Chapter 244: A Woman’s Charm Brings About Disaster (2)

Chapter 244: A Woman’s Charm Brings About Disaster (2)

Ah Mei, who already had a bad impression of Shen Jingbin, turned her attention to the side and caught sight of her slowly inching towards Zhao Chengning.

As she’d been very subtle about it, everyone else, including Zhao Chengning, hadn’t noticed what she was doing.

“It’s a little cramped, can you move over a bit?” Shen Jingbin suddenly asked.

Zhao Chengning glanced at her for a moment before he whispered in her ear, “Mm? Was I squishing you?”

The two were practically glued to one another. In fact, half of Shen Jingbin’s back was already against his chest. They were so close; she could even feel the faint rising and falling of his chest when he spoke.

Maximum attraction.

“Sorry about this, but can you find somewhere else to sit?” Zhao Chengning suddenly said to Ah Mei, startling her as she’d also started to inch towards him gradually.

“Mm? What did Second Young Master say?”

“I said: can you find somewhere else to sit?”

“Oh, okay,” Agreed Ah Mei without any hesitation. She then moved to sit beside the youth with a white shirt.

“Second Young Master, why aren’t you over there having fun?” Ah Mei asked Zhao Chengning with a face full of smiles.

Zhao Chengning shot a casual glance at her but didn’t reply. Instead, he lowered his head to Shen Jingbin’s ear once again and asked, “Do you feel like doing anything?”

A spark of mischievousness rose up in Shen Jingbin’s heart when she gently looked up and eyed Ah Mei who was glaring daggers at her. Shen Jingbin turned to the man beside her and flashed a brilliant smile at him. “I feel like playing cards, will you accompany me?”

Zhao Chengning had the impulse to reach out and cover Shen Jingbin’s eyes. Her eyes were shining far too brightly, and it felt as if the all the stars in the night’s sky were gathered within them.

“I’ll keep you company.”

“Me me me! Little Jingjing, add me in too! I want to come with you!” Jiang Weiwei felt that the two of them were being too lovey-dovey, and every fiber of her being was screaming at her to ruin the moment.

Not willing to be ignored, the youth in the white shirt added, “What about me, what about me?! I know how to play cards too, add me in.”

Ah Mei only meant for it to be a casual question. Little did she know that this one innocuous question would result in everyone around her leaving, and she was now at a bit of a loss. “What card game are you guys going to be playing?”

At this point, Zhao Chengning had already monopolised Shen Jingbin and was standing up, eyeing Ah Mei from his position above her. “The game we’re playing probably isn’t suitable for you, so I think you’re better off not coming along. Ah Hao doesn’t need you either. You can make your way back after resting here for a bit. Someone outside will send you off.”

Ah Mei’s face turned pale, and she deflated like a balloon the moment she heard what he said.

Only, no one bothered about her. Shen Jingbin glanced back at her with indifferent eyes before facing forward once more.

Zhao Chengning suddenly leaned towards her ears and whispered, “She was trying to make a move on me.”

Shen Jingbin stopped in her tracks and looked at him in astonishment.

What the f*ck!? Who sounded like they were being wronged when they were whispering in her ear just now?

Zhao Chengning wore a look that screamed ‘I’ve been wronged’ as he stared at her. Seeing this, Shen Jingbin felt her heart melt and clasped one of his wrists. “You’ve been wronged,” She said softly.

Zhao Chengning looked very pleased by this and reached out to grab her with his other hand. “That’s why I told her to leave. Don’t feel sorry for her; I was helping you to chase away a love rival.”

“Does that mean I need to thank you then?”

“Mmhm, it’d be impolite of me to refuse.”

“How should I show my appreciation?”

“How about something practical…”

“...” Shen Jingbin immediately turned to stare at him.

Zhao Chengning dropped his gaze and cast a sidelong glance at her before correcting himself, “What I meant was that you should thank me by doing something practical; like going easy on me when we’re playing cards. Don’t have any impure thoughts.”

“...I wasn’t thinking anything dirty!”

“Oh, then I must have been the one who was thinking dirty thoughts instead.”

“That’s right!” Shen Jingbin forcefully nodded her head. “Oh right. No matter what, that girl’s still one of your childhood friends, right? Is it really alright for her to leave like that?”

Zhao Chengning looked over to where Ah Hao was and said, “Ah Hao’s a playboy. She may be his girlfriend in name, but she’s actually his female companion. And, she’s just one of the many female companions he has. In fact, letting him know that she’s leaving might make it even more embarrassing for her.”

Shen Jingbin followed his gaze and looked over. Almost as if he’d sensed it, Ah Hao looked up and saw the two of them staring at him. When Shen Jingbin entered his line of sight, he even gave them a foolish grin before he mouthed the words ‘Sister-in-Law’.

Shen Jingbin’s face froze. “Mm, I think you’re right.”

Zhao Chengning, who’d noticed the change in her expression, chuckled and signaled to Ah Hao with his eyes.

Masterfully done, bro.

Shen Jingbin’s quartet walked over to the group of people who were playing up a storm at the table when Shen Jingchen - who’d drunk himself into a bit of a stupor - gave a loud beer burp and said, “Oh, you’re finally here?”

Shen Jingbin immediately pinched her nose and looked at him with disdain, “Away with you, you drunkard. Don’t speak to me.”

“Hey, this little lady actually has to gall to look down on her big brother!” Shen Jingchen was suddenly filled with vigor as he pounced at Shen Jingbin while exhaling his potent breath all over her.

Everyone burst into laughter, while a few of his bros tried to hold him back.

“Hey hey hey! Shen Jingchen, we can’t allow you to bully our beauty.”

“That’s right, that’s right, she’d be the apple of my eye if I had a sister like her. I wouldn’t try to bully her like you.”

Shen Jingchen was overcome with grief and indignation. “You’re being swindled by this girl! She’s no helpless rabbit; she’s a violent and merciless monster. She’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing!”

Everyone cast suspicious gazes at the woman in question who was a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’.

Only to see her smiling sweetly back at them.

“Mm, why don’t you find out for yourselves whether or not I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Let’s play a game of cards.”

“My god, the fairy smiled at me!”

The foolish men dumbly nodded their heads and made a decision that they’d come to regret a thousand times over in the future.

The phrase ‘the charm of a woman is fatal’ was right on point!

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