Chapter 230: Severing Ties (2)

Chapter 230: Severing Ties (2)

Neverending Journey clearly hadn’t noticed the look of ridicule in Pure Crane’s eyes and continued prattling on.

“Pure Crane, as long as you swear in front of everyone that you’ll never have dealings with Jade Sea Pavilion again, followed by an apology to me, I’m willing to forgive you one more time… Are those guys over there your friends? If you do as I say, I’d be willing to consider taking them into the guild even if they don’t meet the entry requirements for joining.”

Pure Crane coldly rejected Neverending Journey after he finished talking. “Don’t bother.”

“What did you say?” Neverending Journey couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“I said don’t bother.”

“So, you’re truly planning to fall out with your own guild?” Neverending Journey glared at him and asked.

“Vice-leader, don’t be so impulsive, just apologise,” Someone from the crowd urged.

There were others who took issue with his response. “What kind of attitude is that? Forget attacking our enemies; he’s not even falling to take us up on the offer when we’re giving him a way out. What’s the point of taking someone so shameless back into the guild? Do we leave them in the guild just to decorate our roster? Leader, let’s kick him out! We’ve got so many people in the guild, and I refuse to believe that we won’t be able to function.”

This person immediately incited the ire of several old guards in the guild when he spoke.

“What did you just say? Do you know just how important Pure Crane is to our guild? What does a noob like you who joined the guild not long ago know? What does this have to do with you? Shut up.”

“That’s right, do you think you’re cool just because you’re wearing a World Boss set? Since when were you qualified to talk about our Vice-leader?”

“Wearing a World Boss set makes me look cool; what about it? Pure Crane’s important? Haha, I don’t care how important he is! All I know is that your Vice-leader has betrayed us for another guild! What, he can change sides, but I can’t point it out?!”

Even when the two players behind Neverending Journey began quarreling, Pure Crane still looked like the picture of indifference. In that instant, Neverending Journey felt as if he was losing all face and flew into a shame-fuelled rage. “Shut up! Stop f*cking squabbling like a bunch of children!”

Everyone went silent.

Shen Jingbin, who was watching the event unfold from the side, dragged Quiet And Steadfast and Shen Jingchen over to where Black Kite’s group was and said, “Who knew that even men loved mouthing off.”

“Don’t use the people of Sovereign’s Descent to represent us men; I feel like I’m being devalued!” Shen Jingchen replied.

“How do you think things are going to turn out in the end?” Shen Jingbin asked Quiet And Steadfast.

The moment she said that Quiet And Steadfast felt several gazes land on him. “I think that Pure Crane probably wants to leave Sovereign’s Descent.”

“Why?!” Black Kite asked in astonishment.

“Since things have progressed to this extent, staying in the guild will only make it more vexing for him.”

“Actually, leaving now’s good too. Neverending Journey isn’t suited to be Pure Crane’s friend,” Cheshire Cat added.

Shen Jingbin turned to look at Delicate Flower and Cheshire Cat, and said, “The two of you sound like you really know what’s going on.”

Cheshire Cat and Delicate Flower each expressed a silent smile.

Neverending Journey’s expression darkened to the point where the words ‘overcast’ would be an understatement. In comparison, Pure Crane looked much more relaxed, causing a new wave of discomfort to run through Neverending Journey.

“Alright, Pure Crane, there’s nothing else for me to say since you’ve made up your mind! From this day forth, you’re no longer the Vice-leader of Sovereign’s Descent; you’re not even a regular member! You’ve been expelled from Sovereign’s Descent! You’ll see just who’s your friend and who’s your enemy in the future! Mark my words, you won’t get a shred of mercy from me!”

With that, Neverending Journey opened the guild management window and was just about to expel Pure Crane when he saw two notifications appear on the guild channel.

[Guild] Vice-leader Pure Crane has resigned from his position and become a regular member.

[Guild] Following the ebb and flow of the tide, and a fate preordained by the heavens, player Pure Crane has left the guild.

Everything happened in almost an instant with Pure Crane’s actions flowing as smoothly as water and without a hint of hesitation about them. He then looked Neverending Journey straight in the eye and said, “No need to trouble yourself; I’ll leave on my own.”

Neverending Journey was so furious that he couldn’t even say a single word.

He’d been beside himself with rage when he’d heard from Nine Ballads that Pure Crane was Swordmaster Pavilion’s Lead Disciple. The fact that Pure Crane had hidden something so vital from him had infuriated him to no end. And now, he’d caught wind of Pure Crane hanging around with Quiet And Steadfast once again. Not just that, Pure Crane was together with Quiet And Steadfast at Eight Trigrams Field fending off players from the Shinra Sect, bringing Neverending Journey’s anger to its boiling point.

He’d clearly made his displeasure known when he’d previously spotted Pure Crane together with Quiet And Steadfast at the Ice Extermination Cavern. After that incident, they’d been at odds with one another and hadn’t spoken. He’d been waiting for Pure Crane to take the initiative and apologise. But, who would’ve known that he wasn’t even the least bit concerned about had happened! In fact, he’d continued to cavort with the enemy!

So, Neverending Journey had decided to seek him out. He’d figured that there’d be no way Pure Crane would choose Quiet And Steadfast over him in front of the guild.


“Pure Crane, I hope you don’t regret this.”

“There’s nothing to regret.”

“Good, then our friendship is over! You’re dead to me!”

“As you will.”

“... Let’s go!” Neverending Journey flicked his sleeve in frustration and walked off.

Sovereign’s Descent’s members followed behind Neverending Journey in rows of twos or threes without looking back. However, there were some who turned to look at Pure Crane after taking several steps. Their eyes were with filled with anticipation; as if they thought that Pure Crane would suddenly regret what he’d done and apologise before returning to the guild.

On the contrary, knowing that they couldn’t see him, Pure Crane remained standing in his original spot and sent them off with a smile.

When everyone from Sovereign’s Descent had finally left, Pure Crane turned and walked to where everyone was watching before he said, “I’ve let you seen something embarrassing.”

Shen Jingchen had a strange look on his face as he eyed Pure Crane and said, “Did you leave Sovereign’s Descent so that you could join Jade Sea Pavilion?”

Pure Crane blanked out for a moment before he unconsciously shifted his gaze to Quiet And Steadfast. He gave a laugh and said, “Rest easy, I’m not planning to join Jade Sea Pavilion.”

“Are you planning to form your own guild then?” Quiet And Steadfast asked.

Pure Crane gave him a meaningful look but didn’t say anything.

Shen Jingbin thought for a bit before she said, “You can call me if you need help.”

“Alright then. Don’t worry; I won’t hold back on asking for help.”

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