Chapter 27: Another Dispute (1)

Chapter 27: Another Dispute (1)

Shen Jingchen honestly couldn’t believe the miraculous ways in which his sister’s brain worked. After exiting the stadium he took it upon himself to bring them around, as A City’s downtown district had many interesting places to visit.

With food in hand, the three of them returned to the Shen family’s residence. Once they were done eating, Old Master Zhao left with Zhao Chengning.

After sending the Zhao family off, Shen Jingbin returned to the living room and was greeted with the sight of Shen Jingchen, who appeared to be bored out of his mind, sinking into the sofa as he incessantly clicked through the television’s channels.

Seeing her walk in, he asked, “Where’s Gramps and Granny?”

She grabbed a black cushion and sat beside him, “They’ve gone out for a walk to aid in their digestion.”

“I wonder whether the game’s done with its update.” Shen Jingchen tossed the remote to the side and started rolling about on the sofa, “Ah… I’m so bored, I’m so bored, I’m so bored!

“So, what do you plan on doing?” She’d be letting his lousy acting down if she couldn’t tell that he had an ulterior motive.

“Let’s have a look at an internet cafe.” Shen Jingchen instantly leapt up from the sofa like a fish as both his eyes sparkled. His current appearance only lacking a wagging tail to complete it.

Due to the popularity of <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>, many high-end internet cafes had jumped onto the bandwagon and bought virtual reality helmets that were slightly cheaper than gaming pods.

A player’s account in <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> wasn’t bound to their gaming device, so all a person needed to play was either a gaming pod, or a virtual reality helmet.

“I still need to attend the competition tomorrow.”

Shen Jingchen blinked at her, his eyes filled with tears as he asked, “You’re not participating anyway, right?”

Shen Jingbin held her forehead in exasperation and said, “But I need to wake up early. Also, with Granddad around, it’s not going to be something as simple and relaxing as just watching the competition. I need to have some strength in reserve to deal with him.”

“Is a martial arts expert still afraid of such things?”


“Which is why we should stop wasting time. Come on, let’s go. Your big bro will bring you out to have some fun.”

“What’ll we do when Granddad comes back in a bit? He’s always hated it when we play games.”

“Are you an idiot? If the two of us don’t say anything, how would he find out?”

“It’s only times like these that I feel like the gulf between our IQs isn’t as large.”


A high-end clubhouse lay not far from the Shen family’s neighbourhood. Knowing their surroundings well, the duo effortlessly found the internet cafe and requested a private room for two.

After a quick check which revealed that the game had already completed its update, the two of them wore their helmets and logged in.

“Disciple Nutjob, make haste and return to White Cloud Temple. Your Master has an important task for you. Master: Song Yuqing.”

Shen Jingbin immediately received a letter from Song Yuqing upon logging in.

This was Song Yuqing’s first time contacting her since she’d left White Cloud Temple. After taking a moment to get her items in order, Shen Jingbin hastily made her way over to White Cloud Temple. She felt bored along the way, so she felt that she might as well open up the guild’s chat.

Night time was usually when the number of players online peaked. A dazzling number of messages filled with all sorts of information flashed through the guild’s chat channel, but most of them were talking about the game’s new update.

After the update, the latest scenario was to investigate the Demonic Sect.

The system added three dungeons related to the Demonic Sect, and also provided every player with a Demonic Sect map that they had to explore.

Players would be rewarded with a teleportation scroll if they managed to complete all of the Demonic Sect related dungeons in succession. The scroll would then transport them to the Demonic Sect’s map, where they could begin to unlock it.

Each scroll could only be used once, and would only be effective for an hour.

Once someone fully unlocked the map, it would be available to all other players. Players who participated in the unlocking would be granted an additional 2% increase in their rare drop rate chance when they defeated the Demonic Sect’s disciples.

In addition, it was said that a hidden quest for the Demonic Sect was released, and players who completed this hidden quest would even have the chance to join the Demonic Sect.

According to the setting, players who joined the Demonic Sect could receive mental discipline skill books specific to the sect. These skill books boasted High Attack and Defence, which almost made them a BUG-like existence.

Of course, the game still had to take balance[1. Making sure various elements of the game aren’t too over/underpowered.] into account.

A setting as cool as this definitely had to have a limitation on the number of people who could attempt it. Rumour had it that of the entire game’s player base, only a thousand people would be able to receive the Demonic Sect’s hidden quest. Once that number was reached, it would mark the start of a great battle between good and evil.

However, the details of said battle would be left for players to discover.

After skimming through the guild’s chat, Shen Jingbin found that no one had been able to complete the newly added Demonic Sect dungeons. Countless players criticized the dungeon for being too difficult. Just the first dungeon alone was impossible to complete, let alone all three of them in succession.

Shen Jingbin suddenly thought of the “Demonic Sect entry token” she had received when she completed her quest.

“Demonic Sect Entry Token: Possession of this item allows one to freely enter the Shinra Sect’s domain. Description: Untradable, account bound, 1 hour cooldown.”

What the f*ck!

This one sentence was the only thing left in her head after reading the item’s description.

While everyone else was still worrying over how to clear the dungeons, she possessed an item that was even cooler than the teleportation scroll! This meant that while everyone else was still at the starting line, she was an entire soccer field ahead of them. Apart from her, no one else could do it!

Sure enough, she was better off just comparing her Luck with others in the game.

It was practically a walkover for her in a contest of Luck!

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