Chapter 246: The Proclamation (2)

Chapter 246: The Proclamation (2)

Shen Jingbin suddenly felt her cheeks heat up. “How many of them have brought their girlfriends over in the past?”

“Not a single one of them.”

“Not a single one of them?!” Shen Jingbin asked in astonishment.

“Mm. Jiang Weiwei brought her ex over in the past, but due to his rural upbringing and the difference in values between them, she dumped him not long after.”

Jiang Weiwei and someone from a rural background? Shen Jingbin thought that it was a strange pairing.

Zhao Chengning continued, “Those guys are either workaholics and have never even thought of getting a girlfriend before, or they just love playing around. You see a different woman by their side every day when it comes to them.”

Shen Jingbin giggled. “Do your friends know what you’re saying about them?”

“They wouldn’t do anything to me even if they knew.”

“Mm, I think so too. Then what about you? Birds of a feather flock together. They love fooling around, but what about you?”

“Me?” Zhao Chengning asked with a raised brow. “I belong to the former group - I’m a workaholic.”

Shen Jingbin eyed him skeptically before she said, “You don’t look like a workaholic, you look more like one of those pampered young masters who have too much time on their hands.”

“Mm? I look like a pampered young master? That shouldn’t be the case. I remember a lot of people telling me I look like a working elite.”

“You’ve been lied to.”

Zhao Chengning laughed.

It might have been her imagination, but Shen Jingbin felt that that doting smile of his held a deeper meaning.

This was bad; it felt like they were building up to a night-time rendezvous.

“Mm, I’ve been had,” Zhao Chengning said as he leaned the upper half of his body over the railing that was as tall as his waist. He then looked over at her and said, “Maybe I need someone by my side to remind me of that fact.”

“...” Shen Jingbin met his gaze, unsure of how to react. At this point, her brain was starting to feel a little dizzy from this turn of events.

The weather was actually pretty cold, and the temperature dropped even lower at night, giving rise to a small stab of pain when it swept past one’s cheeks. She should be feeling more clear-headed in this weather, but she was actually feeling hotter. In fact, her cheeks felt like they were burning up. She didn’t even need a mirror to know just how red her cheeks were now.

“Little Jing, the New Year’s coming soon, right?”

“Mm? Mm,” She wasn’t expecting him to suddenly change the topic, so she gave a vague reply.

“I hope that you can come visit my house during the New Year as my girlfriend,” His ink-black eyes remained fixed on her as he said that, containing so much warmth in them that they could drown a man. It was as if there was a massive whirlpool in his eyes that threatened to swallow her soul.

“I…” Shen Jingbin slowly opened her mouth. Probably due to nervousness, her voice sounded a little hoarse.

However, the moment she said ‘I’, the curtains were suddenly pulled open, and many faces could be seen plastered against the tightly shut glass door.

The two of them looked over at the same time.

The couple was met with a number of faces that were slightly deformed from being pressed against the door, all of them overflowing with curiosity.

They also heard someone excitedly calling out at the same time, “As expected, they’re here! Come quick, come quick! They’re here!” It sounded like Ah Hao.

“Ah Ning, what are the two of you being all secretive for?~” A man beside Ah Hao asked as he undulated his voice. As there was a layer of glass between them, the man’s voice was rather muffled.

Without waiting for the couple to reply, someone else said, “Are you an idiot? Do you think that they’re going to be doing anything now that we’re here?!”

Shen Jingchen was never one to shy away from interesting events. Playing along with the rest of them, he said, “Alas, my dear sister’s about to be wed to someone else.”

“They…” Shen Jingbin pointed at the peanut gallery before turning to look at Zhao Chengning, not knowing how to react.

If this were a typical occasion, she’d have long since glared them down and used her imposing presence to shut them up. However, these were Zhao Chengning’s friends, so she couldn’t do something like that.

Zhao Chengning looked at his childhood friends who were wreaking havoc, then at Shen Jingbin who was staring at him with a bit of panic in her eyes. He suddenly felt the urge to beat someone up.

This bunch of pig-headed friends! The pleasant atmosphere he’d painstakingly built up was now destroyed! F*ck, why the hell are they rocking the boat when they know I’m proclaiming my love!?

After taking a deep breath, Zhao Chengning took a step forward and shielded Shen Jingbin with his body. He then glared at the group that was gathered in front of the door and mouthed the words, “Get lost!”

The ones on the other side of the door look at him with amusement in their eyes. At the same time, Ah Hao wore a cocky look on his face and mouthed back, “I’m not leaving; bite me~”

Zhao Chengning rubbed his brows and turned to look at Shen Jingbin. “Let’s go first.”

“Mm,” Shen Jingbin nodded.

The peanut gallery scattered when they noticed Zhao Chengning walking back into the room.

Tsk tsk tsk, now that Ah Hao’s put on such a cocky attitude after ruining the God’s proclamation of love, hanging around would be courting death!

The glass door was pulled open, and Shen Jingbin stepped in with Zhao Chengning supporting her back. Zhao Chengning himself stepped in after that, making sure to close the glass door as he did so.

Jiang Weiwei, who hadn’t been amongst the spectators, only now walked towards them. When she saw how everyone was running all around the room, she asked suspiciously, “What’s wrong with them? Have they gone mad?”

“Keep Little Jing company for a little while; I need to have a chat with these people about life,” Zhao Chengning replied. With that, he cracked his knuckles and began walking towards the one who was kicking up the biggest fuss - Ah Hao.

Jiang Weiwei gave them a strange look before she turned her attention to Shen Jingbin.

An unknown sensation filled her heart as she did so.

Jiang Weiwei had always known that Shen Jingbin was beautiful from the very first moment that she’d laid eyes on her. But the way she looked now, with her cheeks dyed a faint shade of pink, eyes that shimmered like ripples in autumn, and the way her jet-black hair was slightly tousled by the wind; she seemed demure, alluring, and delicate all at the same time.

Shen Jingbin’s current appearance led her to believe that something had definitely happened.

Jiang Weiwei heaved a sigh and took a step forward while flashing a smile at Shen Jingbin. “Don’t bother about them; they’re always this crazy.”

She then turned her gaze to Zhao Chengning and wore an expression as if she were entranced.

She’d been rejected by him in the past, but had her heart finally given up on him now?

He’d found himself someone who was truly worthy of him; a girl who was perfect in every way.

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