Chapter 242: Temporary Friends (2)

Chapter 242: Temporary Friends (2)

“Where's my Little Beauty!?” Before Shen Jingbin had the chance to recover from Xuya’s assault, Jiang Weiwei popped out. She pushed Zhao Chengning, who was standing right at the front, aside with a shove, and lunged at Shen Jingbin with sparkles in her eyes, refusing to let go after latching onto her. “Sob sob sob. Little Beauty, you're finally here! I heard you came to B City a while ago, so why didn't you call me? And to think I've spent days and nights yearning for you.”

Shen Jingbin was quite stunned by the enthusiastic greetings that completely exceeded her expectations. Zhao Chengning helplessly rubbed his brows and said, “Jiang Weiwei, let her go. You're not planning on letting them stand outside the whole time, are you?”

Sudden realization dawned on Jiang Weiwei, and she leapt out of the way, glaring at Zhao Chengning before tugging Shen Jingbin’s hand and pulling her into the room.

“Come on Little Jingjing, let me introduce you to this bunch of beasts.”

Zhao Chengning felt his temples throb when he saw Shen Jingbin being dragged away. He was definitely going to distance her from Jiang Weiwei next time!

When the door first opened, everyone’s gaze had instantly been directed at her. However, Zhao Chengning was in the way so they couldn’t get a good look at her. They only managed to make out the exact appearance of the girl that was reputed to have set God Zhao’s heart aflutter when Jiang Weiwei pushed aside the ‘obstruction’.

How should they describe her?

Even though they’d received the highest form of education and resources, they still found their brains drawing a blank. They couldn’t think of a single adjective to describe this girl’s appearance.

A strange silence permeated the room.

“Hoh, Young Masters, are you lot dumbfounded? Can’t you guys buck up a little?” Jiang Weiwei remarked disdainfully when she saw the dazed looks on her friends’ faces after she pulled Shen Jingbin over to where everyone was.

The first of them to come back to their senses couldn’t help but curse, “F*ck! Did I just see a f*cking fairy?!”

As the rest of them gradually broke free from their stupor, they shot looks of both envy and admiration at a certain someone who was slowly walking over.

You beast! She's a beautiful babe; no wonder you've been hiding her all this while!

F*ck, they wanted one as well!

“Hello, I'm Shen Jingbin,” Shen Jingbin greeted everyone confidently, not appearing the least bit embarrassed.

However, the moment she said that everyone immediately looked as if they’d been struck by lightning.

If they hadn’t misheard, this beautiful woman called herself...


What? Pretty lady, how could you call yourself a nutjob?! If someone like you is a nutjob, then what did that make them?! Are all nutjobs these days so pretty?!

“You guys can call her Little Jing,” Zhao Chengning said as he stepped forward. “This is Little Jing’s older brother, Shen Jingchen.”

Shen Jingchen nodded at everyone.

Everyone was once again shocked.

As they’d all received the best education there was, they carried themselves much better than your average person. To top it off, their knack for fashion and makeup really helped to pretty themselves up. Even if they were a solid five in appearance, they could turn themselves into a perfect ten. It was bad enough that they had someone like Zhao Chengning, who was a ten right from the get-go as a friend, but now, they were faced with yet another looker. Goodness, how were they going to get girls in the future!

“Twins?” Someone asked.

Shen Jingchen shook his head. “No, but we come from the same parents; I’m a year older than her.”

The person gave a dim-witted reply, “So you’re not twins! No wonder the two of you look so different.”

Shen Jingchen: Hey bro, I’m not happy with the way you put it! I’m very handsome too, alright?!

Shen Jingchen glared at Shen Jingbin, who was standing beside him, in both grief and indignation.

In reply, the latter just helplessly spread her hands: So it’s my fault for being beautiful?

Zhao Chengning led Shen Jingbin to a seat. He then swept a glance around the room and asked when he didn’t see his closest bro, “Where’s Xia Qihui? Why haven’t I seen him?”

Xuya and Shen Jingchen sat on another sofa. Upon hearing Zhao Chengning’s question, he replied, “Brother Xia said he had something on, so he’ll be late.”

“Make him down three cups for being late! He’s not a man if he doesn’t take his punishment!” Jiang Weiwei immediately said in a reproachful manner.

The rest of them began kicking up a fuss when they heard what she’d said, and the atmosphere livened up once again.

As long as youngsters were able to click, they’d be able to get along famously. Shen Jingchen evidently mixed very well with this group of people. All he needed was the time it took Shen Jingbin to get a cup of juice, and Shen Jingchen was already rolling up his sleeves to join in on the fun when she looked up again.

What a terrifying social butterfly.

Shen Jingbin shook her head as she sighed to herself.

“Littler Jing… Mm, you don’t mind if I call you that, right? Hello, I’m Ah Mei,” Shortly after they sat down, Zhao Chengning left the room to receive a call. A fashionably dressed young girl holding a bright-coloured cocktail drew close and said, “I saw you drinking juice this whole time. This is a specially blended cocktail that we came up with ourselves. Why don’t you take a sip? It’s no fun if you’re always drinking juice.”

Shen Jingbin was more than willing to sample food that looked good, so she took the cocktail from Ah Mei and had a sip.

“May I know what your relationship is with Second Young Master?”

“Mm?” Shen Jingbin paused and looked at Ah Mei. “We’re friends.”

Ah Mei revealed a look of disbelief and said, “C’mon, Second Young Master has never brought a girl with him to a gathering with his childhood friends before.”

Every corner of Shen Jingbin’s heart was filled with warmth, and she felt delighted. However, in the end, the two of them had yet to take their relationship to the next level, so she could only reiterate their current status, “Really, we’re just friends.”

Friends for the time being that is.

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