Chapter 220: The Hut In The Forest (2)

Chapter 220: The Hut In The Forest (2)

Shen Jingbin and Quiet And Steadfast noticed that the two groups following them had turned into one, with the group following them from the very beginning disappearing. Although this group had more members than the one from before, the threat they posed was far from that of the first group. Hence, the duo quickened their footsteps and rushed forth.

A few steps later, a small wooden hut appeared before them. This hut was worn down by years of disrepair, giving it a very aged look about it and causing the two of them to stop in their tracks.

“Are we going inside, or are we going to deal with the ones following us first?” Shen Jingbin asked Quiet And Steadfast through her gaze alone.

“The ones behind us pose no threat. We won’t bother with them as long as they don’t come out.”

Choosing to ignore the group behind them, they walked straight up to the wooden hut and entered.

Since they were in the forest’s depths, the surrounding area was naturally very high in humidity. Upon entering the hut, they were greeted by the scent of mould. With one of them starting on the left, and the other on the right, the two of them began to separately rummage through the hut to see whether there were any clues.

The hut wasn’t very large, but things were strewn all over the place. It could have been due to the owner running into some kind of trouble, or wild beasts from the forest entering and making a mess as time went by.

Shen Jingbin stood in front of wreckage that, from the outline within it that she could make out, seemed to contain a bookshelf. The wooden boards that served as shelves were more or less destroyed and were left in a mess, while the few books that were still pressed together with the bookshelf’s remains had lost their original appearance.

She stooped down and stripped away the wooden boards that had been ruined by moisture, and picked up a book lying at the very top of the pile.

“Ding” The system’s notification rung out in her ears.

“Congratulations, you've found a tattered notebook.”

Black lines covered Shen Jingbin’s forehead. I’d know that this was a tattered book even without you telling me!

With the conviction that ‘something was always better than nothing’, Shen Jingbin picked up all the books she could find from the pile of wooden boards. When she looked up, she saw Quiet And Steadfast standing behind her.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Shen Jingbin.

Quiet And Steadfast looked as if he was trying to stifle his laughter. “It’s just that, I suddenly thought that you looked like an old woman collecting scraps.”

You’re the one collecting scraps, alright!? Your neighbourhood is filled with old people collecting scraps!

Shen Jingbin glared at him before she walked up and handed the books over to him.

“I found these books.”

Quiet And Steadfast took the books from her and glanced at them. “A notebook?”

“Yeah, but it’s tattered.”

Quiet And Steadfast thought for a moment before he replied, “There definitely has to be something recorded in its pages for it to be identified as a notebook. If we continue searching, we might find something that can restore its pages.” After he spoke, he returned the book to her.

The two of them searched the hut once more. This time, they were even more attentive in their search and left no stone unturned.

The others who were cautiously following behind them slowly approached the hut’s window and stuck half their heads out to spy on them.

Return Of The Jedi lowered his voice and asked, “What are they looking for?”

Inseparable Love: “I don’t know, but it’s definitely something good. One’s the Lead Disciple of the White Cloud Temple, and the other is the number one Great God. Whatever can make them expend that much effort to look for definitely can’t be anything bad.”

Tiny Little Loli: “Do you think it’s something they can use against us?”

North By Northwest: “Yes! It’s very possible! Isn’t going against us the most important objective for the Six Great Sects right now?”

Inseparable Love felt that what his comrades had said made a lot of sense. “Yeah, I think it’s very possible. How about this: let’s hide first and wait until they’ve found whatever it is they’re looking for, then we’ll rush up and steal it from them. We might not be able to beat them, but stealing things from them is a different story, right?”

Return Of The Jedi: “I have a question though: didn’t Nine Ballads say that she was coming here? Why didn’t we see her along the way?”

Tiny Little Loli was the first female player to join the Shinra Sect. Before Nine Ballads came along, she’d had the highest standing in the Shinra Sect, and was also the most popular member around. With the appearance of Nine Ballads, her position in the sect had taken a nosedive and filled her with resentment towards Nine Ballads.

Tiny Little Loli coldly snorted. “She must have lost track of them. Either that, or her horrible temper has reared its ugly head once again and she’s fighting with someone.”

Inseparable Love tugged on Tiny Little Loli and said, “Quiet down a little; the walls have ears. Nine Ballads is very petty, and will bear a grudge against you for life if you unintentionally provoke her.”

Tiny Little Loli immediately drew back and tried to put on a strong front. “Pui. Me? Afraid of that vicious woman?”

At this moment, Nine Ballads, who was crouched down not far away from them, stared at them with death in her eyes.

Even though she couldn’t make out what they were saying, based on their expressions and the words they mouthed, it was clear that they were talking about her; and it wasn’t anything good either.

“We’ll get rid of them in a bit,” Nine Ballads suddenly said.

Reckless East Emperor froze for a moment before he replied, “Alright... But why? We’re all Shinra-” He swallowed whatever he wanted to say when Nine Ballads viciously glared at him.

“You’ll do as I tell you. Enough with your nonsense.”


At this moment, a dazzling beam of light suddenly shot out of the small wooden hut, startling countless birds in the forest.

Those hiding outside the window heard Quiet And Steadfast’s voice that had a hint of happiness within it. “Found it.”

Did they find it?


They exchanged glances, stood up at the same time, and switched their PK status on before they broke in through the window.

“Hand over that item; or else!” Inseparable Love shouted.

One of them was holding a stack of tattered yellow paper, while the other was holding a broken bottle that was so dirty its colour couldn’t even be discerned. None of them had any idea what the duo was trying to do.

Shen Jingbin and Quiet And Steadfast looked back at Inseparable Love when they heard his voice.

He suddenly felt really nervous!

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