Chapter 228: Loss Of The Nymph Abode’s Lead Disciple (2)

Chapter 228: Loss Of The Nymph Abode’s Lead Disciple (2)

Seeing Morning Glory Chime’s face turn increasingly pale, Black Kite asked worriedly, “What’s going on?” She and Cheshire Cat had been continuously buffing and healing her, but none of it seemed to have any effect.

Delicate Flower was equally worried about her. Even though she didn’t like Morning Glory Chime all that much, Pure Crane and company still needed her, so nothing could be allowed to happen to her. “Weren’t those people from the Shinra Sect trying to throw something at you from before? I saw Morning Glory Chime become like this after that thing they were throwing landed on her.”

Startled by the snarl on Morning Glory Chime’s face, The Winds Of Ximen said, “Even so, that sounds way too malicious. Pure Crane, she hasn’t adjusted her pain levels, right?”

“No, she’s set her pain levels to the lowest possible setting,” Pure Crane said with a solemn look on his face.

Shen Jingbin pinched her brows. She had yet to adjust her pain levels when she suffered her first death, and that sensation was one she never wanted to experience again for the rest of her life. However, Morning Glory Chime looked like she was suffering even more than she was back then. “Is it possible for her to be in this much pain even after she adjusted her pain levels?”

While indicating for The Winds Of Ximen to cover her with a shield, Quiet And Steadfast said, “This is likely the work of that thing the Shinra Sect disciples threw at us; it seems to forcibly adjust our pain levels.”

“What the f*ck? Such a setting actually exists?” The Winds Of Ximen cried out in surprise.

“There is. Intentionally committing suicide is one such way of having your pain levels forcefully changed,” Pure Crane chimed in.

Quiet And Steadfast thought back to the battle for the title of Underworld City’s City Lord and recalled that he still hadn’t used the Vajra Possession Elixir that Nutjob had given him, so he shouted out, “Dawn!”

Shen Jingchen hurriedly replied, “I’m here, what’s wrong?”

“We still have one Vajra Possession Elixir left, right? Hand it over.”

Shen Jingchen shot a glance at Morning Glory Chime and then Quiet And Steadfast before he pulled out the last remaining Vajra Possession Elixir and handed it Quiet And Steadfast. “Something this good… Sigh, what a waste.”

When the Vajra Possession Elixir appeared, all of the players surrounding them gasped in unison.

Just how rich was Jade Sea Pavilion? To think that they could pull out an elixir as miraculous as this at the drop of a hat, and they’re even giving it to an outsider? Wait a minute, doesn’t that woman on the ground look like one of the members of Sovereign’s Descent who they’re currently hostile towards? What the f*ck! This was repaying maliciousness with kindness!

Quiet And Steadfast handed the Vajra Possession Elixir over to Shen Jingbin when he received it and said, “You feed it to her, it’s not convenient for me.”

Shen Jingbin shot a glance at him and noticed he was trying to curry favor a little with her, so she silently accepted the elixir and fed it to Morning Glory Chime.

“Sorry, the player has refused to consume any restorative items.”

Although Morning Glory Chime’s body was wracked with pain, her mind was fully aware of everything that was happening. She was deeply moved by Quiet And Steadfast’s willingness to part with a godly elixir, and while she felt a little let down at his unwillingness to personally feed it to her, she could live the rest of her life without any regrets if she had the chance to consume a godly elixir!

As Shen Jingbin’s hand slowly drew closer to her mouth, Morning Glory Chime mustered all the strength in her body to open her chattering teeth, but a chime from the system’s notification suddenly rang out by her ear. “Your current status has prevented this action. You are unable to consume any restorative items.”

Your mum! Dev team, I need to have a chat with you guys about life!

“It won’t work, I received a system notification saying that she can’t consume the Vajra Possession Elixir,” Shen Jingbin said as she shook her head and handed the Vajra Possession Elixir back to Quiet And Steadfast. However, Shen Jingchen snatched it part way through and deposited it into his own backpack.

“I’ll take care of it.”

Shen Jingbin rolled her eyes at him. “You good-for-nothing!”


It looked like things were at an impasse as everyone stared helplessly at Morning Glory Chime who was writhing on the ground.

When it looked like she was at her limit, Morning Glory Chime twitched once before her body went still and gradually started turning transparent.

Pure Crane, who was in the same party as Morning Glory Chime, suddenly blanched and shouted, “Look at her Level!”

Shen Jingbin and the rest immediately turned their attention to the party window.

To their surprise, Morning Glory Chime’s Level was steadily dropping at a rate of roughly 1 Level every three seconds.

“What’s, what’s going on?” The Winds Of Ximen asked. The surrounding players stared fixedly at them, unaware of the changes to Morning Glory Chime’s Levels, and practically driven mad by curiosity.

“Those five people clothed in black have been making their way towards us from the very beginning. Could this be the reason why? That thing they used probably reduces a player’s Levels,” Shen Jingbin said.

Panic broke out the moment she finished speaking.

Why the f*ck were they still out here duking it out with the Shinra Sect when they had items that could strip away their Levels? All they needed to do was sprinkle some of it around and they’d be screwed in minutes.

Someone ventured further and asked, “Th-then, does it affect only the Lead Disciples, or does it affect all players?”

“My guess is that it can only be used on Lead Disciples, but I can’t be certain,” Shen Jingbin replied.

As they spoke, the speed of Morning Glory Chime’s decrease in Levels suddenly increased, and her Level took a nosedive from 90 to 20 in an instant!

[System Announcement] The Heavens are as unpredictable as the weather, each day brings with it either fortune or calamity. Player Morning Glory Chime has suffered a grievous loss by having her cultivation base destroyed, and losing her position as the Lead Disciple of the Nymphs.

[System Announcement] The position of Lead Disciple of the Nymphs is now open, and brave heroes from all walks of life are eager to claim it for their own. Who will be the next Lead Disciple of the Nymphs? Let’s wait and see!

Two scarlet read announcements suddenly popped up, causing all the Nymph players to bubble up in excitement.

On the other hand, this announcement was like a bolt from the blue to Shen Jingbin’s group.

They’d finally managed to gather five of the six Lead Disciples, only to have Morning Glory Chime lose her position. Didn’t that mean they’d have to start their search all over again?!

This was definitely trolling!

Morning Glory Chime had now become so transparent you almost couldn’t see her, and as Quiet And Steadfast bowed his head and looked at her, his eyes sparkled.

The atmosphere in Eight Trigrams Field suddenly became heavy.

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