Chapter 214: Long Dinghai (2)

Chapter 214: Long Dinghai (2)

The martial arts instructor heaved a sigh of relief and began telling the two of them the plan he’d come up with. As they both came from a martial arts background, all it took was a little bit of explaining before they caught on. Shortly after, the second take began.

Due to what Shen Jingbin had said, Shen Jingchen had set aside his phone and sat to watch with his arms crossed over his chest. All of his attention was now focused on Shen Jingbin and Xue Sijia, so he didn’t notice Zhao Chengning and Xuya when they quietly came in.

“Heh, Brother Chen, you look so engrossed,” Xuya’s sudden appearance behind him frightened Shen Jingchen.

Zhao Chengning walked over and sat on the chair that Shen Jingbin had previously occupied, and asked, “Has it been long since they started?”

“They just started filming.”

Zhao Chengning frowned. “I remember you guys waking up pretty early to come here; why’re you guys only starting now?”

Shen Jingchen’s lips curled, and he gestured at Xue Sijia.

“Miss Xue over there is very self-important. She was late and took her time with her makeup, so we’ve been waiting for her till now.”

Xuya suddenly cut in, “I heard some people talking about how Xue Sijia became the female lead even though she was originally just a supporting character. What’s Little Jing’s role now?”

Shen Jingchen snorted. “There are two female leads now.”

Xuya immediately became anxious. “What the f*ck, is she really that shameless? Brother Ah Ning, aren’t you going to do something about this?!”

After he said that, both Shen Jingchen and he turned to look at Zhao Chengning at the same time.

Zhao Chengning casually crossed his legs, leaned back into his seat, and said indifferently, “Don’t mind them, people aren’t able to realise the true beauty of a person without a point of reference. Don’t you think that placing Miss Xue alongside Little Jing as the female lead is the cruelest thing that can be done?”

Both Xuya and Shen Jingchen’s gazes turned to look at Xue Sijia at the same time, and then shifted to Shen Jingbin, before turning back to glance at one another.

How two-faced.

It might have been due to Zhao Chengning’s presence, but Xue Sijia behaved herself and didn’t pull any more tricks for the rest of the shoot till they took a break at almost one o’clock. Following that, Yiju sent someone over to invite Xue Sijia, Shen Jingbin, the Director, and others over for a meal.

“There’s no need; she’s eating with me,” Filming had just ended when the person-in-charge came in. As she’d walked straight towards to the Director, she didn’t notice Zhao Chengning and company seated to the side. It wasn’t until Zhao Chengning stood behind her that she’d realised there was a deity in their midst.

“A-alright, Mr… Mr Zhao,” The person-in-charge stammered out in reply.

Zhao Chengning nodded at her in response and brought Shen Jingbin away with him.

The person-in-charge patted her chest as she watched the departing figures of these four people who were splendid in both appearances and temperaments. She then turned to the Director and shot him a questioning gaze, “What happened?!”

The Director shrugged, “Don’t look at me; I’m just as clueless as you are.”

After lunch, Zhao Chengning returned to work. Meanwhile, Shen Jingbin, escorted by her brother and Xuya, returned to Yiju to resume filming.

They’d made a very satisfactory amount of progress so far. After managing to complete the most challenging action scenes in the morning, if nothing went wrong, they’d be able to finish filming the promotional video in around two days.

However, when the day’s filming was almost done, an important figure suddenly appeared in the studio.

“M-Mr Long?” A tall figure silently entered the green room. The stage supervisor who was standing by the entrance was the first to notice him. Due to her shock, she fumbled over her words.

Long Dinghai turned to the flushed stage supervisor and put his finger to his lips before he strode in.

Xuya and Shen Jingchen were sitting in the corner closest to the exit. When they heard the commotion that the stage supervisor was making, they both turned to look towards the entrance.

Noticing their gazes, Long Dinghai halted his footsteps and turned to walk towards them instead.

“Very pleased to meet you, Young Master Xu. This person is...?” Long Dinghai greeted them as he got closer.

Even though he was a hedonist, Xuya still had basic manners when he met new people. He stood up and shook Long Dinghai’s outstretched hand.

“Mr Long, I’ve heard a lot about you. This is my friend, Shen Jingchen.”

Shen Jingchen stood up as well and said, “Mr Long, it’s nice to meet you.”

“The son of A City’s Shen family?” Long Dinghai asked as he arched his thick brows, a smile appeared on his lips as he looked at Shen Jingchen.

Shen Jingchen’s expression remained the same. “Mr Long is truly experienced and knowledgeable; I never expected you to even know about someone as unimportant as me.”

“Master Shen’s far too humble. If you’re unimportant, then wouldn’t people like us be Jane and John Does?”

Shen Jingchen laughed in return.

Long Dinghai’s gaze shifted to the two people who were currently in the midst of shooting, and asked, “Is that your sister? I’d heard that in terms of both appearance and demeanor, the level of excellence that the Shen family’s Young Master and Miss in A City exhibit is something that only comes by once every hundred years. Now that I’ve seen the two of you myself, I find that your reputation is truly well-deserved.”

“Mr Long’s too kind.”

“Hehe, Young Master Shen, you're the one who’s being too humble.”

Xuya, who’d been sidelined, suddenly cut in, “What’s Mr Long here for?”

“Oh, I’m here for a visit. I never expected to run into Master Shen and Master Xu here… How about this; let me play the part of host and treat Master Shen and Miss Shen to dinner. Allow me to extend my hospitality to you as a resident of B City.”

“No need to trouble you, Mr Long. Ah Ning and I can receive the two of them. You’re a very busy man, so we’d feel bad if we took up your time,” Xuya said.

“So they’re Mr Zhao’s guests. In that case, I won’t disturb you anymore,” Long Dinghai said in surprise. He then gave them an apologetic smile before he turned and walked towards Xue Sijia.

When he passed by Shen Jingbin, he gave her a very gentlemanly greeting.

Shen Jingbin glanced at him. Though she politely reciprocated his greeting, caution still bred in her heart.

That person was a classic example of a smiling tiger - the type of person who hid their evil intentions behind a wide smile. She had to be careful when she dealt with him in the future.

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