Chapter 269: The Black Tortoise’s Inheritance (1)

Chapter 269: The Black Tortoise’s Inheritance (1)

A spiritual connection exists between owners and their pets. In other words, Shen Jingbin was able to receive the information from Mascot, and Mascot in turn had the ability to detect the changes in her emotions. By extension, this allowed Shen Jingbin to locate where the monster was as long as she concentrated.

After recalling Mascot, she leaned over to Quiet And Steadfast and whispered something in his ear. Realising that the thing threatening it was no longer chasing after it, the monster appeared in front of the couple. It stared at them with its empty eyes and a provocative grin broke across its face.

Shen Jingbin glanced at it, ignoring its provocation. Instead, she looked down and gave Mascot a pat on the head. Mascot immediately understood her intent and spun around to pounce at the monster. However, the result was still the same and Mascot failed to catch it.

Quiet And Steadfast suddenly summoned all of his pets. As the Divine Beast, White Tiger, Mascot was able to suppress normal pets. As long as their owners didn’t violently object to it, Mascot would be able to dictate the actions of these pets and they’d obey on instinct. Following Shen Jingbin’s command, Mascot released its full-blown suppression on Quiet And Steadfast’s pets, forcing them to move as it wished. Mascot, alongside Quiet And Steadfast’s multitudes of pets, worked together to form an encirclement around the monster.

The monster could only move about in the shadow of the giant fish above it. However, the area the fish’s shadow covered was limited and it moved at a glacial pace. Under these circumstances, the monster was gradually forced towards Shen Jingbin and Quiet And Steadfast.

As the encirclement decreased in size, Quiet And Steadfast went invisible and stood in front of Shen Jingbin.

She was gambling on the monster not being able to see through a high leveled Lich’s invisibility.

She was right on the money.

Just as she braced herself, the monster leapt out from the ground and sprang at her, almost as if it knew who the mastermind was.

Having predicted this, Shen Jingbin wasn’t the least bit anxious. No matter how fast the monster’s movements were, it wouldn’t be able to take an attack from Quiet And Steadfast. When the monster was in striking range, Quiet And Steadfast drew his dagger downwards in a vertical slice, aiming directly at the monster’s exposed belly. The monster reacted quickly by using its legs to push off Quiet And Steadfast’s chest and launching itself backwards. However, regardless of how quick it was, it still took a blow to its abdomen and blood spilled out.

The moment it jumped away, Mascot charged from the rear with a wave of elite pets in tow and chomped down on the monster’s ear.

The monster howled miserably. After a brief moment of flailing in the air, it wrapped the lower half of its body around Mascot’s neck and twisted it at an unnatural angle. The monster then bared its sharp teeth and bit down on one of Mascot’s ears in retaliation.

Mascot growled in agony and released the monster’s ear. Fuzhu leapt forward, its large antlers knocking the monster free from Mascot’s head and spearing it on the ground.

The monster gave a mournful cry. Almost as if it’d heard the monster’s wailing, the giant fish towering above them gave a low and deep call of its own.

That was a very strange thing. It sounded melodious at first, but as they continued listening to it, one’s mind would start to draw a blank and their head would experience a faint throb of pain.

Shen Jingbin realised that her health was gradually decreasing, and immediately understood that this giant fish was attacking them with sound waves.

Mascot and its army of pets were frozen by the sound, with their statuses on their pet windows gradually becoming worse as the seconds ticked by.

After struggling free from Fuzhu’s attack, the monster immediately dug back into the ground and the giant fish above them halted its attack.

Shen Jingbin ran forward to give each of the pets a health potion. As she did so, the monster suddenly jumped out from the shadows behind her.

Shen Jingbin reacted quickly and she used a skill to root the monster, binding it to where it was. She then began hurling all of her debuffs at it while Quiet And Steadfast rushed over and activated all of his buffs before plunging his dagger into the monster’s chest.

The monster had planned on launching a sneak attack from behind, but was instead rooted in place by a Daoist; the class with the most number of debuffs in the game, allowing Quiet And Steadfast to close in and launch his attack. In the end, they finished off the monster before it even managed to recover from its debuff.

The monster released a miserable howl when it was at death’s door, accompanied by the giant fish’s deep wail of lament. However, this time around, apart from some discomfort, they weren’t affected by anything else.

The giant fish then began to slowly move forward, lighting up the area that was previously shrouded by its shadow. It was as if it’d been delivered from oppression.

“You have defeated the Yin Yang Lunar Beasts.”

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