Chapter 265: Onwards to Southern River Island (1)

Chapter 265: Onwards to Southern River Island (1)

Next Week Is Unlikely spotted Quiet And Steadfast standing by the dungeon’s entrance the moment he stepped out. Dressed in black from top to bottom, he looked free-spirited and dashing; drawing the attention of numerous female players around him.

Next Week Is Unlikely had been called over by a friend to help them clear a dungeon. That friend was partied with a cute girl with whom they had an ambiguous relationship with, and they were running the dungeon to farm equipment.

Mob Levels within Devil Nightmare Realm were based on the party member with the lowest Level. At first, that friend had planned on grabbing a lower leveled player and carrying them. Unfortunately, he’d given leadership of the party to the cute girl, and she’d done the boneheaded move of immediately starting the dungeon. The girl’s level was rather high too, so him carrying the party when the mobs were scaled to her level was a bit of a long shot. Furthermore, Devil Nightmare Realm could only be run once a day, so they couldn’t abandon the run. In the end, the only recourse left to them was to call in a pro to help them out.

Next Week Is Unlikely’s friend was a dungeoneer. Be it skills or equipment, everything about him was geared towards conquering dungeons. Because of this, his strength could only be considered above average. He’d gotten to know Next Week Is Unlikely when they’d first started the game. They got along well enough, so they kept in contact with one another. The moment Next Week Is Unlikely had hopped into the dungeon to save them, the girl’s eyes had lit up and she’d followed him around the entire time while referring to him as ‘Brother’. Eventually, it had gotten to the point where his hair would stand on end whenever he heard her call out to him.

By the time they exited the dungeon, Next Week Is Unlikely was ready to make a break for it and run as far as he could from her. If he could, he’d even tell his friend of his to just treat it as a casual relationship and not invest too much effort into her.

Little did he expect that she would screw herself over before he had the chance to warn his friend.

“Ah, you’re the Great God Quiet And Steadfast!” Screamed the girl as she ran over to Quiet And Steadfast’s side, fluttering her eyelids at him and feigning innocence.

Next Week Is Unlikely looked back at his friend. Sure enough, his friend’s expression had turned into a scowl. Next Week Is Unlikely gave his friend a comforting pat on the shoulder before he walked over to Quiet And Steadfast and said, “Oh, you’re here. Let’s go back to my manor; what you want is in my warehouse. I’ll hand it over to you once we get there.”

Quiet And Steadfast nodded at Next Week Is Unlikely and did a magnificent job of ignoring the girl. “Mm.”

Realising that they were about to leave, the girl hurriedly called out to them, “Brother Next Week, add me to your friend list! Let’s go dungeoning again the next time you’re free.”

“Sorry, my friend list is full.”

“Then all you need to do is delete one of them,” The girl rudely replied.

Girl, where’d you get all that confidence from?

“Sorry, I don’t dungeons much; I’m more interested in battlegrounds.”

“We can do battlegrounds together too once I’ve leveled up.”

The various battlegrounds in <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> were separated by levels. Due to their difference in levels, they weren’t able to join the same battlegrounds.

Next Week Is Unlikely was speechless. Just how shameless was this girl?

He coughed and was about to reject her when his friend couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed her hand. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to add him to my friend list… Ah, Great God Quiet And Steadfast, add me to your friend list too. You’re really strong, so carry me in the future.”

At this moment, Hundred Daybreaks and Crying Fish showed up.

“Ah Ning,” Hundred Daybreaks cried out sweetly from far. She noticed Next Week Is Unlikely when she drew nearer, and nodded at him in acknowledgement.

Speaking of Hundred Daybreaks, the reason why she knew who Quiet And Steadfast was in real life was because of Next Week Is Unlikely. Hundred Daybreaks was Next Week Is Unlikely’s friend in real life, and she happened to find out that he played <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> one day, so she’d arranged to meet up with him and play together. From there, she got to know Quiet And Steadfast.

Quiet And Steadfast being Next Week Is Unlikely’s closest friend was something everyone in B City knew about. From there, coming to the conclusion that Quiet And Steadfast was Zhao Chengning was simple. After getting closer to him, Hundred Daybreaks found, to her surprise, that Zhao Chengning was actually a graduate. The only difference was that she was a few years his senior.

Hundred Daybreaks was quite the influential figure in her younger days too. She’d studied journalism when she was in university, and many of her articles were featured in famous publications. Quiet And Steadfast had heard of her in his school too and had a pretty good impression of her, leading to his amicable attitude towards her. Their interactions with one another resulted in a decent friendship between them.

Crying Fish didn’t dare go any nearer. Instead, she chose to continue standing where she was and observe them from a distance. On the other hand, the girl felt threatened the moment Hundred Daybreaks appeared. Hundred Daybreaks rarely showed her face in public, so not many people knew how she looked like. To the girl, the appearance of an unknown woman who looked very familiar with Quiet And Steadfast and Next Week Is Unlikely made her a formidable foe.

“Who are you?” The girl asked a little bluntly.

Hundred Daybreaks seemed to only take notice of the girl after she spoke. Hundred Daybreaks shot a glance at the girl before she turned her attention back to Quiet And Steadfast and said, “Who is she?”

“I don’t know.”

Feeling utterly humiliated, Next Week Is Unlikely’s friend grabbed onto the girl and said, “Let’s go, I’ll help you clear your dailies.”

The girl looked like she had more to say, but Next Week Is Unlikely’s friend dragged her off. When the pair disappeared from everyone’s sight, Next Week Is Unlikely received a letter of apology from his friend. He smiled, but didn’t send a reply. Turning to Hundred Daybreaks, he asked, “Are you looking for Ah Ning? Is it urgent? If it isn’t, then you can come with us to my manor; I’ll be giving him the General’s Directive once we get there.”

Hundred Daybreaks gave the sweetest smile when he said that, leaving the other two feeling utterly perplexed.

“I’ll accompany you guys.”

The three of them began making their way towards Next Week Is Unlikely’s manor, passing by Crying Fish in the process. As they passed her, Hundred Daybreaks smugly raised her head and shot a sidelong glance at Crying Fish, while Quiet And Steadfast and Next Week Is Unlikely didn’t even bat an eyelid at her.

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