Chapter 241: Temporary Friends (1)

Chapter 241: Temporary Friends (1)

The siblings were so busy with their internship that their feet didn’t even touch the ground as they sped about. Naturally, they didn’t have the time to play either. Since she rarely used platforms like Wechat and QQ, and hadn’t joined in on any of the guild’s groups, she got Shen Jingchen to leave a message on her behalf instead.

“Need me to have a word with Leader as well?” Shen Jingchen asked annoyingly.

Shen Jingbin rolled her eyes at him.

However, his question did remind her of something else - the issue of her relationship with Quiet And Steadfast.

Although they were married in-game, they weren’t romantically involved in real life. Also, since she’d decided to go after Zhao Chengning, she should get rid of whatever lingering feelings she had for Quiet And Steadfast so that she could stand tall in front of Zhao Chengning.

Honestly speaking, she had a pretty good impression of Quiet And Steadfast. Her interactions with him in-game had also proven that he had quite a good character as well.

Someone who didn’t judge a book by its cover in this age where looks meant everything was indeed a rare find!

If it hadn’t been for Zhao Chengning, she might have considered Shen Jingchen’s suggestion of the two of them getting together. But now...

Some might say that she was being too sensitive and that Quiet And Steadfast was probably being a little kinder to her because he saw her as a friend. However, Shen Jingbin was no fool; just because her EQ wasn’t the highest, it didn’t mean she was dense. The looks Quiet And Steadfast sent her way revealed so much, it was impossible for her to ignore them. Wasn’t there a saying that went: prevention is better than a cure? With Zhao Chengning’s status, there were way too many girls who threw themselves at him. Shen Jingbin wanted to have the ability to crush all her love rivals in any aspect, leaving no room for them to criticise her.

Besides, she’d seen many instances in MMOs where melodramatic gossip comparable to that of palace intrigue had taken place during her school going days. Now that she was playing a VRMMO, which was even more immersive than your run of the mill MMO, it wouldn’t hurt to be a little more cautious.

Not only that, for some reason, she was constantly beset by the feeling that she was chasing after two men. But the thing is, she hadn’t done anything… right?

Shen Jingbin took advantage of the time she had offline and used it to cool herself off when it came to Quiet And Steadfast.

Time flew by as they dealt with the rigors of work life, and in the blink of an eye, it was already the weekend. The remuneration the siblings received from the company for their work was a break over the weekend. After taking Saturday off to rest up, the siblings woke up in high spirits early on Sunday morning. Zhao Chengning met them at their apartment and brought them over to the most popular Hong Kong-style cafe in B City to have breakfast, which consisted of dessert treats which were only sold in the morning.

If word got out, all the girls in B City would probably die of envy.

The three of them set out after breakfast. Within the day, Zhao Chengning, who could be called B City’s most famous guide, brought them around B City to purchase all sorts of necessities. In the process, Shen Jingbin realised that he was the walking definition of a contemporary ‘good man’. He came from a good background, looked great, and knew how to housekeep. Even Shen Jingchen, who was A City’s self-proclaimed wealthiest and best-looking bachelor couldn’t compare and was utterly blown away by Zhao Chengning.

It’s no wonder that so many girls were bending over backwards to get their hands on him. In fact, she was also finding it hard to restrain herself.

They continued shopping till around six in the evening when Zhao Chengning decided to “knock off” for the day and brought the two of them to their destination for the night - a high-end clubhouse.

“Mr Zhao, Mr Fu has already arrived and is waiting for you on the second floor,” The moment they alighted from their car, a smartly dressed young man came forward to open the door for Zhao Chengning. He bowed slightly and his lowered his gaze, adopting an extremely respectful attitude. He continued to remain in that position without batting an eyelid even after Shen Jingbin and Shen Jingchen got off, keeping his position without even a change in his gaze; a true professional.

Zhao Chengning grunted in acknowledgement before handing him the car keys. “We’ll head up on our own.”

The young man took the car keys, sat in the driver’s seat, and drove off to park the car.

“Let's go,” Zhao Chengning said. He then began leading the way.

This clubhouse belonged to one of his childhood friends. Other than bars, this was the place that he and his bros frequented the most. As such, they had an exclusive room that was specially prepared for them. Without needing any of the staff to guide him, Zhao Chengning confidently led them up to the second floor, towards one of the rooms. When they arrived, they could hear the faint sounds of voices on the other end of the door.

Zhao Chengning thought to himself: ‘these guys sure are pretty punctual today.’

Zhao Chengning paused and said a few words to reassure the siblings when he suddenly thought of some of those fellows that could even give him a headache. “The ones inside are my friends and childhood friends. Some of them might be a little straightforward, but they don’t mean any harm. You guys can ignore them if they start making a ruckus later; I’ll take care of everything.”

Shen Jingchen cheekily replied, “Don't worry, there’s nothing to be afraid of after having lived with her for so long.”

Zhao Chengning looked at the Shen Jingbin who winked at him. “Let's go then.”

Zhao Chengning took a deep breath before raised his hand to knock on the door and slowly twisted open the doorknob.

“Brother Ah Ning! You're here! Where's Little Jing?!” The moment Zhao Chengning opened the door, a figure leapt out at them before he could make out what was going on inside the room. When the person saw her standing behind Zhao Chengning, they pounced right at her and pulled her into a bear hug. “Little Jing, I've missed you so much! Did you know that Brother Ah Ning promised to bring me along when he went to A City to see you, but ended up running off on his own? How insincere.”

“Xuya!” Zhao Chengning’s expression darkened in an instant.

You brat, I haven't even gotten a chance to hug her yet, and you’re stealing a march on me??

A chill ran down Xuya’s spine, and he immediately let go of her. He then turned to Shen Jingchen and said, “Hoh, Brother Chen, you're here too?! Muack! I've missed you lots too!”

Shen Jingchen: “Let go, you skirt chaser!”

Xuya: “Brother Chen, gajima[1. It’s a Korean saying that means ‘don’t go’. Think of all those K dramas (if you watch them) when a couple quarrels and one of them runs off, the other one then goes ‘gajima’!]~”

Shen Jingchen: …

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