Chapter 249: My Wife Eloped With Someone Else (1)

Chapter 249: My Wife Eloped With Someone Else (1)

[Guild] Guild Leader Quiet And Steadfast has logged on.

After finally logging into the game after finishing his work, Quiet And Steadfast found his guildmates talking about a very strange topic.

[Guild] I’m Not A Monster: I feel like the world we live in is very bizarre.

[Guild] I’m Really Not A Monster: Yeah. Honestly, are all girls so unpredictable?

[Guild] Descent Of Rain And Snow: I am very pure and innocent, thank you.

[Guild] Lingering White Clouds: I’m pure and innocent too.

[Guild] Eight National Treasures: Pure and innocent +1.

[Guild] Actually, I Am A Monster: All I did was leave for a trip, and I find that the world has abandoned me now that I’m back. I’ve been left behind on gossip and everything else. I feel so sad.

[Guild] I’m A Monster, Dare To Hit Me: Speaking of which, does our Leader know about this? How did he react?

[Guild] Quiet And Steadfast: ?

[Guild] Eternal Rest: F*ck. Leader, when did you appear?

[Guild] Quiet And Steadfast: Didn’t you see the big notification on your screen?

[Guild] Eternal Rest: Uh… I don’t think I did.

[Guild] Quiet And Steadfast: What’s the thing that I don’t know about?

[Guild] Tanabata Evening: Eh, Guild Leader, did you know that Nutjob left the guild?

Quiet And Steadfast paused. Nutjob left the guild?

He quickly opened the guild member list. As expected, she wasn’t there. He then opened his friend list and noticed that Nutjob was still online. Hence, he immediately sent her a message.

“Why’d you leave the guild?”

Nutjob’s reply came relatively quickly.

“Pure Crane’s creating a new guild, so I went over to help prop up the numbers.”

Quiet And Steadfast’s brows knitted together when he saw her reply.

Putting aside the fact that he still hadn’t received a reply to his real-life confession, what’s with her now running off even while in-game? Was he out of luck?

“Are you planning to come back in the future?”

“Mm, but not for now. I’ll see after I’ve finished my quest.”

“Okay then. Be careful while you’re over there, some might have misgivings towards you since you're from Jade Sea Pavilion, but I can’t say for sure.”

Shen Jingbin felt like laughing when she saw Quiet And Steadfast’s message. “Okay, I’ll be careful,” She replied.

“What are you doing now?” In truth, what he wanted to say was that if she was free, the two of them could visit Beiming Southern River Island together.

“I’m going with Pure Crane to look for Marco Polo Bun so that we can get some Floating Light Silk.”

Quiet And Steadfast felt very hurt. She was even going around with her new guildmates now that she was part of their guild!

In the end, the wounded God only “Mmed” in reply before he quietly joined his guild members to clear out dungeons.

His wife had run away, but he still had to take care of his companions in the guild.

Back to Pure Crane and Shen Jingbin. Due to a variety of reasons, Pure Crane, after getting the Shadow Snaring Water, didn't get the chance to contact Marco Polo Bun for the Floating Light Silk so that he could forge the Divine Weapon. After messaging Marco Polo Bun to ask where he was at, the two of them boarded their mounts and made a beeline towards him.

Marco Polo Bun was a casual player. His interests lay in story quests and leveling his Life Skills. Sometimes, when he was bored, he'd wander about the game in search of adventure or anything new and interesting. When Shen Jingbin messaged him, he was loitering around Fairy Tavern in Youzhou.

Fairy Tavern was erected on the back of a turtle, which roamed within the boundaries of Shadow Mist Wetland in Youzhou. The shopkeeper and waitresses were either pretty Dryads or Fairies, so many players who loved 2D girls frequented here just to enjoy the tavern’s dreamy atmosphere. To top it off, the tavern sold some specialty dishes that weren’t available in real life, drawing in waves of female foodies. While waiting for their food, players could even watch performances put on by enchanting Fairies on stage or whatever entertainment was on offer. So all in all, it made for a pretty good atmosphere.

Shen Jingbin and Pure Crane sighted Marco Polo Bun surrounded by a herd of girls the moment they entered the tavern, causing him to stand out and look like he was surrounded by a field of flowers.

“Hey, I'm over here,” Marco Polo said as he waved after spotting them.

As he was sitting at the centermost table in the tavern, he drew the attention of all the surrounding players when he stood to wave at them. Following that, their gazes’ fell on Shen Jingbin and Pure Crane.

“Oi oi. Look, isn't that the ugly monster from White Cloud Temple?”

“That's definitely her, who else would look like that… But that’s strange, why is she with Pure Crane? Wasn't she Quiet And Steadfast’s wife?”

“Didn't Pure Crane fall out with Sovereign’s Descent? He's with the ugly monster now? F*ck, I feel like I’ve found out something I shouldn’t have.”

“Say, do you guys think that the ugly monster’s not satisfied with just having Quiet And Steadfast and now she’s hooking up with Pure Crane too? After that, Pure Crane probably couldn't stand Neverending Journey bullying his little lover, so he fell out with Neverending Journey.”

“Your story would be a little more believable if she were beautiful, but… given her appearance, you shouldn’t joke around.”

“No matter what the truth is though, doesn’t the way that ugly monster act piss you off? On one hand, she’s married to the Great God that’s ranked number one in the game. Yet on the other hand, she's hooking up with different guys as well… Honestly, this isn't the first time I've seen the two of them together. My friend from Sovereign’s Descent previously told me that their Vice-Leader was especially mindful of this ugly monster. Ugly people sure stir up lots of trouble. How can she be so unaware of how ugly she looks? All she does everyday is run around seducing people.”

“Eh, it feels like you're overthinking things. Maybe they're just friends and they grouped up to clear a quest. It's probably not as complicated as you think it is,” Someone weakly rebuked their companion whose claims were becoming increasingly outrageous.

The girl who spoke up was immediately glared at by her friend. “Friends? Heh, is she an idiot? With a Great God like Quiet And Steadfast around, why would she go around looking for someone else to help clear her quests? Even though Pure Crane is capable, he's not in the same league as Quiet And Steadfast. I think there's definitely something going on between Pure Crane and that ugly monster.”

“But, Quiet And Steadfast might be the one who’s unwilling to accompany her. Think about it: their marriage back then was so sudden, I think there’s an eighty percent chance that Quiet And Steadfast just picked someone to marry at random because he was tired of being harrassed by Crying Fish. Since there’s no romance between them, the Great God obviously isn’t going to waste his time on her.”

“That makes sense too. But there's quite a lot of females in Jade Sea Pavilion; why choose her instead of anyone else?”

“Isn't she the one? Dawn’s Twilight’s little sister? Dawn’s Twilight and Quiet And Steadfast are good friends, so of course he’d marry her for the sake giving Dawn’s Twilight face.”

“That does make sense huh. Looks like she's quite pitiful too then. Sigh, it sure isn't easy being the Great God’s wife.”

There’d be lots of gossip wherever there were large numbers of women. Before long, the females in the tavern had already broken off into groups of twos and threes and started whispering amongst themselves.

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