Chapter 258: A Dispute (2)

Chapter 258: A Dispute (2)

Shen Jingbin felt furious when she swept a glance at the crowd and noticed the looks of schadenfreude on their faces. She walked straight towards All Smiles, her expression dark, and said, “I don’t know who you are, and I don’t care who you are either. It’s my business whether I play my game or not; you’re in no position to dictate what I do.”

All Smiles glared at her. “Listen, all of us are dissatisfied with you. Since this game belongs to everyone, you have to leave since we aren’t happy with you around!”

Shen Jingbin shot her a look of disdain. “Which influential family are you from? Did you forget to bring your brains with you when you left the house? I’ll say this now: I’m not quitting the game. What are you going to do about it?”

“We’ll kill you if you refuse to quit!”

“Fine then, you can try.”

“Leave the safe zone if you’ve got the guts!”

“That’s right, leave the safe zone and fight! Whoever loses quits the game!” A spectator in the crowd who tried to shit stir suddenly shouted. Everyone else immediately jumped on the bandwagon and started calling for them to fight as well.

Shen Jingbin swept a glance at the crowd and anger bubbled in her heart when noticed that the ones who were making the most noise were the ones from Life At First Sight.

“I'm on the way to the outskirts of Xiling City. You can follow me there if you really want to fight it out,” Shen Jingbin summoned Mascot, hopped onto it, and left these as her parting words before taking her leave.

All Smiles glared at Shen Jingbin’s figure as she zipped away and stomped her foot in frustration. One of the women behind her stepped forward and said, “Smiles, are you really going? Didn't you say that she’d definitely give in if we gathered everyone?”

“I'm going; why wouldn't I go?!”

“But, you know that our equipment isn’t the best, and no matter what, she was from Jade Sea Pavilion. Do you think we can beat her?”

“Do you really think we can’t beat her with so many of us around?!” All Smiles asked fiercely.

The female player silently gulped down a mouthful of saliva and retreated without a word.

When news of White Cloud Temple’s Lead Disciple, Nutjob, two-timing Quiet And Steadfast and sullying his reputation was revealed on the forums, the emotions of “Quiet And Steadfast’s Support Group” immediately soured. They were already upset about Quiet And Steadfast previously marrying this woman, and now, she even dared to cheat on him. Utterly unforgivable!

And so, they discussed amongst themselves and cooked up a plan to confront her! Though their levels weren’t that high, their equipment wasn’t the best, and their abilities weren't the strongest; what they did have was strength in numbers, and every single one of them was cute. In this day and age, there wasn’t a single pretty female player who wasn’t treated like a princess by everyone. They’d hunt her down and pressure her into quitting the game. There was absolutely no fear that she’d do otherwise.

Little did they expect that not only did the woman refuse to give in, she even wanted to fight it out with them.

Seeing how the plot was diverging from their script, it’s no wonder that some of them were beginning to get cold feet.

Fortunately, a number of people had come with All Smiles, so even if some of them were entertaining thoughts of retreating, there were even more of them who were itching to teach this woman a lesson.

And so, the outskirts of Xiling City saw an unprecedented level of activity that day.

Shen Jingbin selected a spacious area and leisurely waited for the group of women. All Smiles’ group was pretty quick, and they arrived shortly after.

Shen Jingbin leaned against Mascot and lazily eyed the women in front of her. “How do you want to fight it out? One on one or all at once?”

All Smiles’ face flushed and she grit her teeth. “Fine, you said that yourself! Sisters, let’s all attack at once!”

Immediately after she spoke, the women raised their various weapons and issued an adorable sounding warcry as they charged towards Shen Jingbin.

To be honest, it was quite a beautiful scene.

The crude men who were watching began shamelessly recording the battle while broadcasting it within their guilds at the same time. Someone over at Jade Sea Pavilion had gotten wind of the news as well, and were frantically gathering the rest of the guild.

[Guild] Syrup Time: Let’s hurry over to the outskirts of Xiling City! All Smiles has brought over a group of people to beat up Nutty!

The people in Jade Sea Pavilion were all very familiar with All Smiles. This woman was similar to Crying Fish in that they were rabid fans of their Guild Leader. However, the way she went about expressing her love was completely different from that of Crying Fish. She formed the organization known as “Quiet And Steadfast’s Support Group” and recruited lots of female fans that worshipped the number one God in the game, and proceeded to harass players who lusted after him but weren’t members of their group. That being said, their harassment was done discreetly, and they only attacked players who didn't have any influential background. Crying Fish was one such person that they didn’t dare to provoke.

[Guild] Yanmen Imperial Sister: I knew she was going to harass Nutty the moment she left the guild.

[Guild] Dawn’s Twilight: Go go go, everyone who’s free now follow me. Send someone to let Quiet And Steadfast know about this as well.

Though many of them didn't understand why Shen Jingbin had left the guild, they respected her decision and didn’t dig into it. Although she wasn’t a part of Jade Sea Pavilion anymore, they were still friends and was still their Leader’s wife.

By the time everyone from Jade Sea Pavilion had arrived at the outskirts of Xiling City, they realised the situation was somewhat different from what they’d imagined.

Although Shen Jingbin had the ability to completely crush All Smiles and her flunkies, an army of ants would still be able to kill an elephant, so it'd be difficult for her to escape unscathed.


“Hey, Buddhist Nun, can you tell if the people behind Nutty are NPCs from White Cloud Temple?”

They’d imagined that Nutjob would be in a pinch since she had to take on all of them on her own, but what they saw in reality was a group of extraordinary people standing behind her that looked like NPCs!

“F*ck! That's the Discipline Hall’s Hallmaster!” Big Buddhist Nun and Little Monk got a huge scare after taking a good look at them.

“F*ck, what’s going on here?!”

The people from Jade Sea Pavilion who’d just arrived weren’t the only ones asking this question; All Smiles and the rest of the onlookers were thinking the same thing as well!

When the battle had looked like it was just about to break out, a wave of NPCs wearing the snow white daoist robes of White Cloud Temple came surging out of Xiling City and formed up behind Nutjob in an impressive fashion.

The women who’d already rushed forward came to a screeching halt, resulting in both sides coming to a deadlock in an instant.

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