Chapter 223: The Winds Of Ximen (1)

Chapter 223: The Winds Of Ximen (1)

Delicate Flower and company moved pretty quickly. Before long, those by the dungeon’s entrance saw a beam of light and the appearance of several people.

Accompanying Delicate Flower into the dungeon was the Lead Disciple from Mara Hall, Black Kite, Cheshire Cat, and one other random. Once they exited the dungeon, the random bid them farewell and left. When Black Kite spotted Pure Crane, her eyes lit up, and she ran over to him with a smile on her face.

The Lead Disciple of Mara Hall was about to say his goodbyes as well but was stopped by Cheshire Cat.

“Brother Pure Crane!” Black Kite called out when she reached Pure Crane. “Eh, Jingjing, you’re here too? And this person is…?”

“Quiet And Steadfast,” Shen Jingbin said simply.

Black Kite’s eyes widened in astonishment. “G-G-G-Great God?!”

Quiet And Steadfast nodded in return. “Hello.”

“Oh my goodness, the Great God is standing in front of me! He even said hi to me!” Black Kite was so happy she almost died from happiness!

Pure Crane promptly put a stop to her starstruck infatuation. “Stop kicking up a fuss.”

Black Kite returned to normal and obediently gave a grunt of acknowledgement.

The four of them then made their way over to the Lead Disciple who was talking to Cheshire Cat by the dungeon’s entrance.

When she drew nearer, Shen Jingbin realised that this Mara was actually quite handsome too. He looked like a healthy person with a sunny disposition and was currently calmly discussing some matters relating to equipment with Cheshire Cat. He turned to face them when he felt them get closer.

“Eh, you all are?” The Mara eyed them suspiciously. When his gaze landed on Shen Jingbin, a look of sudden realization dawned on his face. “Ah, you’re the White Cloud Temple’s Lead Disciple, aren’t you?!”

“Mm? Mm.”

“Then the one wearing a veil beside you must be the Leader of Jade Sea Pavilion, the number one player in the game, Quiet And Steadfast, right?”

Quiet And Steadfast nodded his head.

“You’re rather knowledgeable,” Cheshire Cat said.

The Mara looked a little embarrassed as he rubbed his head. “Hehe, I like browsing the forums when I’m bored, so I know a little about people who are at the center of discussions… Do you think this makes me a bit of a gossip?”

Cheshire Cat was at a loss on how to reply when he was gazed at so earnestly by the Mara. Shen Jingbin, who was standing by the side, felt that he was somewhat adorkable. She was deathly afraid of the other Lead Disciples turning out like Morning Glory Chime.

Pure Crane cleared his throat and said, “What should we call you?”

“Ah, my name’s The Winds Of Ximen.”

Black Kite chuckled, “Pfft, that’s a nice name.”

“Really? I think so too. I personally feel that apart from my face and stature, I’m most satisfied with this name.”

“Bro, I like your moxie,” Shen Jingbin said.

“Hahaha, is that so? Thank you. To be honest, I quite like your appearance as well. I don’t think it’s as ugly as the rumours made it out to be. It just looks a little… a little... Mm, delicate.”

“...” Delicate? Ah no, I’m sorry. I suddenly feel like our sense of aesthetics are a little different?

“Ximen, you’re the Lead Disciple of Mara Hall, right?” Pure Crane asked.

The Winds Of Ximen had a dumbfounded look on his face as he stared at Pure Crane. “How did you know? I don’t think I’ve told anyone about it.”

Delicate Flower raised her hand and said, “Windy, you’re the one who let it slip when we were in the dungeon just now. I told Pure Crane about it after that. They’re Lead Disciples of their own sects as well and are looking for the respective Lead Disciples of every sect. So, I didn’t think you would mind me telling them about your identity, right?”

In truth, Delicate Flower had known The Winds Of Ximen for a while now. Although they’d typically only speak to one another when they were clearing their daily quests or dungeons, it was clear that he was a very upright person. Delicate Flower quite liked him too, so she worried a little over whether he might get angry when she revealed his status as a Lead Disciple to Pure Crane.

However, it looked as if she’d been worried for nothing.

The Winds Of Ximen wasn’t even concerned about his identity being revealed. Rather, he was worried about some other nonsensical thing instead.

“I was the one who said it? In the dungeon? Really? Why don’t I remember it? Sigh, what did I say?” After saying that, he wore the expression of a curious baby and looked to Delicate Flower.

Without giving Delicate Flower a chance to reply, Pure Crane said, “That’s not important. We currently have a quest, and we need your help. We hope you’ll accept and join our group.”

Pure Crane spoke with sincerity, and The Winds Of Ximen earnestly listened to his request. He turned to Shen Jingbin and Quiet And Steadfast, before finally settling his gaze on Pure Crane. In a rare show of seriousness, he asked, “May I ask how many people are currently in your group?”

“Me, Nutjob, Quiet And Steadfast, and a Nymph from my guild; Morning Glory Chime. I’ve already told her to hurry over.”

“Do I need to kill anyone if I join you guys? Killing people isn’t really my thing.”

“Apart from any members of the Shinra Sect that we happen to come across, you don’t need to lay a hand on anyone else.”

“Then would you guys be using me to do all the dirty work? Take for instance bringing me into a dungeon and leeching off me. My old guild used to do that, forcing me to quit when I couldn’t take it anymore.”

“Do you think we actually need you for that?”

“Hm, since even the Great God is around, I don’t think you guys would do that…” The Winds Of Ximen placed a hand on his chin and thought for a little while before he raised his head and flashed a brilliant smile. “Alright then, I’ll join you guys.”

Quiet And Steadfast took a step forward and stretched out a hand towards him. “Then allow me to welcome you first.”

The Winds Of Ximen’s eyes lit up as he stared at Quiet And Steadfast’s outstretched hand. He then emotionally shoved his own hand into the palm of Quiet And Steadfast’s and said, “Great God, you don’t have to be so polite; I adore you!”

Shen Jingbin coughed twice. “The… two of you have such a unique way of holding hands.”

The two men shifted their gazes down...

Then, The Winds Of Ximen jumped back a step, opening up the distance between him and Quiet And Steadfast. “Don’t get me wrong, Great God, I don’t have any improper thoughts towards you! I’m straight.”

“... I wasn’t overthinking things. Don’t worry, I’m straight too,” Quiet And Steadfast said.

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