Chapter 255: I Do (1)

Chapter 255: I Do (1)

Have you ever run into a situation like this?

In that instant, it was as if all the sound in the world had disappeared, leaving only her heartbeat thumping by her ear. All light converged in front of her, and everything else blurred all into dim and indistinct figures.

The faint scent of the person in front of her tickled the tip of her nose, feeling both gentle and impossible to ignore at the same time. She felt his warmth as he gently pressed against her body, calling into question the nature of their relationship. His lips felt soft, and the minute friction generated by the two of them coming into contact sent invisible currents of electricity streaking through her body, leaving her numb and powerless.

Shen Jingbin felt a little uncomfortable. It was as if someone had seized her heart, but it wasn’t exactly that kind of discomfort either.

She suddenly felt something warm and moist at the corner of her lips, rousing her in an instant and causing her to take a step backwards, breaking the two of them out of their trance.

“There was some salad sauce at the corner of your lips…” Unexpectedly, there was a faint blush on Zhao Chengning’s usual kind and caring face. He then raised a hand and pointed discreetly at his lips.

Shen Jingbin instinctually used the back of her hand to wipe the spot he pointed out, but suddenly stopped when it neared the corner of her lips. She quietly looked up and glanced at him. It might have been due to the atmosphere or her embarrassment, but her voice was small when she said, “Is this how you… help?”

With the Heavens acting as a witness, this was the closest she’d ever gotten to behaving like a girl in her twenty years of living!

Zhao Chengning gave an unnatural cough and didn’t say anything. He only gazed fixedly at her, his eyes concealing a deep-seated love for her.

On the other hand, Shen Jingbin pretended to play dumb, but her ears betrayed her by slowly turning red.

She was utterly disappointed with herself!

How could she be such a letdown! Why the hell’s her face turning red! What happened to her aura of an empress!

The outstanding looks, exceptionally personalities, and the clothes they were wearing made it easy for others to tell that they weren’t your average individuals. They were especially eye-catching in a crowd of students, and at the moment, they were drawing no small amount of attention in this street. However, as the aura they gave off was far too strong, the onlookers could only peek at them from the sidelines; no one dared to interrupt them.

Beautiful people were always pleasing to the eye no matter what they did.

Countless single students wore dim-witted smiles on their faces and were using their handphones to secretly snap pictures of the beautiful lovebirds when they suddenly saw them kiss!

Oh, they were suddenly presented with a feast for the eyes!

The singles suddenly heard a sound that was similar to both their hearts and handphone screens shattering into pieces.

Song Yubao, who’d been dragged out by her roommates for a midnight snack, spotted Shen Jingbin and Zhao Chengning the very first instant they arrived. The fleeting glimpse that she’d caught of Shen Jingbin when she was previously in B City had caused her to dream of the beautiful girl for an entire week! She’d scoured the internet for clues about this girl, but only found several pictures of her on Weibo. Apart from that, the only other information she’d uncovered was that this girl came from A City.

Because of this, her appearance had been haggard for a prolonged period. It was so bad, that her roommates had thought she’d broken up with a secret lover.

But! She’d unexpectedly! Run into her again!

Ever since Song Yubao had spotted Shen Jingbin, her eyes were practically glowing as she fished out her handphone and went into a wild snapping frenzy before sending them to Moments on Wechat.

National Treasures: Wtf wtf! Listen, I saw a super beautiful girl! She’s unbelievably beautiful!

I’m Not A Monster: Tch, NPNT! [1. Acronym for No Picture, No Talk. No one’s gonna believe you if you don’t have a pic yo~]

National Treasures: Don’t rush me, I’m sending over a picture now!

National Treasures: [PIC] She looks amazing right?!! PS: The one beside her is probably her boyfriend. He looks pretty hot too, but I’m not so superficial; I only like pretty girls who’re in their prime. ヾ(°∇°*)

That one picture alone was enough to lure all the lurkers on Moments out of hiding, causing Song Yubao’s handphone to start incessantly chime. The noise resulted in the people around her to continuously glance at her.

Xia Qihui, annoyed by his handphone’s constant buzzing, grabbed it with slightly jerky fingers, and opened up his Wechat app while cursing them in the process, “You bunch of chatterboxes, can’t you be a little quieter!”

However, his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when Moments finally loaded.

Wow, she really did look quite pretty… Wait a minute, why does this guy look so familiar?

The f*ck? Isn’t that Zhao Chengning?!

With a swipe of his finger, Xia Qihui glanced through all 99+ of his messages and could more or less confirm that that was indeed Zhao Chengning. He hurriedly looked through his contacts for Zhao Chengning’s number and called it.

On the other end of things, Shen Jingbin and Zhao Chengning had finally realised that they were surrounded by onlookers and were about to quietly slip away. They’d just reached the car when Zhao Chengning’s handphone rang.

Zhao Chengning glanced over at Shen Jingbin and signalled for her to get into the car before he picked up the call.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Bro, where are you now?” Xia Qihui asked cautiously.

Not knowing the reason for his tone, Zhao Chengning replied immediately, “I’m at University City. What’s wrong?”

“What the f*ck; it really is you! You really are the man in the pics! I can’t believe you’re bringing a girl around to tour University City at this time. Why didn’t I know that you were feeling so bored?”

Zhao Chengning furrowed his brows and asked, “How’d you know that I was together with someone?”

“You know who National Treasures is, right? She’s in B City too, and she just uploaded a picture on Wechat. She said that she saw a beautiful girl and wanted to let us have a look. When I opened it, to my surprise, the guy beside her turned out to be you! You don’t know how shocked I felt when I saw you in the picture. I even thought that I was imagining things…”

Xia Qihui continued rambling on, but Zhao Chengning wasn’t in the mood to listen to the rest of it. He looked up from his phone and gazed in the direction that he and Shen Jingbin had come from. From here, he could spot several girls who were still stubbornly sticking their heads out from their hiding spots and peeking at them.

He’d been far too complacent and forgotten that secrets were easily divulged in public.

Although he wasn’t a celebrity, as a famous individual in the finance industry he was still prominently featured in Caijing Magazine[1. A famous Chinese business and finance magazine].

Zhao Chengning glanced back at Shen Jingbin who was sitting in the car. She appeared to be giving Shen Jingchen a call. Even with her brows knitted in disdain, she still looked just as beautiful as she always did.

You’re done, Zhao Chengning. Why’d you have to do something so stupid?!

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