Chapter 232: Internship (2)

Chapter 232: Internship (2)

Ye Linfan stood up and slowly spoke when he spotted the Shen siblings, “Welcome, my name is Ye Linfan.”

“Nice to meet you Mr Ye, my name’s Shen Jingbin.”

“Shen Jingchen.”

Ye Linfan nodded as they introduced themselves and said, “I know, Mr Shen has informed me beforehand.”

He then continued, “You’ve come at just the right time; we’ll be having a board meeting in a little while, so the two of you can accompany me and sit in on it.”

The two siblings exchanged glances with one another before they nodded.


Ye Linfan’s ‘little while’ really was just a little while. In less than five minutes, Special Assistant Liang informed them that the meeting was about to begin.

Ye Linfan indicated for the two of them to follow before he stepped out of his office with the siblings in tow.

When they arrived at the conference room, the long conference desk was already filled, leaving only a single seat open at the head of the table.

Ye Linfan took his place there, with the two siblings naturally falling in at his sides.

The board members present were extremely curious about the outstanding-looking couple beside the General Manager, and they began exchanging hushed whispers with one another.

“Mr Ye, who might these two individuals beside you be?”

“You’re referring to them?” Ye Linfan said as he languidly widened his eyes. “They’re my Assistants.”

Everyone who was seated in this meeting was a majority shareholder, so there would obviously be someone who’d be trying to put on airs in front of them when it came to an outsider like Ye Linfan.

“Mr Ye sure is a busy man. He’s not content with a beauty like Special Assistant Liang, so he even went and found himself another two. I’m truly envious of him.”

The sarcasm in these words was evident for all to see, but Ye Linfan didn’t even bat an eyelid. Instead, he replied, “Mm, I really am busy. Unlike Director Yang, who leads such a leisurely life.”

Director Yang choked. At this moment, someone else spoke up, “I wonder where Mr Ye found these Assistants from? I might want to find another two of them myself when I’ve got the time, hahaha.” After that, he turned his attention to Shen Jingbin and ran his eyes over her body.

Ye Linfan shot a meaningful look at him and said, “Do you really want to know?”

“Mr Ye, you shouldn’t be so secretive. Good things should be shared among everyone; otherwise, it just wouldn’t be right.”

Ye Linfan paid no heed to that person and said to the siblings, “Why don’t you introduce yourselves to the board members.”

Shen Jingbin and Shen Jingchen had their poker faces on as soon as they entered the conference room, not batting an eyelid regardless of whether the board members openly or discreetly disparaged them. Now that Ye Linfan had spoken, the two of them finally displayed traces of emotion on their faces, looking like two perfectly sculpted pieces of art suddenly coming to life.

“My name’s Shen Jingbin.”

“My name’s Shen Jingchen.”

The two of them gave a very simple self-introduction.

Upon hearing their names, several board members who’d worked with Papa Shen in the past instantly switched from looks of amusement to that of horror, while those who weren’t in the know looked at them in confusion.

The conference room fell silent for several seconds before one of them realised they might’ve screwed the pooch and asked, “Mr Ye, may I know what their relationship is… to Mr Shen?”

Ye Linfan shot a glance at the board member who looked utterly disquieted as he leaned forward slightly, and a smile bloomed on his face. “It’s the very same relationship that you’re thinking of.”

The board member’s face turned deathly pale.

Ye Linfan straightened his back and raised his voice, adopting a more serious tone as he spoke, “These two have been sent over by Mr Shen. If anyone has further inquiries, you’re free to direct them to Mr Shen. That is all I’m aware of.”

Once he’d said that, all of the board members’ faces took a turn for the worse, especially those who’d tried to use the two siblings to make things difficult for Ye Linfan.

To get to where they were today, every one of them had to have an extensive amount of experience. That short introduction from before was enough for them to understand the situation they were currently in immediately.

They’d always heard that Mr Shen had children with exceptional appearances, but they hadn’t made the connection beforehand. Looking at them now though, wasn’t it clear that these two were those very same children?

And to think that they’d actually had the gall to use his children as an excuse to mock Ye Linfan!

Mr Shen may look gentle and harmless most of the time, but he could tangle with the best of them when it came to dealing with others.

The rest of the meeting was pervaded by a strange atmosphere. During this time, the siblings could feel meaningful gazes from everyone present directed at them.

When the meeting ended, the board members slipped away with incredible speed, leaving only Ye Linfan and the siblings behind. Ye Linfan stood up, leaned forward against the conference table, and crossed his hands against his chest before he said, “It’s getting late; tidy up here a little, and then the two of you can go home. Report for work at the usual time tomorrow…” He paused for a moment before he continued, “You’ve seen it for yourselves at today’s meeting; this is the company’s current situation. Although it’s garnered a lot of profit, there’s an equal amount of vermin consuming it from within. I hope that the two of you go back and think about today’s meeting; see if you’re able to discern anything from it.”

“Yes, Mr Ye,” The siblings replied in unison.

Ye Linfan waved his hand. “No need for that, call me Brother Ye. I owe Mr Shen a debt of gratitude for acknowledging my worth and employing me. If possible, I hope to pass on my knowledge to the two of you.”

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