Chapter 231: Internship (1)

Chapter 231: Internship (1)

As the days began to get colder, Shen Jingbin also prepared to face her final exams.

To improve her grades a little, Shen Jingbin went back to school during her revision week. However, she didn’t forget to give her friends in-game a heads up, while also apologizing for pushing back some of the quests they were supposed to do together.

Quiet And Steadfast actually said that she’d picked a good time to take a break from the game. Pure Crane had just broken off relations with Neverending Journey and left Sovereign's Descent, so he had to deal with the aftermath.

If Nine Ballads represented the pettiness of women, then Neverending Journey was your example of a stereotypical male who took issue at every little thing. Pure Crane’s move of cutting ties with him in front of so many people, and even taking the initiative to leave the guild before Neverending Journey could kick him, was without a doubt a slap to his face. He definitely wouldn’t let Pure Crane off so easily.

After all, men treated their reputation even more dearly than they did their lives.

He might not do anything publically, but anything that happened in private was another story altogether. So, they’d still be putting a stop to all of their quest activities even if she could play. Shen Jingbin’s guilt lessened greatly after she’d heard what Quiet And Steadfast said.

Shen Jingchen turned up his nose when he saw this. Hmph, you’re just putting on a show. You clearly want someone to console you!

Shen Jingbin’s return moved Huanjuan and company so much that tears welled in their eyes.

F*ck, it’s more or less the return of an angel! With Little Jing, they didn’t have to worry about failing anymore. Shen Jingbin had always been able to grasp the key points of a subject as soon as she saw it.

Why would they, who’ve been going to class, rely on someone like her who hasn’t, you ask?

Well, that’s the difference between geniuses and dunces.

The exams in their school had always been gruelingly tricky. This was especially so when it came to the finals every year, where its difficulty would be dialed up to 11. Countless students would mock the school, saying that this was intentionally done so that they wouldn’t be able to pass their year peacefully.

However, none of this posed an issue to Shen Jingbin.

When the Class President had heard that Shen Jingbin had returned to school, she’d immediately given Shen Jingbin a call, asking her to make a trip to their class and give everyone a run through the key points of their subjects.

This was a scene that had happened without fail whenever there was a final exam.

And with that, both revision and exam week passed by in a frenzy of activity.

When she was finally done with her last exam and had arrived home, Shen Jingbin was surprised to find her Father, Mother, and Shen Jingchen waiting for her in the living room.

Shen Jingchen had taken fewer subjects than her, so he’d managed to finish his exams and get home earlier than her.

“Mom, Dad; why are you guys here?”

Papa Shen innocently said, “Look at what you’re saying. We’re obviously here to see the two of you!”

A cold shiver ran down Shen Jingbin’s spine before she went over to sit where Shen Jingchen was and said, “Dad, you sound a little strange today.”

“Daddy’s hurt.”

“Little Jing, you and Little Chen aren’t young anymore. This goes double for Little Chen since you’re about to graduate. I think it’s about time that the two of you help us share some of the work,” Mama Shen said.

Shen Jingchen stared goggle-eyed at Mama Shen and said, “Empress, don’t! Don’t speak any further; I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

Mama Shen ignored him and continued, a picture of indifference. “You’ve got nothing better to do over the holidays anyway, so why don’t the two of you go over to our office in B City for some experience.”

“What about the New Year?” Shen Jingbin asked.

“The New Year? We’ll just go over to B City when the time comes. Your Grandfather said that he’s thinking of going over to B City to visit an old friend anyway, so the timing is just right.”

“But…” Shen Jingchen still wanted to try and worm his way out, but a glare from Mama Shen was enough to silence him.

With that, the Shen sibling’s previous plan of living out their holiday in the lap of luxury was shattered just like that.

Mama Shen was your typical example of a successful career woman who followed through on whatever she’d said. Early the next morning, they received a call from her telling them to pack their belongings and get ready to leave for B City in the afternoon.

The siblings arrived back in B City with a heavy heart. Their previous trips to B City had all been for enjoyment, but this time around they were here to work.

Life was truly a dark, cold, and lonely path.

As for their accommodation issues, Papa Shen solved it with a wave of his hand by buying them a unit in the apartment beside their office.

After alighting from the plane, the two of them grabbed a taxi and headed straight towards their apartment without letting Zhao Chengning know that they’d arrived. They then took a moment to freshen themselves up before heading over to the office.

The higher ups had long since known of their coming, so the siblings were greeted by someone waiting at the entrance for them.

Mama Shen had arranged for them to act as Assistants to the General Manager, but each of them would be in charge of different areas.

The General Manager of B City’s office was some highly paid talent from out of the country that Papa Shen had scouted. He wasn’t all that old, but he knew how to get things done. In his hands, the branch office’s performance had nearly doubled.

However, he’d seemed to have run into some relationship problems as of late, so he’d asked Papa Shen for some time off. Thinking that this was an excellent chance to train up his children, Papa Shen had tasked him with showing them the ropes for a period. Once they’d gotten the hang of things, Papa Shen would then give the General Manager a nice long holiday, allowing him to set his affairs in order.

Waiting for them was the General Manager’s Special Assistant, a beautiful and highly capable young woman. After exchanging polite greetings with them, she didn’t waste any time spouting unnecessary nonsense and lead them straight towards the General Manager’s office.

“Hey hey hey, did you see Special Assistant Liang bringing those two people in? F*ck, both of them look amazing!”

“I saw them, I saw them! But, just who exactly are they? Why would Special Assistant Liang personally receive them?”

“Wasn’t the General Manager thinking of taking leave, and didn’t the head office say they’d be sending someone over? Could they be the ones?”

“No way! They look way too young. Have they even graduated? The head office wouldn’t send some undergraduates over to fill the position, right?”

As truth would have it, these gossipy women were right on the money. Not only had the head office sent an undergraduate over, they even sent two of them. Special Assistant Liang led the siblings over to the General Manager’s office and knocked on the door. After receiving permission to enter from the person inside, she twisted open the door handle and retreated a step, making way for the two siblings. Brother and sister then stepped into the room.

They were greeted by the sight of a cold-looking young man wearing casual clothes. He wasn’t all that handsome, but his appearance was eye-catching all the same.

He was a man with a very commanding presence.

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