Chapter 218: Journey To Find The Black Tortoise (2)

Chapter 218: Journey To Find The Black Tortoise (2)

Once they’d alighted from the plane and made their way out of the airport, the Shen siblings spotted the driver Old Master Shen had sent to pick them up. Shen Jingbin was the first to get into the car. Once inside, she sent an SMS to Zhao Chengning, leaving Shen Jingchen to handle all of their luggage.

Shen Jingchen had a face full of tears as he eyed the two luggage bags.

Why is my little sister so uncute!

“I’ve gotten off the plane; it was a smooth ride.”

“Mm, that’s good to hear. Remember not to give the jade gourd to Grandpa Shen as a gift. Otherwise, I’ll be jealous.”

Shen Jingbin’s face flushed.

“You silly girl, I’m not going to go out with you in the future… Eh, why’s your face all red?”

Shen Jingbin reverted to her previous indifferent expression and said, “It must be your eyes acting up again. You should go visit an optometrist when you’ve got the time.”


When they returned to the Shen residence, the first thing Shen Jingbin did was reverently present the jade Buddha to Old Master Shen. On Shen Jingchen’s end, he’d grabbed his own present and run off to curry favor with Grandma Shen.

“Grandfather, why don’t you take a look at this jade Buddha that I’ve picked out for you?”

Old Master Shen received the jade Buddha from his granddaughter and said, “The clarity’s pretty good.”

“Grandpa Xie from B City gave it to me.”

“Xie? That old coot?!”

Seeing the way her Grandfather was kicking up a ruckus, Shen Jingbin repeated what Grandpa Xie had said. When her Grandfather - who was still acting like a tsundere - heard this, he immediately broke into a smile.

Sitting off to the side, Grandma Shen was also all smiles till she noticed a very nice looking jade gourd that had suddenly appeared on Shen Jingbin’s neck, and asked, “Is that jade gourd on your neck also a gift from Ole Xie?”

Mm? Shen Jingbin lowered her head. “This was… a gift from someone else.”

Grandpa Shen and Granny Shen immediately looked straight at her. This ‘someone’ sounds like a person worth investigating.

Looks like now’s the time to give Ole Zhao a call and ask about the situation.

The Shen siblings went back to their villa after dinner. After the past few days of rushing about they didn’t even have the energy to play games, so they just washed up and went straight to bed.

When they logged in the next day, they each received a mail containing their equipment from Zhang Wudi. Shen Jingbin happily swapped out her equipment and opened up her stat window to have a look.

“River Essence Robe, made by a Grandmaster Tailor, Rarity: purple. Able to grow, Durability 100/100, Physical Strength +20, Inner Strength +20, Speed +18, hidden attribute: Charisma +5, chance to root enemies and render them helpless (passive).”

“River Essence Belt, made by a Grandmaster Tailor, Rarity: Purple. Able to grow, Durability 100/100, Physical Strength +5, Inner Strength +5, Speed +5, hidden attribute: consumption of a player’s Inner Strength decreased by 5%, critical strike chance increased by 40 (passive).”

“River Essence Pants, made by a Grandmaster Tailor, Rarity: Purple. Able to grow, Durability 35/35, Physical Strength +5, Inner Strength +8, Speed +8, hidden attribute: reduces player’s Casting Time by 5%, 20 increased damage towards other players (passive).”

“River Essence Shoes, made by a Grandmaster Tailor, Rarity: Purple. Able to grow, Durability 45/45, Physical Strength +5, Agility +10, Speed +5, hidden attribute: player’s Speed increased by 8%, increased magical and critical strike defence by 18 (passive).”

Aside from the equipment, there was also a letter from Zhang Wudi. In short, it said that what Shen Jingbin now had was a mid grade set of equipment, which she could upgrade one final time when she reached Level 120.

A set of equipment like this was right up Shen Jingbin’s alley. Just this alone was enough for her to decide to work together with Yiju once again. In fact, she’d even be willing to lower her prices a little!

“Are you on?” Not long after, Quiet And Steadfast’s mail came in as well.

Shen Jingbin was struck by a wave of curiosity as she typed out her reply. It was still daytime, yet he was online.


“Did you receive your equipment?”

“Mm, they’ve all been upgraded. I’ve just taken a look at their stats; they’re awesome!”

“You’re really lucky.”

“That’s probably one of the perks of being ugly.”

The other side went silent for a little while before they replied once again.

“Since your equipment has been upgraded, let's make a trip to Beiming Sea to look for the Black Tortoise.”

If Quiet And Steadfast hadn’t brought it up, she probably would have forgotten all about her quest to look for the Divine Beasts.

“Alright. Give me a moment and I’ll be right over.”

“Mm, I’ll be waiting at Beiming Sea’s ferry terminal for you.”

Shen Jingbin closed her mailbox and summoned Mascot. After giving its head a rub, she mounted it and made a beeline for Beiming Sea’s ferry terminal.

After Shen Jingbin left, several ordinary looking players appeared. They eyed the spot that she’d been standing on just before, their eyes flashing with golden light.

[Shinra Sect] Inseparable Love: We’ve found Nutjob!

[Shinra Sect] Northwest By North: Heh, a Lead Disciple? Where is she?! I’ll be taking her head.

[Shinra Sect] Return Of The Jedi: She was at the royal district of Jiuli City, but she’s flown off.

[Shinra Sect] Tiny Little Loli: Then why the f*ck are you even bringing her up?

[Shinra Sect] Inseparable Love: I heard her tell her tiger that they’re headed for Beiming Sea’s ferry terminal.

[Shinra Sect] Nine Ballads: All of you stand down, she’s mine.

The moment she said that, the entire channel instantly went silent. Nine Ballads gave a mocking smile and summoned out her mount, then made her way towards Beiming Sea’s ferry terminal. At the same time, she opened up her friends list and sent Reckless East Emperor a mail.

“Beiming Sea’s ferry terminal, Nutjob, kill.”

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