Chapter 264: Battle of the Supporting Female Characters (2)

Chapter 264: Battle of the Supporting Female Characters (2)

While waiting, the replies to the mails he’d sent out before came in.

Zhao Chengning didn’t have many friends on his friend list, but be it high ranking players on the leaderboards or guild leaders of large guilds, every single one of his friends was someone of status.

These people were far more interested in equipment than they were in outfits and mounts, so when they heard that he was buying General’s Directives, they happily sold their items for a reasonable price to forge a better relationship with him. Despite all this, he still needed another 41 directives.

When Hundred Daybreaks received one of the many mails he’d sent out, her heart skipped a beat.

She’d only mentioned the mount she liked last night on Wechat and griped about how difficult the tokens were to get. Yet today, here he was buying up all the General’s Directives he could find; wasn’t this too much of a coincidence?

After all, he'd never showed any interest in outfits and mounts in the past.

She forced her wildly beating heart to calm down and asked, “Why do you need them? Did you take an interest in outfits?”

Zhao Chengning knew Hundred Daybreaks was well-connected and securing her help would allow him to save on a lot of effort. “I want to exchange it for a mount; it’s a gift for someone.”

It was true!

Hundred Daybreaks’ lips curled upwards the instant she read his reply.

“I know a merchant who has quite a number of General’s Directives. I’ll help you contact him.”

“All right, thanks.”

“No thanks are needed.” After all, you’re doing it for my sake.

After sending out her reply, a sweet smile lingered on Hundred Daybreaks’ face as she contacted the merchant while she hopped onto her mount and made her way to the NPC event.

She was pretty sure that he’d be waiting there, and she suddenly felt like seeing him.

Zhao Chengning had been by the NPC event at first, but Next Week Is Unlikely kicked up a fuss about how he wouldn’t be able to send the General’s Directive over to Zhao Chengning because he was in a dungeon. Since he had nothing better to do, he went over to the dungeon’s entrance to wait for Next Week Is Unlikely to come out instead.

Hundred Daybreaks looked all over for Zhao Chengning when she arrived at the event NPC, but she couldn’t find hide nor hair of him. Realising that he wasn’t there, she couldn’t help but feel a little discouraged. But, just as she was about to leave, she heard a peculiar voice behind her.

“Oh, isn’t this the renowned Hundred Daybreaks? I see you looking all over the place for something. Care to tell me what you’re looking for? Could it something even the mighty Hundred Daybreaks isn’t able to find?”

Hundred Daybreaks was intimately familiar with Crying Fish’s voice, so she could easily tell who it was without even having to turn around.

Before that ugly monster, Nutjob, made her appearance, Crying Fish was her most hated enemy. Apart from the women in Jade Sea Pavilion, she’d had the most amicable relationship with Quiet And Steadfast.

However, Crying Fish’s elusiveness made causing trouble for her a difficult matter.

Hundred Daybreaks gave a scornful laugh and felt that Crying Fish was rather pitiful. Forget Crying Fish being able to match up to herself; she couldn’t even compare to that ugly monster.

Women shouldn't make things difficult for one another. She’d just be the bigger woman and not stoop to her level.

“Long time no see, Guild Leader Fish.”

Crying Fish sneered and walked up to Hundred Daybreaks, giving her a once over. “It’s been a long time. Finding you is harder than climbing to the heavens.”

Not wanting to put up with her eccentricities, Hundred Daybreaks said, “I’ll be leaving if you have nothing else to say. I have matters to attend to.”

As Hundred Daybreaks brushed past her, Crying Fish grabbed onto her hand and said, “Don’t be in such a rush to go, I still have something to tell you,” She turned her head and looked straight into Hundred Daybreaks’ eyes. “You went through a lot of trouble to spread the latest rumour, didn’t you?”

Hundred Daybreaks acted as if she couldn’t understand what Crying was saying. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Cut the act. Even if other people aren't aware of how you’re like, did you think I wouldn’t know? I know you had a hand in spreading the rumour involving that ugly monster and Pure Crane. I’ll say this now: don’t think you’ll be able to rise in rank just because you’ve gotten rid of that ugly monster. If Quiet And Steadfast was really interested in you, the two of you would’ve gotten together long ago, and he wouldn’t even have needed that ugly monster! Take my advice; he’s not yours, so don’t delude yourself into thinking he is. All these little schemes and tricks of yours are useless!”

If Crying Fish had said this to her in the past, she might have flown into a humiliation fuelled rage. But now...

Hundred Daybreaks pulled herself free from Crying Fish’s grasp. “You don’t need to meddle in the affairs between Ah Ning and I. Regardless, no matter how little of a chance I have, I’m still better off than you. At least I’m still friends with him, and he’ll come looking for me if he needs anything. But you on the other hand, humph,” Hundred Daybreaks gave a mocking laugh before she raised her head and looked at Crying Fish in protest. “I’m going to look for Ah Ning now. You go looking for him too if you’ve got the stones for it.”

After saying this, she sent mail to Quiet And Steadfast right in front of Crying Fish’s face. Shortly after, Hundred Daybreaks received a reply, and she intentionally opened it in front of Crying Fish’s dejected face.

“Ah Ning’s at the entrance of Nightmare Devil Realm.”

With that, Hundred Daybreaks gave Crying Fish a brilliant smile before turning around and setting off, leaving behind Crying Fish who was trembling in anger.

A long while later, Crying Fish grit her teeth and followed after Hundred Daybreaks.

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