Chapter 224: The Winds Of Ximen (2)

Chapter 224: The Winds Of Ximen (2)

After that, Quiet And Steadfast, Shen Jingbin, and Pure Crane, took turns to tell The Winds Of Ximen about the quests they’d each received and what they’d already done. They didn’t attempt to hide anything from Black Kite and the rest, treating them as their own.

Pure Crane doing this was something Black Kite and company could understand; after all, Pure Crane had a special relationship with them. However, Shen Jingbin and Quiet And Steadfast doing the same made it infinitely clear how much trust they were placing in the three of them.

Being trusted like this feels great!

After they’d more or less outlined everything that had happened, Morning Glory Chime came trotting over on her mount.

“Apologies for the wait, Brother Quiet and Brother Pure Crane.”

After she dismounted, Morning Glory Chime wore an embarrassed look on her face as she apologised. She then completely neglected Shen Jingbin and swept her gaze past Delicate Flower and company, only revealing a look of bewilderment on her face when her gaze landed on The Winds Of Ximen.

“Brother Pure Crane, why’d you call me over in such a rush for? And this person is...?”

Pure Crane gave a simple round of introductions. When she found out who The Winds Of Ximen was, Morning Glory Chime cried out sweetly, “Brother Ximen!”

Unfortunately, The Winds Of Ximen appeared to be the insensitive type. After visibly trembling, his face resolved into a mask of seriousness and he said, “Girl, don’t call me ‘brother’, it sends a chill down my spine and it’s a little unbearable. Just call me Ximen or Windy.”

The Winds Of Ximen felt a little perplexed. Wasn’t her not having to call him ‘brother’ a good thing? Why do all the girls these days like running up to other people and calling them ‘brother’?

Black Kite walked up and patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t cry Ximen; you weren’t wrong. The world is the one that’s in the wrong.”


Different from the harmonious atmosphere that existed on Shen Jingbin’s side, the air was heavy at the Shinra Sect’s headquarters.

Amongst the members of the Shinra Sect, Tiny Little Loli and company belonged to one of the higher ranks. The waves that Nine Ballads had set off by killing all of them off was enough to startle even the Shinra Sect’s Leader.

Everyone was off talking on their own in the Shinra Sect’s chat channel that was beginning to devolve into anarchy when a dark red announcement swept across the channel. Every channel had its own fixed colour and font that players couldn’t change. Therefore, when this announcement appeared, countless eyes were immediately drawn to it. Upon reading the contents of the announcement, their emotions turned to ones of astonishment.

[Shinra Sect Leader] Jue Di: Nine Ballads, Tiny Little Loli, North By Northwest, and Return Of The Jedi, make a trip to the Divine Altar.

What the f*******ck! The enigmatic Sect Leader is going to make an appearance?! Is he planning to launch an attack on the Six Great Sects now?!

All of the Shinra Sect players felt their blood burn hotter. On the other hand, the players who’d been named, apart from Nine Ballads, were overcome with surprise, which promptly gave way to a mad dash towards the Shinra Sect’s Divine Altar.

Access to the Shinra Sect’s Divine Altar was limited to players of Sect Protector rank and above. Till now, none of the players that had joined the Shinra Sect had been able to reach Sect Protector rank.

The entirety of the altar was shrouded in gloom, with only two torches pulsing at the sides of the room. When all five of them were present, they began walking further in while Tiny Little Loli glared daggers at Nine Ballads.

What looked like a throne could be seen at the highest point of the Divine Altar, and on it sat a figure. The five of them tried their best to make out their appearance, but their efforts were met with failure.

It looked like the system was using the same method to obscure Jue Tian’s appearance as it did for the sect’s disciples.

When they got nearer, the person sitting on the throne spoke softly, “Nine Ballads.” It was a pleasant voice, yet it was also the kind that caused goosebumps when one heard it, creating a feeling of unwellness.

“Have you harmed our sect disciples?”

Nine Ballads even didn’t bat an eyelid as she admitted her guilt. “Yes.”

The person sank into contemplation for a little while before he suddenly smiled and said, “Good! You’ve got the right amount of viciousness! My Shinra Sect needs people like you!”

Tiny Little Loli, who was eagerly awaiting the Sect Leader’s reprisal for harming her own sect members, was completely taken aback by this turn of events. “Sect, Sect Leader, aren’t you going to do anything about this woman who’s harmed her own sect members?”

The person raised their voice and said, “We’re a Demonic Sect; the crueler we are, the better. If one of our own actually has it in them to strike down their own sect members, then isn’t that a wonderful display of cruelty? Why should I punish her for that?”

Nine Ballads shot a mocking smile at Tiny Little Loli. Feeling depressed, Tiny Little Loli said, “Does that mean we’ll be rewarded if we kill our fellow sect members in the future?!”

“Imbecile!” Jue Tian roared. “Of the six Lead Disciples from the Six Great Sects, five of them have already been gathered. Now there’s only one of them left, and you’re telling me you’re still thinking of going after your sect members?!”

Tiny Little Loli: I’m better off not trying to figure out what’s going through the Sect Leader’s head.

“Listen up; I know all of you have it in you to cut down your fellow sect members. Now that five of the six Lead Disciples have been gathered, I want you lot to lead our disciples and take care of them,” After saying that, Jue Tian tossed a medicine bottle at each of them. “This bottle contains a secret medicine belonging to our sect. All you need to do is spread it on them and they’ll lose all of the cultivation that they’ve built up, preventing them from threatening us ever again.”

When they heard that, the gazes of the five of them as they looked at the bottles in their hands grew blazing hot.

“Once you’ve completed this task, I shall bestow a generous reward upon all of you.”

“Yes, Sect Leader!”

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