Chapter 23: Coming Home (1)

Chapter 23: Coming Home (1)

Shen Jingbin had already packed all of her stuff when the Shen family’s chauffeur arrived at their residence. She told the chauffeur to give her ten minutes after handing her things to him.

Shen Jingchen still hadn’t woken up.

After entering university, Shen Jingchen and Shen Jingbin had left their parents’ house and moved into a villa that their father had given them. During their first two years, they lived on campus and only went back to the villa on weekends. Now, they practically lived in the villa 24/7.

Shen Jingchen was in his fourth year, so there were virtually no classes that he needed to take. As for Shen Jingbin, although she was only in her third year, she’d already obtained all her course credits ahead of time, exempting her from school as well. Aside from returning home during breaks and holidays, the two of them spent almost all their time in the villa.

Even though the two siblings were capable of taking care of themselves, their Grandma who loved to pamper them was afraid that they’d face hardships. In the end, she had forced their parents to hire a nanny, and would even secretly hand them money from time to time.

Thus, the two siblings led carefree lives in the villa.

Shen Jingbin climbed the stairs as she pulled out her phone to look at the time.

It was 6:30 in the morning.

As always, their Grandfather’s chauffeur was on time, but she reckoned that Shen Jingchen was feeling rather frantic at this point in time.

Last night, Shen Jingbin was surrounded by people after the announcement concluded. The ten people who’d been teleported over were originally shocked by her terrifying appearance, but they subsequently buried her in a barrage of questions once they recovered. Aside from their expressions that occasionally revealed their inner thoughts, they looked as if they weren’t the least bit bothered by her appearance.

Also, appearances weren’t all that important in the game anyway. Luck was far more important than anything else! If they could, all of them would willing to give up their appearances for the sake of more luck!

Shen Jingbin had never liked the feeling of being surrounded by a crowd. This was especially so when she was the focus of their peculiar gazes. Thus, after very briefly explaining what had happened to the crowd of confused people, she hurriedly logged off in a manner that almost seemed as if she was trying to escape.

Looks like this update was going to be a big deal. With that personality of his that loved to show off, Shen Jingbin knew that Shen Jingchen would definitely begin his haphazard “vivid retelling” of everything that had happened, topped with his own embellishments. It was already twelve AM by the time she had logged off, which meant that he’d gone to bed at later than two. He clearly knew that he wasn’t a morning person, yet he insisted on staying up late all the same. He was almost certainly trying to cause trouble.

“Shen Jingchen, Uncle Wu is already here. You’ve got ten minutes to get ready.” After knocking on his door, she leaned on the door frame and listened for any activity.

Silence pervaded the room. She couldn’t hear a single thing.

She knocked on the door once again and shouted, “Shen! Jing! Chen!”

A crash was heard and the door opened. Once it did, a white silhouette immediately returned to the bed with a pounce, travelling at a speed that made her gasp in amazement. Shen Jingbin then walked into the room, rudely lifting the blankets on the bed.

Although it was early autumn, A City was colder than most other places. When the blanket was lifted, the cold morning air immediately assaulted the person’s exposed skin, causing his hair to stand on end. The person abruptly jumped out of bed and wore a look of resentment at being awoken from his sweet dreams. He lowered his voice and said unkindly, “Shen Jingbin, are you looking to die?”

Shen Jingchen wasn’t a morning person.

Shen Jingbin crossed her arms and swept her gaze over him. Raising her eyebrows, she said, “Give it a try, let’s see who dies.”

“...” Shen Jingchen felt despondent. He glared at the calm and composed woman standing in front of him, as if he was trying to kill her with his gaze alone.

“You have eight more minutes.” She tapped at the watch on her wrist before calmly raising up eight fingers, “I’ll ask Uncle Wu to leave in eight minutes. Find your own way there if you can’t make it on time. Oh and, think of an excuse for grandfather about why you were late while you’re at it.”

Once she finished, she turned around and went downstairs without waiting for him to reply.

Watching her figure leisurely leave the room, Shen Jingchen felt as if he’d received a critical hit, his HP hitting rock bottom.

This fella definitely wasn’t related to him by blood! She was picked up off the streets, she was picked up off the streets, she was picked up off the streets!

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