Chapter 24: Coming Home (2)

Chapter 24: Coming Home (2)

Old Master Shen attached great importance to being on time, and what he hated the most was people who were tardy. As such, he spent a great deal of effort to inculcate the importance of punctuality when he raised the two siblings.

Eight minutes later, Shen Jingbin looked on with satisfaction as Shen Jingchen rushed out the door, jumping into the car.

She waited till he was settled before she instructed the chauffeur to set off, “Sorry for the trouble Uncle Wu, we can leave now.”

Shen Jingchen looked as if he’d just completed an eight hundred meter dash and was beyond tired. In contrast, Shen Jingbin who was sitting next to him was the very picture of calm. Seeing this made him suddenly feel as if his resentment was balled up in his chest, causing him great discomfort.

Shen Jingbin’s senses were exceptionally sharp and she noticed the change in Shen Jingchen’s mood almost immediately.  He glared at her as he tried to catch his breath, but Shen Jingbin just smiled and handed him a box of milk. She then continued speaking to the chauffeur, “Stop for a moment when we go past Huang Ji’s Custard Buns, thank you.”

Shen Jingchen’s expression softened a little after hearing what she said. He tore open the packaging and held a straw in his mouth before issuing a snort that betrayed how he currently felt, “Hmph, at least you know how to read my mood and placate me.”

“When did you sleep last night?”

“Around two thirty. I was kicked out of the game. There’s still so much that I’ve yet to tell them… Eh, this milk is pretty good. Where’d you buy it from?”

“Aunt Zhang bought it. You can ask her when she comes back.” Shen Jingbin also opened a box of milk, drinking a few sips, “Were you bragging again?”

“What do you mean ‘bragging’? I was only speaking the truth.” He indignantly retorted, “Do you dare say that I didn’t play a huge part in the defeat of Du the Unvanquished?”

“Yes yes yes, a big big big part. The person who put in the most effort was you.”

Tch, how patronizing.” Shen Jingchen’s lips curled, “Oh right, after you logged off yesterday, those blockheads called the four Monsters actually asked me if you really looked like that in real life. You should have seen their faces, I almost died from laughing.”

Shen Jingbin frowned as she looked at him and asked, “What did you say?”

Shen Jingchen gave her a look that seemed to say, “don’t worry about it”, and replied, “Nothing. How could I tell them that you’re the one I’m preparing to give to our Leader as a present? Apart from our guild leader, the rest of them don’t need to know anything… Right, tell me honestly, what do you think of our guild leader?”

Shen Jingbin wore a look of confusion on her face, “What do you mean what do I think of him?”

“Little thing, stop pretending. I’m asking you what you think of our guild leader. Do you think there’s a chance of anything happening between the two of you? I’ll say this, I really do think our Leader treats you differently. Although it’s allegedly because of how much luck you have, I still feel that it’s a done deal as long as you aren’t against it. Look at how ugly you are in-game, even I can’t stand it! But, our guild leader doesn’t seem to mind at all and even willingly bears the burden of looking at you.”

Shen Jingbin nearly spat her milk at his face, “Are you sick in the head? What kind of development are you talking about? We’ve only just met and you’re already itching to get us hitched? Shen Jingchen, why didn’t I ever realize that you enjoyed playing matchmaker as a hobby?”

“Isn’t this just me being concerned about you? You’re already twenty something years old, but you haven’t even gotten yourself a boyfriend. Don’t you know that people who haven’t experienced love haven’t lived a full life?”

“First of all, I’m still young. Secondly, I’m not as thirsty as you who thinks of every girl he sees. Thirdly, worry about your own love life first before you worry about mine.”

“Your big bro’s just trying to be concerned about you, but you can’t even appreciate my kindness. What an ungrateful brat.”

“Buy your own breakfast later.”


Half an hour later, the two siblings stood in front of the Shen family’s gate.

The Shen family was among one of the rich and powerful families within A city. As such, their residence would naturally have an extraordinary air about it.

The complicated European-style iron gates were flanked by two solemn and imposing stone lion statues that looked incredibly life-like. One look, and a person would be able to tell that they were carved by a master sculptor. A gorgeous garden could be seen through the gaps in the iron gates. In it, many fresh flowers that weren’t in season were in full bloom. No matter where one looked, this residence screamed “I’m a rich person.”

The two siblings only felt disgust when faced with this show of opulence: this was actually their biggest reason for moving out!

“You take the lead.” Shen Jingchen gave Shen Jingbin a push, hinting that she should take point.

He wasn’t a wimp, but this place held way too many bitter memories for him. It could be said that all the traumatic experiences during his childhood had occurred in this place!!

Shen Jingbin knew that he was afraid of coming home, so she didn’t say anything in return. She just threw her things to him and speedily punched in the code to unlock the doors before going in, Shen Jingchen slowly trailing behind her.

They arrived at a large building after winding through the flower garden. As she looked at the door, Shen Jingbin took a deep breath before slowly reaching out her hand to open it.

A grey figure flew out from within the moment the door opened, launching a barrage of attacks at her. However, Shen Jingbin had long since anticipated this and avoided the attack with a sidestep. Unfortunately, the grey figure wasn’t willing to relent and continued raining blows on her.

Shen Jingchen stood far away and looked on as the two people, one old and one young, exchanged blows. He stretched out a sigh; he knew this was going to happen! Thankfully, he was smart enough to avoid taking the lead. Otherwise, he probably would’ve been turned into mincemeat. With Granddad’s skills, the only person in the entire household who could stand up to him would be Shen Jingbin.

“Shen Jiaming, there’s still guests. Don’t take too long.” Just as Shen Jingbin was starting to falter and be pushed into a disadvantageous position, a woman’s voice trailed out from inside the house. It was their Granny.

Their Grandfather immediately relented upon hearing her voice. He smiled as he looked at his downtrodden granddaughter, “Not bad, not bad. You’ve improved from last time. Looks like you haven’t neglected your foundation.”

These two violent madmen! Shen Jingchen silently cursed as he positioned himself in front of them and sincerely greeted his grandfather, “Granddad.”

“Mm, you’ve returned as well, brat.”

What did he mean “you’ve returned as well”!

Granddad, weren’t you the one who forced me to return home! Granddad, can you not be such a tsundere[1. Before anyone asks, yes, it’s literally tsundere in the raws.]?!

Shen Jingchen’s thoughts were in turmoil.

“Don’t stand at the door, come in. Granddad wants to introduce the two of you to someone.”

After saying that, with a shove of his hand, their grandfather pushed Shen Jingchen and the bundle of items he carried into the house. Shen Jingbin, who was standing by the side, couldn’t help but shrink back a little when she saw what happened. Opening up her stride, she hastily followed behind her Grandfather and walked in.

They arrived at the living room after passing through the entrance hall. At present, three people were cheerfully joking with one another as they sat on a sofa.

Apart from their Grandmother who remained as graceful as ever, two other people were present; a youth and an elderly person.

Taking cue from her Grandfather, Shen Jingbin obediently sat down before sizing up the people who sat on the opposite side. The older person had an amicable face and an outstanding personality. He looked like he was around her Grandfather’s age and was probably one of his close friends.

As for the younger person…

Shen Jingbin shifted her gaze sideways, and almost immediately met a pair of pitch black eyes.

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