Chapter 253: Octopus Balls (1)

Chapter 253: Octopus Balls (1)

Zhao Chengning stood before the Shen family. His eyes ‘inadvertently’ darted over to where Shen Jingbin was before he said, “Aunt, we’ve taken care of the luggage. Where are you guys going now?”

Mama Shen wrapped her arms around her chest and casually shot a sidelong glance at the two siblings who were doing their best to mask their presence. “We’ll be going to their apartment.”

The siblings were overcome by shock for a moment before Shen Jingchen hurriedly said, “Mom, why would you want to visit our place?! Don’t tell me you’re thinking of staying with us?!”

“What’s with your reaction, you brat. Are you saying that living with us would make things that difficult for you?!” Unexpectedly, Old Master Shen angrily rebuked them before Mama Shen had the chance to flare up.

Shen Jingchen shrunk back and said, “No, what I meant was… Grandpa, you should know that our apartment’s a little messy, so it’d probably be a little… unlivable if you guys went over now.”

Papa Shen wore a knowing look when he saw the look of guilt on his son’s face. “Hehehe, how can we not know how the two of you are like! Don’t worry, we’ll be living in the unit opposite of your one,” He said disdainfully.

Each level of the apartment that the siblings lived in could house two families. But, as they’d always been out from dawn to dusk, they’d never noticed whether anyone else was staying on their level.

“Dad, don’t you think you’re being a little too spendthrift?” Shen Jingbin asked after silently mulling over what he’d said for several seconds.

Papa Shen gave an unconcerned wave of his hand and said, “Your Grandpa’s said it before: either way you’re going to marry someone from B City, so buying two properties here wouldn’t be too…”

A glare from Mama Shen cut him off before he had the chance to finish.

“What did you say?!”

“Eh… Did I let something slip?”

Black lines appeared on everyone’s foreheads.

You’ve leaked way too much info!

Papa Shen fell silent and hid behind his wife. Shen Jingbin was feeling a little embarrassed at the moment and didn’t know where to look.

Thankfully, Zhao Chengning didn’t appear to have heard anything. “Where are we going now?” He asked in a polite and friendly manner.

Grandma Shen loosened her grip around her spouse’s hand and beamed a smile at him. “We’ll be troubling you, Chengning.”

“No trouble at all. The car’s over here,” Zhao Chengning said as he stood sideways to allow them to pass. Together, the Shen elders followed him over to where the car was parked.

Zhao Chengning lagged behind a little and walked by the siblings’ side. Shen Jingchen glanced at the couple before he very tactfully slipped away.

“Ah, Mom and Dad definitely don’t know much about B City, so I’ll go over and bring them up to speed. You guys take your time chatting!”

He then winked at Shen Jingbin before dashing off.

She really felt like sending a punch his way!

How low did your IQ have to be to not even be able to come up with a good excuse?!

After Shen Jingchen ran off, a moment of silence lasted between them before Zhao Chengning asked, “Have you been busy lately?”

He was much taller than Shen Jingbin, and when he walked beside her, he could smell the faint aroma of flowers wafting from her hair. It was as if a kitten was occasionally pawing at his heart, causing it to tickle.

“Mm? I was kind of busy before this, but it’s a lot better now. What about you?”

“I’m not as lucky as you; I was busy then, and I’m still busy now.”

“Then why’d you come over to pick them up? Won’t that delay your work?” Shen Jingbin aimed a slight frown towards him and noticed for the first time that his eyes had a slight tinge of green to them. However, this didn’t take away from his handsome looks in the least. Rather, it added an air of decadent beauty about him. “You haven’t been able to rest well recently?”

Feeling her gaze on him, he reached out and brushed his fingers over his eyes before he smiled at her and said, “Kind of. There’s too much work and I haven’t found the time to properly rest.”

She glanced at the group of people who were in front of them and asked, “Who drove you here? You or your brother?”

“Both of us drove here because we were afraid there wouldn’t be enough seats.”

“You’re too tired to be driving!” Shen Jingbin sternly said. As I she looked back at Zhao Chengning, she happened to catch him yawning just at that moment and continued, “See?”

Zhao Chengning glanced helplessly at her out of the corners of his eyes and said, “But I’ve already driven here, so I can’t just leave the car here, right?”

Shen Jingbin furrowed her brows as she contemplated the matter. She then said, “How about this: I’ll do the driving and you can rest in the car?”

This was exactly what Zhao Chengning had been hoping for, so his reply was straight to the point, “Alright then, I’ll be troubling you.” After saying this, he then sent a wink her way.

Shen Jingbin stopped in her tracks for a moment before she continued walking as if nothing had happened.

After walking out of the airport, Mama Shen was about to come up with a seating arrangement when she heard her daughter run over to her and say, “Mum, you and Dad can ride in Big Brother Zhao’s car. While Grandpa and Grandma can go with Shen Jingchen.”

“Then what about you?” Shen Jingchen asked.

“I’ll be driving Zhao Chengning’s car.”

“Why? It’s not like there isn’t enough space, what are you…?”

“My back’s killing me after sitting in that plane for so long. Little Chen, where’s your car? Hurry up and bring Grandma over to it,” Grandma Shen was very dissatisfied with the way her grandson was trying to dig deeper, and interrupted him before he had the chance to finish. She then grabbed his arm and began pulling him along.

The remaining elders shot meaningful looks at Shen Jingbin before they silently went along with her arrangement.

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