Chapter 262: Coming Face To Face With The Enemy (2)

Chapter 262: Coming Face To Face With The Enemy (2) 

Shen Jingbin heaved a sigh after she hung up. She looked up to the ceiling, and Zhao Chengning and Quiet And Steadfast’s faces suddenly materialised before her eyes. Now that she thought about it, the two of them really did resemble one another. Take for instance their personalities, and also the feelings that had stirred in her heart whenever she’d looked into Quiet And Steadfast’s eyes.

It’s no wonder she’d felt that Quiet And Steadfast looked so familiar whenever she saw him; how could he not look familiar!?

That liar! Humph!

Shen Jingbin let out a cute little grunt and plopped herself onto her soft bed, burying her face in her pillow. As she lay there, her tumultuous heart gradually calmed down.

Everything felt rather surreal - Quiet And Steadfast had suddenly turned into Zhao Chengning.

If the women lusting after Zhao Chengning found out about this, there’s no telling whether they’d all start rushing into the game. Or maybe, if things were the other way around and Quiet And Steadfast’s identity in real life was revealed instead, would there be even more girls trying to throw themselves at him?

However, someone like Zhao Chengning, be it in real life or in-game, was an existence that towered far above your average person. He wasn’t someone you could just randomly walk up to and interact with.

Shen Jingbin flipped over and quietly thought to herself, “Life sure is difficult for the girls who adore him.”

Shen Jingbin made her way down at the designated time and found Zhao Chengning’s car parked and waiting for her. She walked straight towards it and hopped in.

“Drive,” She intentionally wore a look of displeasure on her face and kept her gaze locked straight ahead.

Zhao Chengning stared at her for several seconds before he smiled helplessly and slowly drove off.

Zhao Chengning brought her to a Western restaurant. It had a nice ambiance, and a piano that was placed on a stage could be seen the moment you entered the restaurant. A young man could be seen currently performing on the stage.

A waiter directed the two of them to a seat at the corner of the restaurant. It provided a nice view of the surroundings and it was quite a private spot as well, leaving Shen Jingbin feeling very satisfied. This, in turn, improved her mood, which made her less irritable.

She sent the waiter off after flipping through the menu and casually picking out a few dishes. Zhao Chengning leaned back on the sofa and gracefully crossed one leg over the other. He just sat there and smiled at her without a word.

Shen Jingbin, who’d pretended not to notice him at first and had refused to talk to him, gradually began to feel uneasy. In the end, she couldn’t take it anymore and glared at him. “What’s with you staring at me?”

One look at her was enough to tell that she was still hung up over the revelation that Quiet And Steadfast was, in fact, actually Zhao Chengning.

“I was just wondering when you would finally forgive me,” Zhao Chengning said with furrowed brows, looking as if he was troubled by the thought.

“I don’t feel like dealing with you now, you liar,” Shen Jingbin replied.

Zhao Chengning was torn between laughing and crying. “Alright, just let me know when you feel like talking to me, and I’ll offer my humble apologies.”

“...” Why did Shen Jingbin suddenly feel as if she were the one being put on the spot instead?!

Zhao Chegning took a sip of water and cast a glance at her. He had a feeling that teasing her like this might really end up making her hate him, so he changed the topic and asked, “What made you decide to make your character look like that?”

Shen Jingbin’s face fell when she heard his question, and an expression of helplessness appeared on her face. “It’s all because of my username.”

Zhao Chengning chuckled. “Both your username and your character are very unique.”

“All the names I’d thought of during the registration process were taken, so I abandoned myself to despair and allowed the system to randomly generate a name for me. Later on, I found that I couldn’t beautify my character, so I chose to make her as ugly as I could instead.”

“Your resoluteness isn’t something most people have either.”

“I was just afraid of other people recognising me… but you still noticed anyway.”

“Don’t worry, no one will find out as long as you don’t reveal your identity; I was an exemption.” Because I’ve always been watching you.

Zhao Chengning didn’t say the rest of what he thought, opting to gaze meaningfully at her instead.

Shen Jingbin suddenly felt her face grow hot.

Did he max out his charm stat?

Shen Jingbin silently cursed him as she discreetly drank a mouthful of water. Her eyes darted all over the place, looking at everything but Zhao Chengning.

At this moment, they could hear footsteps closing in on them, and Shen Jingbin’s attention was drawn to it. She thought it was a waiter bringing over their food, but when she turned to look, she found that it was a waiter leading two people to a table beside them.

Their two tables were separated by several enormous ornaments, preventing her from making out their appearances. All she could see was a partial outline of their figures.

For some reason, Shen Jingbin felt that the woman sitting opposite her at the other table looked a little familiar.

Noticing her gaze, Zhao Chengning tilted his head to the side a little and asked, “What’re you looking at?”

Several ornaments also separated Zhao Chengning and the man. Looking through a gap between the ornaments, he could clearly make out the side of the man’s face.

He had long, thick eyebrows, large eyes, a raised nose, and lips which looked a little thin.

He was a very familiar looking man.

Almost as if he’d felt Zhao Chengning’s gaze, the man who was about to sit down suddenly looked over at them, revealing the entirety of his face.

It turned out to be Long Dinghai.

Long Dinghai had obviously noticed them too. After a few seconds of surprise, Long Dinghai stood up and walked over to the couple.

“Mr Zhao, Miss Shen, what a coincidence,” Long Dinghai said as he walked over to their table and greeted them in an easygoing manner.

The woman who’d accompanied Long Dinghai also got up and ran over. When she saw Shen Jingbin, she froze for a moment before her eyes began burning with hostility. But when she caught sight of Zhao Chengning, all of the hostility was instantly replaced by amazement as she alternated her attention between Zhao Chengning and Shen Jingbin.

Shen Jingbin remained silent, while Zhao Chengning stood up and grasped Long Dinghai’s hand.

“Mr Long.”

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