Chapter 226: Battle Of Eight Trigrams Field (2)

Chapter 226: Battle Of Eight Trigrams Field (2)

Due to the arrival of Jade Sea Pavilion’s members, what was once hushed whispers suddenly turned into a ruckus. Next Week Is Unlikely glanced at the players who were there before he moved over to Quiet And Steadfast’s ear and said, “There are a fair number of players from Life At First Sight and Sovereign’s Descent here as well, but none of their core members are present.”

Quiet And Steadfast nodded. At this moment, the roiling black clouds became even more turbulent, and faint traces of thunder could be heard, drawing everyone’s attention to it. Suddenly, someone shouted, “Look, it looks like someone’s in the clouds!”

Everyone looked over with rapt attention. Sure enough, a person’s silhouette was faintly discernible in the churning clouds. It was just like that scene back in <<Journey to the West>> when ten thousand celestial troops and generals set out to capture Sun Wukong.

The Winds Of Ximen suddenly said, “I sense murderous intent, things don’t look good.”

He wasn’t the only one who felt it; all of the pros present also felt an oppressive sensation emanating from within the clouds.

Quiet And Steadfast narrowed his eyes and suddenly raised his voice. “Everyone, be on your guard!”

Almost unconsciously, everyone responded by assuming a combat stance. When the thickest black cloud drew nearer, everyone was finally able to make out what was happening inside of it.

There really were people standing within the clouds! They were fully outfitted in black and also sported black cloaks, which were used to conceal their appearance.

They were all players from the Shinra Sect!

The Shinra Sect becoming increasingly active was something that everyone could see. However, this was their first time seeing such a grand and imposing entrance, causing many players’ jaws to drop to the ground.

The person standing at the head of the black clothed people suddenly raised their hand and pointed towards Eight Trigrams field. A moment later, the rest of the Shinra Sect members leapt out of their clouds.

“Kill the roaches!” Someone shouted from amongst the gathered players. Excitement began to build as they raised their weapons against the Shinra Sect players near them and began hacking away with reckless abandon.

“Quick quick quick, heal me! I’m about to die, I’m about to die!”

“Finish them off, finish them off! One of them’s about to keel over here, someone come over and take them out; I’m out of MP!”

“F*ck, who poked my butt?! Enough with the friendly fire!”

“Another one bites the dust! Hahaha, this is great, I need to earn lots of points today!”

“F*ck f*ck f*ck! Someone, heal me- ugh.”

“Daoist, hurry up and CC that girl!”

Parties worked together and began launching their assault, while lone individuals drifted about the battlefield. On the other hand, the Shinra Sect players all split up and battled on their own, employing dirty hit and run tactics.

All of their blades were tipped with poison, causing many of the weaker players to transform into beams of white light once they’d been struck.

Nine Ballads and Inseparable Love’s group stood unmoving on their cloud from up high, unconcerned by what was taking place beneath them.

“Do you see the ugly monster?” Nine Ballads asked.

Overlooking the entirety of Eight Trigrams Field from their position, Inseparable Love could only make out a muddled mass of bodies clashing against one another. Aside from being able to make out their own sect members with great difficulty, he wasn’t able to spot anyone else.

However, almost as if she’d installed a GPS on Shen Jingbin, Nine Ballads managed to spot her within the melee with a single glance, while the members of Jade Sea Pavilion were clustered around her. Surrounding areas occasionally saw Shinra Sect disciples sending players to Hell, but the area Shen Jingbin’s group was in saw Shinra Sect disciples being sent back to their own respawn point instead.

Different from the raging battle that was unfolding before them, the Lead Disciples of the five sects didn’t seem to be the least bit perturbed. In fact, they even raised their heads and seemed to be looking at Nine Ballads’ party.

“Over there by the dungeon’s entrance,” Nine Ballads said. “Remember, our main objective is to spread this secret medicine on them and think of a way to kill them; got that?!”

Tiny Little Loli, looking like she couldn’t be bothered with the way Nine Ballads was ordering them around, retorted, “The one who should bear that in mind the most is you!”

Ignoring her, Nine Ballads issued her next order, “Move out!”

Nine Ballads was the first to jump out after issuing her order, disappearing into the mass of people moments later, leaving Tiny Little Loli glaring at her with impotent rage. Inseparable Love patted her consolingly and said, “The quest’s more important; be careful out there!” With that, he jumped off the cloud as well.

Following in Inseparable Love’s footsteps, the remaining two people also gave her a pat before they jumped into the fray.

Tiny Little Loli ground her teeth in frustration. Just you wait Nine Ballads, I’m definitely going to take care of you!

“Take note; the five people on the cloud have jumped off, and they’re likely headed our way,” Shen Jingbin immediately sent out a warning to everyone the moment she spotted them jumping off.

The Winds Of Ximen looked like he was in high spirits. “Let them come! Although I don’t like killing people, I still like cutting down players from the Demonic Sect! Have no fear, let’s meet them head on!’


“Today’s battle came about way too abruptly; there’s definitely some deeper meaning to this. Everyone should stay on their toes,” Pure Crane said.

Quiet And Steadfast voiced his agreement, “ Remember not to get separated.”

“Brother Quiet, Brother Pure Crane, I’m the weakest in the group, so you have to remember to protect me,” Morning Glory Chime said.

“We can protect you, but you yourself have to have to be quick on the uptake too. After all, we aren’t afraid of strong enemies, but we are afraid of blundering teammates,” The Winds Of Ximen said.

“...” Get lost, I’ve got nothing to say to you.

As the members of Jade Sea Pavilion hadn’t specifically come to protect Shen Jingbin this time around, these bunch of criminals just gave her a greeting in passing before they too leaped into battle.

Shen Jingbin took notice of several black clothed players drifting about the battlefield, but never actually taking action. In fact, they were getting increasingly closer towards her.

“Be advised, suspicious people have been sighted. There’s two of them at 3 o’clock, one at 8 o’clock, and another two at 11 o’clock.”

“Eh, what’s your vision?” The Winds Of Ximen looks around in the directions Shen Jingbin had pointed out and did indeed find some suspicious activity.

“Ximen, activate your shield,” Came Quiet And Steadfast’s sudden command.

Heeding Quiet And Steadfast’s command, The Winds Of Ximen activated his Mara skill and shielded the party. Upon realising that they’d been discovered, the five suspicious looking people who were clothed in black and gradually drawing closer to them disappeared back into the mass of bodies in an instant.

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