Chapter 257: A Dispute (1)

Chapter 257: A Dispute (1)

The older generation had already arrived back by the time Zhao Chengning got home, and he gave them a brief greeting before returning to his room. After taking a shower, he opened up his Wechat as he dried his hair.

The Wechat group was indeed a lot livelier today than it usually was and news flooded his screen. Upon taking a closer look, he realised that they were still talking about the picture that National Treasure had previously posted.

Zhao Chengning had previously known that a large number of guild members from Jade Sea Pavilion happened to live in B City and its surrounding. And, apart from those who were students like National Treasure and the Four Monsters, most of them were working adults. This was why after being stunned by the beautiful girl in the picture, more of them had come in and turned their attention to Zhao Chengning who’d accidentally ended up being relegated to the background.

Long Life: That girl’s not so simple. See the guy beside her? He’s a young entrepreneur with an immeasurable net worth, and sets the standard for being industrious. Not only that, he’s also born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Temperate Scarlet Moon: I know, he’s the Second Young Master from the Zhao family. Our company worked with them on a project before, and all the girls in our office were fantasizing about him every single day. He’s really handsome in person. Sure enough, princes in this day and age always have a beauty on hand to accompany them. Cinderellas and the like are something that’s never going to happen.

I’m Not A Monster: What a waste, the beauty’s been taken by that beast.

I’m Really Not A Monster: I’m not born when the beauty’s born, but the beauty’s already wedded when I’m born.

Actually, I Am A Monster: Are the two of you sure you aren’t overthinking things? Who’d be blind enough to fall for the two of you?

I’m A Monster, Dare To Hit Me: How terrifying, my roommates are idiots. What do I do? Urgently waiting for answers online!

After silently reading through the entire chat log and finding that nothing substantial had been leaked out, Zhao Chengning closed his Wechat. After a moment’s consideration, he gave Special Assistant Ke a call and told him to look out for news about himself over these two days, and that he was to immediately remove anything that involved Shen Jingbin in it.

Zhao Chengning wasn’t the kind of person who liked exposing his private life to the public. People these days weren’t the kindest, and he wouldn’t allow anyone to call his relationship with Shen Jingbin into question; even if the one who suspected them was a nobody.

Even though the elder generation of the Shen family had just come to B City, they had their own means of enjoying themselves and didn’t need the two siblings to bring them around, leaving them to their own devices.

After waking up late the next morning, once they’d finished eating lunch, the siblings lazily logged into the game.

They were still in Xiling City when they logged in, and the ones coming and going from the city were all players.

“Hey hey hey, that’s Nutjob from White Cloud Temple, right?”

“F*ck, she still has the gall to login even after doing something like that? Isn’t she afraid of being hunted down by Jade Sea Pavilion?”

“Heh, who knows, maybe she thinks herself an unparalleled beauty that can make everyone fall for her.”

“Hah, are you joking? Her, an unparalleled beauty? Sigh, you win.”

She was beset by the whisperings of passing players and countless looks of disdain before she even left the teleportation array. Though she’d been on the receiving end of no small amount of disdainful glances in the past, this was the first time they displayed their scorn so blatantly.

So, it’s just as Quiet And Steadfast had said: they weren’t holding back now that she was no longer a part of Jade Sea Pavilion, huh?

Heh, he was right on the money.

Resolving to ignore those people, Shen Jingbin began to make her way towards the outskirts of Xiling City with her head held high...

When she was suddenly obstructed by a group of women after having taken only several steps.

Shen Jingbin paused and sized them up. They looked unfamiliar; she’d never seen any of them before. Why were they they in her way?

The female standing at the head of the group gave her a once-over while eyeing her with contempt before she slowly asked, “You’re Nutjob?”

Shen Jingbin looked at her and asked, “You are?”

“Humph, you don’t need to know who I am,” The woman tilted her head upwards and snorted. “I’m here today to demand that you quit this game! People like you are the shame of all women. <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> doesn’t welcome sluts like you, so hurry up and get lost!”

Once she’d said her piece, the women behind her jeered at her in unison.

“Get your ass out of this game!”

“You slut, hurry up and get lost!”

“Yeah, get lost! Or else, we’ll beat you up whenever we see you! We’ll keep killing you till you’ve got no choice but to quit!”

Shen Jingbin eyed the agitated women around her and thought back to whether she’d done anything wrong to them recently. But, even after spending all day thinking about it, she still couldn’t figure out what she’d done to offend them.

“You only have one option right now, and that’s to quit this game. Otherwise, we’ll keep coming after you,” Feeling ignored from the way Shen Jingbin was neither looking at nor replying her, All Smiles raised her hand and signalled for the women behind her to quieten down.

“Why should I listen to you?”

“Because this is what everyone wants, so you have to follow what we say!”

All Smiles completely destroyed Shen Jingbin’s good mood. Shen Jingbin rolled her eyes. She couldn’t be bothered to deal with All Smiles, and decided to just round past her and leave. However, the commotion they kicked up attracted quite a few players, causing the teleportation array to be surrounded by people.

She didn’t know whether the peanut gallery was intentionally blocking her way or not, but they moved in whatever direction she did and she found herself unable to leave the encirclement.

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