Chapter 259: I Am Zhao Chengning (1)

Chapter 259: I Am Zhao Chengning (1)

None of them had ever seen so many NPCs gathered together anywhere outside of their own sects. All Smiles’ expression immediately turned unsightly upon witnessing this sight.

Though Shen Jingbin didn't know why this group of NPCs had suddenly appeared, judging from the situation, she guessed that they were on her side and felt her spirits rise.

“Are we still going to fight it out?” She leisurely asked as she narrowed her eyes and cast a sidelong glance at All Smiles. What should have been a seductive flutter of her eyes was instead turned into something that was unbearable to look at.

Faint sounds of retching could be heard amongst the onlookers.

All Smiles was so furious that she began to visibly tremble. This fight should’ve been in the bag, but she’d lost her chance at an easy win; it was truly depressing.

“What are you doing, All Smiles? And you lot, what kind of stunt are you trying to pull?!” Shen Jingchen didn't give a damn about the situation at hand and strode past the members of Jade Sea Pavilion to stand at Shen Jingbin’s side. He heaved a sigh of relief after giving her a once over and noticing that she was hale and hearty. Satisfied that no harm had come to his sister, he shifted his attention to the group of people in front of Shen Jingbin and glared at them.

All Smiles knew nothing could be done the moment she saw Dawn’s Twilight.

“As for all of you, what's there to look at? Have you guys cleared your dungeons? Done your dailies? Go mind your own business and scram!” Shen Jingchen said reproachfully. The crowd of people who were blindly cheering them on rubbed their noses and reluctantly dispersed.

“Dawn’s Twilight, this is a private issue between us and doesn’t involve you. Can you leave us be?” All Smiles asked sweetly.

Everyone knew that Dawn’s Twilight and Quiet And Steadfast were close, so those in “Quiet And Steadfast’s Support Group” naturally acted very politely towards him After all, getting closer to Quiet And Steadfast via his friends was a shortcut for them.

Dawn’s Twilight found All Smiles’ soft, delicate voice grating on his nerves. He frowned and said, “I don't know you well, so stop acting so coquettishly with me. And, I'll have you know, that her business is my business.”

All Smiles’ smile froze. She looked at the gradually thinning crowd and then at the people from Jade Sea Pavilion who were nearing Shen Jingbin. This time around, her expression was slightly distorted when she spoke once again, “She’s embarrassing Quiet And Steadfast with all of her two-timing. As his friend, how could you not side with him, much less protect her? Don’t tell me this woman’s seduced you too?!”

The moment she said that, the female players behind her started to kick up a fuss too.

“That’s right, how can she cheat on the Great God after marrying him?! Forget not helping us, you’re even defending her now! What kind of friend are you?!”

“Heh, what a joke. You’re the Great God’s friend, but you’re choosing to side with this woman instead. Pui!”

“Are you siding with her because you’ve hooked up with her too? How disgusting, don’t you guys have any standards?!”

“Why’re you siding with that slut? Are all the people from Jade Sea Pavilion blind?!”

The saying that a woman’s clamouring was comparable to that of several hundred ducks was indeed true. The people from Jade Sea Pavilion immediately felt a pounding headache come on the moment the women from All Smiles’ side began to speak.

Eternal Rest was the first to angrily refute them. “Shut up! The person himself hasn’t said a single word, so why are you guys kicking up a fuss?!”

“Quiet And Steadfast hasn’t logged in since last night. If he was online, he'd definitely condemn her!”

“Then let’s wait for him to make a personal appearance. He doesn’t need you guys to meddle in his affairs.”

It might have been due to Eternal Rest’s overbearing delivery, but All Smiles and company calmed down a little.

Shen Jingbin felt that she'd heard something disastrous. She couldn't help but step forward and ask with a frown, “Hold on a minute. Let me ask a question first: the reason you’re taking issue with me is because I'm two-timing?”

“What're you acting dumb for? The forums are flooded with news of you two-timing, and there's even pictures to support it. Furthermore, this was verified by Hundred Daybreaks. Are you trying to make fun of me by acting like you’re confused?”

Shen Jingbin was so furious that she laughed out loud. “I’m two-timing? Who am I two-timing with?”

“Pure Crane! So many people have seen the two of you together all the time; you even left Jade Sea Pavilion because of him. Who’d believe you if you said there wasn’t something going on between the two of you?!”

Shen Jingbin was about to blow a fuse.

Although she was indeed trying to draw the line between herself and Quiet And Steadfast, she wasn't trying to do that by ‘two-timing’, alright?! Also, what the hell did it being ‘verified by Hundred Daybreaks’ have to do with anything?

When she thought back to that woman whom she’d met only once before, but who’d displayed such open hostility towards her, Shen Jingbin wondered whether this group of women were asking as if this were a palace intrigue instead of an online game.

“There’s nothing going on between Pure Crane and I,” She said, her expression turning serious as she enunciated every word to All Smiles.

“Don't you think your explanation sounds really weak?”

Shen Jingbin gave a cold laugh, and she stretched out her hand to stop Shen Jingchen who was beginning to get restless. “Let me make myself clear, there’s nothing going on between Pure Crane and I. Whether or not you believe me is up to you, but my question to you now is: are we still going to fight it out or not?”

All Smiles glanced at the mass of people from Jade Sea Pavilion and the imposing looking NPCs behind Shen Jingbin, and grit her teeth. “I'll let you off for today. Stay away from Quiet And Steadfast if you know what’s good for you. We won’t let you off next time if we find out that you’re still mixing with Quiet And Steadfast! Let's go,” All Smiles then glared at her before leaving with the rest of her group.

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