Chapter 227: Loss Of The Nymph Abode’s Lead Disciple (1)

Chapter 227: Loss Of The Nymph Abode’s Lead Disciple (1)

The worst kind of enemy was the type you couldn’t see, while you yourself were out in the open. Even if one had superior forces, there was no guarantee that losses could be avoided.

“They’ve hidden themselves; what do we do now?” Pure Crane asked.

Quiet And Steadfast narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “Attack is the best defence.”

“What if it’s a trap? Wouldn’t we be shooting ourselves in the foot?” The Winds Of Ximen countered.

“All schemes will fall apart in the face of absolute strength.”

How domineering!

Stars almost started sparkling in Shen Jingbin’s eyes when she’d heard what he said.

Feeling a little timid, Morning Glory Chime weakly asked, “My defence is too low, all it probably takes is a single attack to do away with me. I think it’ll be better if I hide somewhere instead.” After she spoke, everyone turned to gaze at her. Being stared at like that made her feel uneasy, so she innocently added, “Did I say something wrong?”

“No,” Pure Crane said as he looked at her with the same look of kindness that he always had. “Just take care of yourself then; we won’t bother about you. You can even log off if you want.”

Morning Glory Chime nodded her head and was just about to reply when a female Nymph nearby happened to overhear them and started cursing Morning Glory Chime.

“F*ck, I didn’t know the Nymph Abode had trash like you as our Lead Disciple! You’re thinking of escaping even when things are going well? This is the first time I’ve seen someone so afraid of death. If I’d known earlier I wouldn’t even have bothered with coming over.”

This girl was probably your stereotypical tomboy. She spoke in a very aggressive manner and she was pretty loud to boot. Almost all of the players nearby heard what she’d said, causing countless looks of disdain to fall on Morning Glory Chime. This dashed away all her thoughts of logging off to avoid the conflict.

“Stop spouting nonsense! Who says I’m thinking of running away?! I was just… just talking about it, that’s all!”

The girl gave a snort of disdain. Morning Glory Chime was clearly affected by this, which caused her pretty face to flush red. “Just wait and see! You can do whatever you want with me if I run away today!” She said indignantly.

“Alright, I’ll be watching you!” The girl replied without a hint of politeness.

Morning Glory Chime suddenly felt like she’d put herself on the spot.

Up to this point, disciples of both the Demonic Sect and the Great Sects incurred no small amount of losses. The Great Sects, in particular, had lost scores of regular players. The ones that remained now were almost all higher leveled players. However, due to the number of players involved in this battle, there were still many people left alive in Eight Trigrams Field. At present, Nine Ballads’ group was roaming about, which made it effortless to avoid the gaze of Shen Jingbin’s group.

Nine Ballads’ group slowly inched forward through the gaps in their surveillance. When they were within throwing distance of the medicine, Nine Ballads stopped. The other four of them, who were keeping an eye on her, stopped as well.

She stretched out her hand which was previously hidden under her cloak and slowly gestured...

Three, two, one!

They pulled out the stopper on their bottle of medicine, rushed forward, and tossed the pitch black liquid within it at their respective targets. The liquid drew an arc as it flew towards Shen Jingbin’s group, and was just about to hit them when...

Unexpectedly, one of the four figures suddenly moved!

They possessed a lithe figure and acted as if they had eyes in the back of their head, perfectly dodging the ongoing liquid, and preventing even a single drop of liquid from staining their body!



Low curses and cries of pain rang out at almost the same time.

“Withdraw!” Having heard their cries, the scattered members of Jade Sea Pavilion were now converging back towards them. Several lone individuals and elite players from other guilds were also headed towards them. When she saw this, Nine Ballads decisively issued the order to retreat.

Heeding her command, Inseparable Love pulled out something that looked like a whistle and blew on it.

The ear-piercing screech of the whistle rang out, and the rest of the Shinra Sect forces immediately pulled back.

They’d already agreed that their primary objective this time around was to destroy the Lead Disciples of the Six Great Sects. Then, if the situation allowed for it, they would proceed to mop up the disciples of the good sects to accumulate some contribution points. However, if things were to go south, they’d immediately retreat with the sound of a whistle acting as the signal.

Using an escape skill that was unique to the Shinra Sect, it’s members beat a swift and orderly retreat. The remaining players from the Six Great Sects exchanged glances at one another before they sheathed their weapons and hurried over to Shen Jingbin’s group.

The players formed a circle around Shen Jingbin’s group as they themselves surrounded a woman who was continuously twitching on the ground.

The woman’s formerly beautiful face was twisted into a vicious snarl. That, coupled with the way she was incessantly twitching, made it seem like she was suffering from a fit of epilepsy no matter how you looked at it.

“What’s going on? Did she forget to adjust her pain levels?”

“That can’t be; how stupid would you have to be to not know how to adjust your pain levels? Furthermore, she’s wearing Level 90 equipment. I don’t think there’s anyone who can get to Level 90 and not know how to adjust their pain levels.”

“That’s very much possible. Women these days are all idiots, to the point where they even turn games into fashion shows; so how would they find the time to figure out things like this?”

Morning Glory Chime had the sudden urge to kill herself when she heard these whispered mutterings around her!

She’d clearly adjusted her pain levels the moment she’d entered the game, so why was she in so much pain now?!

All of the bones in her body were creaking, as if they were about to break at any moment, while her blood pumped furiously within her veins, threatening to explode out of her body at the drop of a hat.

Never in her life had she experienced pain like this, and in response, her body began to uncontrollably twitch and spasm.

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