Chapter 252: Silhouette Haloed By Light (2)

Chapter 252: Silhouette Haloed By Light (2)

Zhao Chengan almost thought he’d walked into the wrong room when he saw a solemn and melancholic Zhao Chengning lying on the bed. This definitely wasn’t the type of expression his two-faced, smiling tiger of a brother would have on!

“What… are you doing?” Big Brother Zhao asked, his expression twisting a little as he did so.

Zhao Chengning sat up and reigned in his emotions. His usual visage of warmth returned to his face and he calmly responded, “Nothing much. Why’d you come looking for me, brother?”

Zhao Chengan looked him over a few more times before he said, “Grandfather just called; he said some of his old friends or whatever from A City will be arriving at B City in the afternoon. He has something on at the time and won’t be able to pick his friends up, so he wants us to do it in his stead. We’ll be having dinner together after that.”

“An old friend? From A City?!” Zhao Chengning asked as his voice went up in volume.

“Mm, what’s with your reaction?”

“Nothing, my reaction is normal… Did Grandfather mention when their flight is in the afternoon?”

“I think it’s at 2 pm.”

He flicked his wrist and checked the time; it was 11 am, there were still three hours left.

“Give me a moment to get ready; we’ll leave after lunch.”

Zhao Chengan leaned against the door frame as he gazed meaningfully at his little brother and unhurriedly said, “I rarely see you so enthusiastic.”

Zhao Chengning got up from his bed and walked over to his closet. He took off his casual home clothes, revealing his muscular upper body. The muscles that ran along his back, arms, and stomach looked exquisite, giving off a feeling of power, yet not appearing out of place at the same time - a feast for one’s eyes.

Zhao Chengning silently lowered looked down and eyed his own body. Were his muscles a bit too much?

“How can I not be excited about matters pertaining to my marriage.”

“You mean…”

After pulling on a deep blue sweater, Zhao Chengning tidied his slightly messy hair and beamed a radiant smile at his older brother. “It’s exactly what you’re thinking.”

Zhao Chengan paused for a moment before he sighed helplessly and said, “I’ll have Aunt prepare lunch a little earlier so you won’t be late and leave a poor impression on your future in-laws.”

“Thanks,” Zhao Chengning voiced his gratitude to his brother’s departing figure and his gloomy mood from before was now swept clean. He didn't dare to meet up with Shen Jingbin without a good reason. But now, he had the perfect opportunity. Him being so happy was perfectly excusable, wasn’t it?

Having nothing better to do and overwhelmed with boredom after logging out, Shen Jingbin buried herself in the sofa and watched tv while waiting for  Shen Jingchen to finish playing so they could go out for lunch. Little did she know that he’d end up playing all the way till two before crawling out. Shen Jingbin’s hunger put her in an irritable mood, and she sent a few harsh words his way before they got ready to leave for lunch.

However, Shen Jingchen’s phone rang the moment they left their apartment building. Shen Jingbin glared at him as he picked up the phone with a look of irritation on his face and fiercely asked, “Who is it? What’s it about?”

Shortly after, Shen Jingchen’s handsome face broke into tears. “We’re dead, we’re so dead. Little Jing Jing, we seem to have forgotten something very important!”

“What is it?”

“Empress Shen’s flight to B City is today!”

“F*ck f*ck f*ck!” Shen Jingbin’s face paled upon hearing what he said. “I'd completely forgotten about that! Did Mother call?”

“Yeah, our happy days are coming to an end. Empress Shen has brought along the evil Shen forces with her. They’re at the airport now and she told us to go over.”

“...” At that moment, Shen Jingbin felt as though her heart was falling apart!

The siblings exchanged looks of resignation before they, heedless of their own hunger, sprinted towards the garage and drove straight towards the airport.

Fortunately, it was off-peak hours and the two of them were able to reach the airport in a short amount of time where they found Papa Shen, Mama Shen, and the two elders waiting for them. As they expected, the siblings were given a harsh scolding by Mama Shen.

“Erm, Mom, scolding aside, where’s your luggage? Why don’t I see it?” Taking advantage of the time when the Empress was gasping for breath, Shen Jingchen tried to suck up to her by asking about her luggage, while also trying to divert Mama Shen’s attention in the process.

“Heh, you still have the nerve to bring up our luggage? I remember telling the two of you long ago that we’d be coming today, no? And now look at this; the two of you were nowhere to be seen when we landed! Were the two of you expecting us to go over to your apartment and pay our respects if the two people from the Zhao family hadn’t come?”

“The two people from the Zhao family?” Shen Jingbin repeated, latching onto the most important part of what Mama Shen had just said.

Papa Shen winked at them and jumped into the conversation. “They’re the grandsons of your Grandfather’s old friend. I just saw them, and they look rather handsome, warm, and polite; much like your brother…”

However, before he had the chance to finish, Mama Zhao unceremoniously cut him off, “Comparable? In what way does this guy match up to them?”

Feeling wronged by the injustice of it all, Shen Jingchen cried out, “Mom, I’m your biological son!”

Mama Shen harrumphed and ignored him. Papa Shen continued, “Jing Jing, Grandfather said you have a pretty good relationship with the two of them; is that true?”

The gossipy expression on Papa Shen’s face truly made Shen Jingbin think that her parents' genders should have been reversed!

“Dad, can you not be so…”

Shen Jingbin interrupted by Papa Shen again before she could finish. “Look over there, they're back.”

Shen Jingbin turned around just in time to see Zhao Chengning strolling towards her with his back against the light, the sun bathing his silhouette in a warm yellow glow.

This was the best day since the start of winter.

Shen Jingbin stared dazedly at Zhao Chengning who neared her with every step. He suddenly appeared even more attractive after not seeing him for several days.

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