Chapter 217: Journey To Find The Black Tortoise (1)

Chapter 217: Journey To Find The Black Tortoise (1)

Something Shen Jingbin didn’t understand was: why did so many people think that she was a pushover? Did she, at some point, gain the face of a sucker that could be pushed around?

That shouldn’t be the case...

The reason why she’d often opted not to take issue with others wasn’t because she was afraid, but because she couldn’t be bothered to deal with these insignificant squabbles. However, trying to ruin my reputation in front of my sweetheart is taking things too far!

Shen Jingbin wore a smile on her face and she unhurriedly replied, “I don’t want to trouble Miss Chen. Chengning alone is enough for me; I have faith in his judgement.”

Zhao Chengning’s expression unconsciously softened when he heard this.

Chenyi’s smile faltered and her hate reached a fever pitch in her heart. But, on the surface, she still maintained the same warm and magnanimous expression she previously had.

“That’s wonderful! Our Second Young Master does indeed have very good judgement. Miss Shen has definitely found the right person to consult.”

‘Your’ Second Young Master?

Shen Jingbin arched her brows.

“Let’s select our jade piece. Xuya and your brother are still waiting for us,” Zhao Chengning said.

Shen Jingbin nodded. She then turned to face Chenyi and flashed an apologetic smile at her. “Please take your time, Miss Chen.”

Not sparing another glance at her, the two of them walked off and browsed the jade pieces on display while they discussed in hushed voices which was the best one to pick. Chenyi wasn’t that far from them, but she had no way of listening in on what they were saying. All she could discern was that the two of them were standing very close to one another. Zhao Chengning, who was slightly taller than Shen Jingbin, would occasionally lower his head to her ear and whisper something into it before both of their faces blossomed into smiles.

The sight of this pained Chenyi’s heart to no end.

On the other hand, Zhang Beiyu was feeling even more resentful.

From the time she’d spotted Zhao Chengning, Zhang Beiyu had been staring at him with the distant eyes of a heroine in a tragedy, accusing him of his cold indifference. If she didn’t know any better, she’d think that there was something going on between the two of them.

It was at this moment that Grandpa Xie made his appearance and saw this thought-provoking scene before him.

“Good day, Miss Chen,” Although Chenyi was the Lady Boss of Blooming Flower Pavilion, she still couldn’t hold a candle to Zhao Chengning’s group, so she was relegated to getting a simple word of acknowledgement from Grandpa Xie.

“It’s been a long time, Mr Xie. I heard that you’ve received a batch of new stock and I’ve come to take a look at them. You should know that my Grandfather’s birthday is coming up soon, and he’s always loved the curios that your shop offers; so, I’ve specially come to take a look at them,” While her words were directed at Grandpa Xie, her gaze remained fixed on Zhao Chengning and Shen Jingbin.

When Grandpa Xie saw the look of indignation on Chenyi’s face, and the resentful gaze of the girl who looked like an attendant beside her, he penned a saga of romance and hate that spanned ten thousand words in his head.

After coughing once, he said, “Come with me, Miss Chen. Our new products are further in; I haven’t shifted them out yet.”

Only now did Chenyi look back. “Ah?”

“You need to make sure you pick out something good since it’s a gift for Master Chen. Let’s go inside and take a look,” Grandpa Xie said with a serious expression.

“Oh, okay,” Going into one of the inner rooms meant that she wouldn’t be able to see Zhao Chengning. Chenyi was a little reluctant, but she couldn’t reject Grandpa Xie either, so she had no choice but to agree with him.

When Grandpa Xie was leading both Chenyi and Zhang Beiyu towards the inner room, he suddenly stopped by the beaded curtain hanging over the door frame and looked back. “Once you’re done picking something out with Little Jing, just head over there and write it down,” After he said that, Grandpa Xie even winked at him, as if he were trying to say, “I’ve lent you a hand, so you’ve got to do your best!”

Zhao Chengning returned his wink with a smile, and said, “Alright. Thank you Grandpa Xie.”

Rest assured, I’ll do my best.

In the end, at Zhao Chengning’s recommendation, Shen Jingbin picked out the jade Buddha. But she still felt a little wistful about the jade gourd.

Once they were done choosing a present, they rushed back to the hotel to meet with Xuya and Shen Jingchen at the promised time. After their meal, Zhao Chengning and Xuya ferried the Shen siblings to the airport.

When it was almost time to board the plane and Shen Jingchen and Xuya left to check-in the luggage, Zhao Chengning suddenly pulled out a small box and handed it to Shen Jingbin.

When she saw the words “Jade Treasure Pavilion” engraved on the box in bold calligraphy, she felt a twinge of suspicion. She clearly remembered putting the jade buddha into her luggage.

“This is?” She asked as she opened the box.

Resting inside the box was surprisingly the very same jade gourd that she’d been reluctant to part with!

“You… when did you buy it?”

“I did it when you were putting the jade Buddha into the records.”

“Doesn’t that mean I’ve taken two jade pieces? I can’t do that…” Shen Jingbin suddenly felt that this wasn’t a very honest thing for her to do.

Zhao Chengning interrupted her. “There’s nothing to feel bad about. The jade Buddha was a gift from Grandpa Xie, while the jade gourd is a gift from me. My family is working together with Jade Treasure Pavilion, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“You’re giving this to me?” Shen Jingbin asked as she raised her head to look at him.

For some reason, Zhao Chengning’s gaze was filled with a mixture of care and warmth as he looked straight into her eyes and said, “Mm. This, is a present, from me.”

A brilliant smile bloomed on her face. “Then… I’ll accept it since you insist.”

Zhao Chengning silently observed her smile. At this moment, Shen Jingchen started shouting for her.

“I’ll be going.”

“Mm, send me an SMS or call me when you’ve landed.”


Unable to restrain himself, Zhao Chengning rubbed her head and said, “Be safe.”


Gripping the jade gourd in her hands, Shen Jingbin turned around and went through the security check with Shen Jingchen.

Xuya stood by Zhao Chengning’s side and watched how he stared at Shen Jingbin’s departing figure like a loyal husband before he said softly, “Sigh, it feels so empty and meaningless now that the wife’s gone.”

Zhao Chengning came back to his senses and glared at Xuya. “Stop mouthing off.”

Xuya’s lips curled. “Alright, alright. Just take it as me spouting nonsense then. Anyway, Brother Ah Ning, aren’t you going a little too slowly? It’s been so long already but you still haven’t captured Little Jing. Tsk tsk tsk, I can’t bear to look on any longer.”

“Haste makes waste,” Zhao Chengning said mysteriously.

Xuya blanked out for a moment before changing his way of thinking. He immediately covered his mouth and looked at Zhao Chengning in astonishment. “Who would’ve thought that you were such a beast! My god, that’s terrifying.”

Zhao Chengning pat him on the shoulder. “You’re the one who’s thinking too dirty. It’s about time for me to turn over a new leaf; otherwise, I’ll never be able to find a wife next time.”


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