Chapter 240: The Greatest Threat (2)

Chapter 240: The Greatest Threat (2)

Zhang Beiyu felt that it was incredibly unfair as she watched two men of outstanding qualities defend Shen Jingbin. Wasn’t she just born into a fortunate family and only a little prettier than everyone else?! What right does she have to have such a good life?!

Once they’d left the restaurant, the trio heard faint signs of activity behind them. They turned back and found that the restaurant’s security guards had run out.

“The restaurant’s owner is rather attentive,” Shen Jingchen noted.

“Yeah. I wouldn’t come here to eat if that wasn’t the case,” Zhao Chengning replied.

“Tsk, what a terrifying capitalist.”

In the end, Zhao Chengning sent the two siblings back home in his car.

The rain was slightly heavier when they left the restaurant. In the car, Shen Jingbin was staring at the rain that continuously pattered against the window when she suddenly realised that Zhao Chengning’s blurred reflection in the window did nothing to destroy his handsome profile.

For some reason, her chest ached when she saw his indistinct visage.

Zhao Chengning found the time to glance at her while he was driving and noticed her somber mood. “Are you upset?” He asked.

In response, she lighted snorted which made Zhao Chengning laugh. He then asked, “Is it because of those two?”

“Why do I feel like my relations with others has been getting worse ever since I arrived in B City?”

Zhao Chengning thought for a moment before he replied, “Your relationship with women is the only thing that’s getting worse. Don’t worry about it.”

“But a lot of girls liked me when I was in school.”

“That’s probably because I didn’t attend your school.”


“I wasn’t in your school, so there wasn’t any conflict of interest between you and the girls at school. Whereas, in B City, the girls here feel that you’re a threat to them.”

Shen Jingbin wore a puzzled look. “How am I a threat to them?”

“Me,” Zhao Chengning elaborated with a straight face.

Shen Jingbin’s face went blank for a moment before she smiled and said, “Oh, so I’m a threat.”

“You’re absolutely a threat to them. You’re officially approved as the biggest threat.”

All of a sudden, the pain in her chest seemed to have disappeared without a trace. It was as if his words had smashed the boulder that was weighing on her chest to pieces.

“Oh right, have you gotten used to working during these past two days?” Zhao Chengning enquired.

“Mm, it’s alright; I’m just a little busy. But, why does it seem like you’re exceedingly free every day?”

“Do I look exceedingly free?”

Shen Jingbin gave him a once over. “Take a good look at yourself; do you really dare to say that you don’t look free?”

Zhao Chengning laughed. How could he tell her he was cutting down on his lunch break and meal times just to be with her. Because of her, he didn’t even have the time to enjoy his only recreational activity.

“There’s not much going on in the office lately, so I’m rather free. But I won’t have much time after this.”

“It’ll be good if we can find a nanny before that. Otherwise, we’ll really have trouble getting our meals in the future.”

When Zhao Chengning thought back to how Shen Jingbin and her brother had just arrived in B City and hadn’t had the chance to get many things, he said, “How about this: are you free over the weekend? If you are, I’ll bring you out to buy some stuff. As for getting a nanny, I can help you look for one if you trust me.”

“Sure,” Shen Jingbin replied eagerly. “I suddenly realised my life is much more comfortable here than in A City with you around.”

“You could always just stay in B City.”

Shen Jingbin stared at him for a few seconds before responding, “You’re the only person I know in B City.”

Did you forget about Xu Ya and Jiang Weiwei?” In his heart, Zhao Chengning was delighted, but on the surface, his expression didn’t change. With his eyes fixed on the road in front of him, he said, “My friends are your friends; I’ll introduce you to them this weekend.”

Shen Jingbin gave a soft grunt in response. In her heart, she wondered whether she was being too aloof, but she set aside her thoughts since Zhao Chengning didn’t appear to be any different from usual.

Being aloof or whatever wasn’t important!

Zhao Chengning intimately knew the way back to the siblings’ apartment and dropped them off at the ground floor. Thinking back to how the two of them had had a long day of work and needed the rest, he decided not to head up and hang around. Instead, he wished them good night and drove home.

It wasn’t that late when Zhao Chengning reached home. His nocturnal friends probably weren’t sleeping at this time, so he took out his phone and sent them an extremely frightening message.

“Clear your schedules over the weekend; I want to introduce someone to you guys. I don’t want to see any random girlfriends or female companions you picked off the streets. Also, make sure you reign in all those messed up thoughts of yours. I’ll announce the exact time later on. Any latecomers need not bother attending my wedding in the future.”

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