that she was going to go shopping on her own. The mall they were currently in was the largest in B City. The first and second floor sold brand name clothes, while the third and fourth floors sold jewelry. The fifth floors were food and beverages, and the sixth housed the cinemas. Papa Shen, Mama Shen, and Shen Jingchen were on the third floor, while she went down to the first floor on her own.

Not knowing what to get for Zhao Chengning, she eventually settled on getting him an item of clothing.

Shen Jingbin randomly picked one of the stores to enter. Inside, a mannequin wearing a navy blue windbreaker immediately caught her eye. She’d always thought that Zhao Chengning looked dashing whenever he paired a shirt with a windbreaker.

After a brief discussion with one of the store assistants, she requested them to help her pick out a windbreaker that fit Zhao Chengning’s build. She then swiped her card and bought it without a moment’s hesitation.

“Miss, would you like to take a look at our new winter pieces? They match very nicely with the windbreaker you just bought. I’m sure your boyfriend would be thrilled to have one of them,” After the store assistant had wrapped up Shen Jingbin’s purchase, she began promoting the other items in the store.

Shen Jingbin liked the sound of that idea, so she nodded her head in agreement. The shop assistant was so happy that her eyes were practically flashing with dollar signs.

We’ve got ourselves a Miss Moneybags!

Just this windbreaker alone would’ve cost several months of her salary, yet the beautiful lady in front of her had bought it without even batting an eyelid!

The sales assistants had noticed this beautiful lady the moment she’d walked into the shop. After all, it was hard not to when a person looked as amazing as she did. Many people were silently speculating whether she was a newly signed artist from an entertainment company or the mistress of a tycoon. She had this aura of excellence about her, and for all they knew, she could even be the daughter of a wealthy family.

Few put any stock in the latter theory though. Even if they couldn’t recognise every single young master or miss in the upper echelons of society, they still roughly knew who’s who. In spite of that, the beauty before them was someone they’d never seen before.

Regardless of anything else, the fact remained that she was rich.

After being brought over to the new arrivals by the sales assistant, Shen Jingbin suddenly heard a commotion by the entrance. Distracted by the noise, she reflexively turned around and peered over.

A cold beauty wearing sunglasses and flanked by a crowd of people walked into the store. Behind her, two tall and burly bodyguards blocked everyone from approaching her. Surprisingly, the crowd didn’t complain, nor did they kick up a fuss. Instead, they just quietly stood outside the store and snapped pictures of the store’s interior with their phones.

Meanwhile, several sales assistants went forward and surrounded the gorgeous woman.

“The superstar’s here again,” The sales assistant serving Shen Jingbin said as she gave a long-suffering sigh.

Shen Jingbin turned and looked at her curiously. “Who’s she?”

The sales assistant shot Shen Jingbin a look of disbelief and said, “Goodness! Miss, don't you recognize her? She's the current trending artist, Xue Sijia.”

Shen Jingbin paused for a moment. “I've heard of her. Does she come here often?”

The sales assistant was suddenly filled with enthusiasm. “She's a regular at our store! Whenever she comes, a huge commotion ensues - one large enough to disrupt everyone in the entire mall - whenever she comes. Our store doesn’t actually allow any photos to be taken, but since our Manager said that it was a form of publicity, we closed an eye to it. See the bunch of people outside? They're all her fans. Every time she leaves the shop, a few fans will come in to ask what she bought so that they can purchase the same thing.”

Shen Jingbin nodded before retracting her gaze, no longer bothering about the commotion. Instead, she turned her attention to the clothes in front of her and focused on them. Seeing that Shen Jingbin looked rather indifferent about the whole thing, the sales assistant didn’t speak any further and switched back to promoting the shop’s items.

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