Chapter 266: Onwards to Southern River Island (2)

Chapter 266: Onwards to Southern River Island (2)

When they reached the manor, Next Week Is Unlikely pulled out the General’s Directive and handed it over to Quiet And Steadfast. He then asked, “You still haven’t told me why you need this thing.”

After receiving the General’s Directive, Quiet And Steadfast carelessly replied, “I want to give the mount to Nutjob as a present.”


“What?!” Hundred Daybreaks and Next Week Is Unlikely cried out in unison. Hundred Daybreaks’ face, in particular, was a mask of disbelief and her voice sounded a little shrill.

Quiet And Steadfast stared curiously at the two of them and asked, “What are the two of you so surprised about?”

Hundred Daybreaks listlessly replied, “You mean to say that you wanted to give that mount to the ugly… your wife?”

“Of course; who would I give it to if it wasn’t my wife? I myself have absolutely no interest in these things,” Replied Quiet And Steadfast in a matter of fact tone.

Hundred Daybreaks felt like her heart was about to fall apart!

“I just remembered I still have something to do; I’ll be taking my leave first,” Feeling as if she’d taken over a thousand critical hits, Hundred Daybreaks exchanged a few brief words with them before she retreated.

“What’s up with her?” Next Week Is Unlikely curiously asked as he observed her departing figure.

She’d clearly been beaming with happiness like she’d found some money on the floor just a second ago, but her mood had changed in the blink of an eye. Were all women so fickle?

Quiet And Steadfast shrugged, his gaze profound. “Who knows.”

Next Week Is Unlikely clapped him on the shoulder. “Anyway, you can’t be serious about what you said just now, right? You yourself have no interest in mounts, yet you’re going through so much trouble for your wife? Weren’t you chasing after some pretty girl recently?”

“I’m not chasing after her; I’ve already caught her.”

Next Week Is Unlikely was taken aback. “What the f*ck?! Even the bachelor for life has gotten a girlfriend for himself; how terrifying! You’re more complicated than I thought. Then, why are you doing all this when you’ve got a girlfriend? Trying to have your cake and eat it too? I’m not judging you, but there’s nothing wrong with your sense of aesthetics, right? Nutjob’s a little… stop staring at me, I’m speaking the truth! She’s been voted as the ugliest player in the game.”

“I’ll tell you something, but you have to remain calm after you hear it,” Quiet And Steadfast mysteriously said.

Next Week Is Unlikely’s interest was piqued. “What is it?”

“The beauty that National Treasure posted a picture of is actually Nutjob.”

Next Week Is Unlikely wore a look on his face that seemed to say ‘bro, don’t screw with me’. “Don’t be like that. Even saying that won’t absolve you of the suspicion that you’re two-timing.”

Quiet And Steadfast’s expression turned serious. “I’m telling the truth.”

Next Week Is Unlikely’s face looked like it had just been slapped. “The f*ck?! You sure you aren’t pulling my leg? No, wait. If what you’re saying really is true, then may I ask; what exactly was your wife thinking when she made her character? Why the hell would she do that to herself?!”

“She did it precisely because she was too beautiful and was worried about you hoodlums. Only I had the insight to recognise her true beauty.”

“...” Next Week Is Unlikely felt like he’d just sucked on a lemon.

After getting what he wanted, Quiet And Steadfast didn’t tarry and bid farewell to Next Week Is Unlikely.

That night, Shen Jingbin returned home and took a quick shower before jumping online. When she logged in, the first thing she did was to check whether Quiet And Steadfast was online before asking about what he was doing.

Quiet And Steadfast’s reply came swiftly in the form of a party invite.

“You just got home?”

Shen Jingbin opened up a map and determined Quiet And Steadfast’s approximate location. “Mm, I washed up before coming online,” She replied as she made her way over to him.

“Are you tired? If you’re tired we can put off going to Southern River Island for today.”

“I’m still ok. We’ve been dragging it out for long enough and the Shinra Sect’s been far too quiet. Something doesn’t feel right.”

“That true; they really have been too quiet.”

While chatting with one another, Shen Jingbin arrived at Beiming Sea’s ferry terminal where Quiet And Steadfast was waiting. The moment she landed, she was greeted with his gaze that was brimming with emotion, and was suddenly hit with the notion that this man was very terrifying when he got emotional.

After boarding the ferry, Shen Jingbin tugged on his sleeve and motioned for him to lower his head. She then leaned towards his ear and said, “I’ve been meaning to ask; how do you feel now whenever you see my face in game?”

Everyone on the same ferry as them was immediately unsettled by what they saw.

Wasn’t the Leader of Jade Sea Pavilion and his wife supposed to have fallen out?! Is this what ‘falling out’ is supposed to be like?!

All the single losers felt cheated.

Seriously speaking though, the sight of Quiet And Steadfast together with his wife was too beautiful for words. They’d fight it out with whoever claimed that this wasn’t called true love on the part of Quiet And Steadfast.

After hearing her question, Quiet And Steadfast looked into her eyes and gave his sincere answer. “Mm, I don’t think you’re especially ugly. You look fine to me now.”

Shen Jingbin’s heart was all aflutter when she heard his reply. However, she didn’t let her emotions leak into her expression. “Your sense of aesthetics is definitely broken.”

Quiet And Steadfast nodded. “Mm, and you’re the one who did it.”


Southern River Island wasn’t far from Beiming Sea and they arrived shortly after. The moment she stepped on Southern River Island’s soil, Shen Jingbin abruptly heard an ancient voice that was weathered by the great passage of time.

The voice sounded like it came from far away; almost as if it originated from the ends of the earth. But, when she listened closer, it appeared as if it came from right beside her ear instead.

“You’ve finally arrived, God’s Emissary.”

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