Chapter 221: Divine Beast Chronicles (1)

Chapter 221: Divine Beast Chronicles (1)

Forcing down his sudden anxiety, Inseparable Love shouted once again, “The two of you, listen up! Hurry up and hand us your things; otherwise, don’t blame us for getting rough!”

Shen Jingbin looked at the people clothed in black and pointed at the small broken bottle in Quiet And Steadfast’s hands, before she waved the ruined book in her hand, asking earnestly, “Which one do you want?”

Inseparable Love paused. Huh? Why're they so cooperative? That doesn’t make sense… unless they're afraid of us? Hahaha, if that's how it is, then we won't hold back!

“Give, give us everything!”

“You're too greedy. I'm not handing either of them over to you.”

Inseparable Love watched as the ugly monster lifted her chin at them like a tsundere, and he was struck by a feeling of exasperation.

“Stop spouting nonsense and just steal it!” Tiny Little Loli shouted.

“Let’s not be so rough. Wouldn’t it be better if they willingly handed the items over? That way, we won't need to take any action,” Return Of The Jedi advised.

North By Northwest: “But, the question is whether they’re willing to the items over.”

Tiny Little Loli blew her top. “Didn't you hear their rejection just now? Please, can the lot of you not be so cowardly! Are you guys even men?!”

Seeing this group of people clothed in black falling out, Shen Jingbin felt that IQ, as expected, wasn’t something everyone had. Things would be so much easier for them if all the players from the Demonic Sect were like that.

When they’d jumped in, Quiet And Steadfast had only spared a single glance at Inseparable Love’s group before he’d turned all his attention to twisting open the old broken bottle in his hands.

The bottle cap was made of metal, which made opening it after it had completely rusted through over the course of many years no easy task. Quiet And Steadfast had to keep at it for a good long while before he finally felt the bottle cap loosen slightly.

Meanwhile, the clowns from the Demonic Sect were still quarreling off to the side.

Quiet And Steadfast glanced at them from the corner of his eye and managed to completely open the bottle, sending the remainder of the unknown viscous liquid inside of it onto the ruined pages in Shen Jingbin’s hands.


The moment the unknown liquid dripped onto the ruined pages, both Shen Jingbin and Quiet And Steadfast were encompassed by a faint blue light. The light flashed once, and then they were gone.

“Congratulations, you have opened the Megalith Gate.”

The dazzling blue light nearly blinded Inseparable Love and company. When it gradually faded, they came back to their senses and blinked a couple of times. “Where are they?” Inseparable Love scratched his head and asked.

Tiny Little Loli was utterly exasperated. “See what happened? I told you guys to attack them, yet you insisted on trying to intimidate them instead. Now they’ve escaped!”

Return Of The Jedi still wore the same dumb look on his face and said, “No, the main point is: how did they escape? Don’t tell me they actually have a teleportation array?!”

Before any of them could reply, a woman’s sinister voice sounded from the entrance. “Where are they?”

Inseparable Love and company shook their heads.

Nine Ballads appeared at the entrance with Reckless East Emperor in tow, a thunderous expression on her face.

“Eh, Nine Ballads, why are you here?” Asked North By Northwest.

Nine Ballads ignored him. She surveyed the wooden hut, but couldn’t find a single trace of Quiet And Steadfast and that ugly monster. She’d felt a wave of uneasiness when she saw that second beam of light shoot out of the hut just now. That ugly monster was a sly fox; something was definitely off as there wasn’t any activity after this bunch of idiots had been inside for so long.

So, she hurried over with Reckless East Emperor.

Who would’ve thought that she’d been right on the mark? As expected, they’d disappeared.

“What happened to them?” Nine Ballads asked unhappily.

Tiny Little Loli gave a cold snort and said, “Why should we tell you? What does this have to do with you anyway?”

“Didn’t I tell all of you before? Their heads are mine.”

“Then why didn’t come over earlier instead of bitching about it now? Are you all talk? Heh, so is that all you’re good for?”

Women truly were naturally gifted at mocking others. The moment Tiny Little Loli opened her mouth, Nine Ballads lost control of her murderous intent. However, Tiny Little Loli failed to notice the change in atmosphere and continued mocking Nine Ballads.

Noticing that the atmosphere about them was clearly off, Inseparable Love hurriedly tried every way and means to send a signal to Tiny Little Loli, but she failed to notice any of her friend’s well-intentioned warnings.

“Say, have you been tailing us all this while? Were you planning on seizing the opportunity after our battle with the two of them to finish them off? So, even pros like you use these kinds of tricks too? I wonder who it was that said ‘everyone retreat, their heads are mine’ in the guild channel. You sure are shameless. If I were you, I’d have…”

Tiny Little Loli didn’t get the chance to finish, because one skill from Nine Ballads was all it took to dispose of her.

“I’ve warned you guys about interfering, but since you did anyway, on account of us being from the same sect I was thinking of leaving some leftovers for you guys,” Said Nine Ballads as she tilted her head upwards and stared down at the rest of them who were struck dumb by what had just happened. “However, seeing as the lot of you aren’t even capable of watching over two people…”

Nine Ballads’ pretty eyes widened and the longsword in her hand swept out, resulting in a wave of sword light being reflected from it and sending the rest of them off to respawn.

“Leaving you around wouldn’t serve any purpose,” Nine Ballads indifferently said as the white light that signified a player’s death flashed past her.

Watching from the sidelines, Reckless East Emperor was scared out of his wits.

A woman’s temper really did change as quickly as one flipped a book.

“What do we do now that they're gone?” Reckless East Emperor asked.

Nine Ballads sheathed her sword and said, “We go back.”

“We’re not going to look for them?”

Nine Ballads walked to the spot where Shen Jingbin and Quiet And Steadfast had disappeared from before she used the tip of her foot to brush against the ground. “They’ve been transported to a secret realm.”

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