Chapter 239: The Greatest Threat (1)

Chapter 239: The Greatest Threat (1)

“Mi-Miss Shen…” Zhang Beiyu stammered out. In spite of that, she reacted quickly and came to her senses after a brief moment of shock. There were tears in her eyes as she shot a distressed look at Shen Jingbin, easily making herself look as pitiful as she wanted to be.

Those who didn’t know any better would most likely think that Shen Jingbin was using her status to bully Zhang Beiyu. And, it just so happened that the man standing next to Zhang Beiyu was of the same opinion.

“You’re Miss Shen, right? I don’t know what misunderstanding exists between you and Xiao Yu, but no one can choose which family they’re born into. Just because you were lucky enough to be born into a good family, it doesn’t mean you have the right to look down on others. Everyone has the right to be respected! I feel that you should apologise for your behaviour earlier, as you’ve harmed the self-esteem of a woman who had good intentions.”

The man then proceeded to go on and on about feel-good stuff, similar to the types of things you’d see in Chicken Soup for the Soul. When he finished, the man seemed to think that he’d performed an act of great goodness, having saved the wounded self-esteem of a princess and condemned an arrogant and conceited woman from a wealthy family. A look of immense self-satisfaction appeared on his face as he gazed at Shen Jingbin with swollen eyes. It was as though he was seeing this beautiful woman who’d gone overboard apologise to them the next moment with a guilt-ridden face.

But, he didn’t notice how vulgar his gaze was perceived as he viewed Shen Jingbin.

Shen Jingbin took in everything she saw and felt an overwhelming sense of disgust.

She hated men who thought they were the only ones who could truly see the world for what it was. But in reality, people like these were duller than anyone else. Without knowing it, they’d foolishly end up becoming a tool for others at the drop of a hat. Even then, they’d still think that they were the savior of humanity. The individual standing in front of her who was wearing an extremely dignified look on his face was the best example of such people.

The etiquette that was instilled in Shen Jingbin by her upbringing was never meant for hypocrites and bitches. So, she rudely mocked them by saying, “Sir, I recommend you to see a psychologist since you’re still suffering from chuunibyou at your age.

even at this age. Please be a little more aware of the situation and get your facts in order before trying to stick up for other people. This young lady beside you was the one who came looking for trouble, yet you want me to apologise? Did a dog eat up your brain and common sense?”

Shen Jingbin slightly narrowed her beautiful eyes and turned her attention to Zhang Beiyu. “Miss Zhang Beiyu, please consider your tone and choice of words the next time you speak. You should do your utmost to avoid revealing your serious IQ deficiency.”

If Shen Jingchen were here, he’d definitely remind this couple beforehand that while Shen Jingbin might appear to be very reserved, no one in the Shen family was more capable than her when it came to ridiculing others.

In terms of fighting strength, her mouth and punches were both equally as strong.

“M-miss Shen, you’re going overboard,” Zhang Beiyu looked at Shen Jingbin with reddened eyes. Likely due to her embarrassment her exposed skin also took on a slightly reddish hue, adding a hint of beauty to her appearance.

Her companion was also overcome with embarrassment as a result of Shen Jingbin’s mocking. He felt the petite hand holding onto his wrist tremble and looked at Zhang Beiyu. As he did so, a glint flashed across her small, wretched eyes.

“Miss Shen, it seems like your upbringing is a little lacking. Forgive me for being blunt, but don’t you know that you’re bringing shame to your parents by doing this?” The man discreetly patted Zhang Beiyu’s small hand in a comforting gesture before he looked sternly at Shen Jingbin once again.

Talking to these brainless people was practically an insult to Shen Jingbin, and she couldn’t be bothered to reason with them. Zhao Chengning was probably going to arrive soon, so she turned around and wanted to wait for him outside.

The man felt disgruntled when he saw her getting ready to leave after ignoring him. He reached out with his free hand towards Shen Jingbin’s collar. Zhang Beiyu remained completely silent as she watched her companion react. Rather, she gently released her grip on his hand to make it easier for him to grab ahold of her.

“Miss Shen, how can you just walk away when I haven’t even finished talking to you?! You-”

There was an unfathomable anger in the man’s voice. At the same time, his hand was mere inches away from Shen Jingbin’s neck.

However, in the next moment, a blood-curdling screech resembling that of a pig being slaughtered rang out. It was so abrupt that it gave the waiters standing by the door at the head of the stairs a fright.

The man’s hand was now bent in the opposite direction. The man howled in pain and was trembling from head to toe. Shen Jingbin looked at the man who was forced into a half-kneeling position and fixed an icy cold stare on him.

“You don’t have the right to talk about my upbringing. You’d better watch your mouth; just because I’ve tolerated you once doesn’t mean that I’ll do so a second time,” Shen Jingbin stared ominously at the man with her black eyes that were as dark as ink. Her anger further accentuated her charm, making it difficult for others to look straight at her.

Men looked strong, but in reality, they were weak on the inside. Once she’d forced him into submission, he was filled with terror and quickly begged for forgiveness. “I-I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Miss Shen! I was wrong; I shouldn’t have said something like that! I’m really sorry! Please forgive me!”

Shen Jingbin silently looked at him, and the man grew even more flustered.

“What’s wrong?” Came an anxious voice came from the doorway. When she looked over, Shen Jingbin saw Zhao Chengning and Shen Jingchen walking towards her with calm and collected expressions on their faces’.

Zhao Chengning reached out and took her in his arms when he got close to her. He glared at the man on the ground and asked once again, “What’s wrong?”

Shen Jingbin released the man’s hand, and he landed on his butt after losing his balance.

“It’s nothing. Someone just doesn’t know how to watch their step.”

Shen Jingchen eyed Zhang Beiyu and her companion for a few moments before he turned and asked Zhao Chengning, “Why does this girl look familiar?”

Zhang Beiyu had quietly taken a step back the moment Zhao Chengning had walked through the door. She’d created a relatively safe distance between herself and the man so that there wouldn’t be any suspicion over her relationship with him. Zhao Chengning had devoted all of his attention to shielding Shen Jingbin and hadn’t taken notice of Zhang Beiyu’s existence until he heard Shen Jingchen say something.

Zhao Chengning furrowed his brows, clearly displeased by Zhang Beiyu’s presence. “Miss Zhang,” He said.

Zhang Beiyu’s face froze when she heard Zhao Chengning address her in such an unfamiliar manner. Looking as if she was about to cry, she said, “Second Young Master, I-I was only here to have a meal. I saw Miss Shen and wanted to greet her…”

Shen Jingchen suddenly recalled where he’d seen Zhang Beiyu and a look of understanding flashed in his eyes. He shot her a meaningful look and said, “Oh, it’s you. You’re really like a lingering spirit.”

Zhang Beiyu’s face paled, and whatever else she wanted to say was lost under his gaze.

Feeling disgusted by both Zhang Beiyu and her male companion, Shen Jingbin said, “Let’s go.”

“Mm,” Came Zhao Chengning response. He then began leading her away from the premises without even looking back, while Shen Jingchen shot a glare at the man before leaving to chase after Zhao Chengning.

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