Chapter 237: I’m Always Very Careful (1)

Chapter 237: I’m Always Very Careful (1)

The next day, the Shen siblings clocked in their arrival at work at the usual time. However, the siblings soon noticed the strange way the people in the company were looking at them.

It was a look containing a mixture of both curiosity and fear.

They’d probably found out about the siblings’ identity. Thinking about it, that should be the case. Only gossip like this would travel so quickly.

After toiling away till it was time to get off work, the siblings felt like they were about to collapse from exhaustion.

The matters a General Manager had to deal with was far more diverse than they’d imagined. The life of said job depicted in movies performing activities such as drinking tea in the office and signing off documents were all drivel.

Shen Jingbin suddenly felt a little admiration for her Dad. They were currently only working in a branch office now, but they were so busy, their feet never touched the ground. Going by that logic, the workload Papa Shen faced everyday at the head office was unthinkable. The main thing was how he still managed to squeeze out so much time to be lovey-dovey with his wife everyday. That too was a talent in and of itself.

The siblings’ cooking skills were hopeless, but they didn’t have time to hire a nanny in B City either. As such, their three meals consisted of nothing but eating out.

“What’s for dinner?”

Shen Jingbin heard Shen Jingchen ask weakly once they were buckled up in the car. She turned to the side and glanced at his half-dead appearance, taking a moment to relax before she replied, “Let’s have congee.”

The weather was getting colder, so she felt like eating something that was a little warmer.

“Where are we going?”

Shen Jingbin shrugged. “I don’t know either.”

Shen Jingchen immediately had a lovelorn look on his face. “I’m about to die of hunger. Can you look it up on Baidu? I want to go back and sleep after we finish eating.”

She nodded and pulled out her handphone, getting ready to search for some of the better congee restaurants in the area when her screen lit up. It was Zhao Chengning.

Shen Jingbin looked up to Shen Jingchen on reflex. Said person was wearing a look of excitement on his face as he stared at her phone. A gossipy light shone in his eyes, as if it were trying to say ‘Hurry and pick up, pick up!’

She pressed the key to accept his call and Zhao Chengning’s voice flowed out of the phone.

“Have you gotten off work yet?”

“Yeah, I just got off.”

“Are you worrying about what to have for dinner?”

Shen Jingbin’s eyebrows rose in shock. “How’d you know?”

Zhao Chengning chuckled. “I guessed it. Have you thought of what to have?”

“I want to eat congee.”

“Congee? If we’re talking about congee, there’s a pretty good place along Nanhai Road. Do you want to try it out?”


“Then I’ll send you the address. Plug it into the navigation system and head there. Give me a few minutes once you’ve reached there; it’s kind of far from my office.”

Shen Jingbin was under the impression that he was going out of his way to plan things for her. After thinking about it, she, as a grown woman, had no reason to make others worry about her meals and hastily declined his offer. “Send me the address, we can head there by ourselves. You shouldn’t make the trip if it’s far from your office since it’ll be too troublesome. You go home early and get some rest.”

Zhao Chengning fell silent for a moment before Shen Jingbin heard him call out to her. “Little Jing.”


“I just got off work so I haven’t eaten dinner. It just so happens that I want to eat congee too.”


“And, I want to be with you too.”

“...” Her ears suddenly turned a little red.

“So, it’s no trouble for me at all.”

“... Then come over.”

“Remember to wait for me.”


A message from Zhao Chengning followed shortly after they hung up. Shen Jingchen leaned half his body on the steering wheel as he looked at her and said, “So what were you guys talking about? And why does it look like you’re burning up?”

Shen Jingbin ignored him and opened up the message. She then shoved her phone in his face and said, “This is the place; hurry up and drive there.”

“Tsk, you damn tsundere. Are you feeling embarrassed?”

“Does that make you a sissy since you’re spouting so much rubbish?”

“... Get lost. You’re the sissy. Your whole primary school is full of sissies.”

“We graduated from the same primary school.”


The congee restaurant that Zhao Chengning suggested wasn’t far from their office. Following their navigation system’s route, they reached their destination in about ten minutes, but Zhao Chengning had yet to arrive. After finding out that there were still seats available inside, Shen Jingchen’s impatient streak prompted him to head in first, leaving Shen Jingbin waiting by herself at the entrance for Zhao Chengning.

It was already winter in B City, and the weather got colder with every passing day. Shen Jingbin was required to wear formal clothes at work, so her beautiful bare legs were rather cold.

This was the scene Zhao Chengning saw when he arrived.

Shen Jingbin stood by the entrance of the restaurant, a bright-faced beauty in formal clothes that adhered strictly to the dress code of proper work attire. However, she still gave off a subdued feeling of enticement when she donned them. With a delicate body that had curves in all the right places, she had a pair of beautiful long white legs that peeked out from her skirt and drew the attention of everyone passing by. Likely due to her feeling a little chilly, Shen Jingbin had her arms wrapped around her chest as she occasionally stomped her feet; this small action of hers causing her icy demeanor to take on a more lively quality.

Zhao Chengning noticed that there was an increasing number of people who were turning their attention to her, so he quickly walked towards her.

All he wanted now was to isolate her from all those gazes directed at her.

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