Chapter 213: Long Dinghai (1)

Chapter 213: Long Dinghai (1) 

Shen Jingbin grabbed Xue Sijia’s leg with her free hand and pushed hard! Due to the significant amount of pressure, Xue Sijia was thrown off balance, and she was forced to take a step back to steady herself. During that time, Shen Jingbin freed her white horsetail whisk with a flick of her wrist and swept it to the sides. With a ‘whoosh’, her horsetail whisk moved like a lithe snake and curled around Xue Sijia’s neck.

Shen Jingbin gripped the handle of her horsetail whisk and pulled backwards, dragging Xue Sijia over to her. Then, without a hint of reservation, Shen Jingbin proceeded to knee Xue Sijia in the stomach with just the right amount of force.

“Oh no, Sijia!”

Everything happened so suddenly that everyone was stunned by their exchange, and they could only dumbly watch. The first to come to their senses was Xue Sijia’s Manager.

After being in charge of Xue Sijia for so long, Yangshu understood her personality quite well. She knew that Xue Sijia definitely held a grudge against Shen Jingbin, so she’d definitely try to pull some dirty tricks during the shoot. To prevent the other party from getting ahold of anything that could be used against them, and to ensure that Xue Sijia could absolve herself of blame, Yangshu was carefully monitoring their activity.

What she hadn't expected was for Xue Sijia to be at a disadvantage.

The Director and the rest of the staff only came to their senses after Yangshu cried out.

“Cut! Take a break!” The Director hurriedly called after he saw Xue Sijia’s cold and arrogant facade start to crack from behind the camera. Following that, the assistants and the other staff present on scene immediately rushed forward.

Yangshu hurried over to Xue Sijia’s side before she turned to Shen Jingbin with a frown on her face, and said, “Miss Shen, aren’t you taking things a little too seriously? We’re only shooting a promotional video.”

Shen Jingbin swung the horsetail whisk and said, without any change in her expression, “Sorry, I did it out of habit.”

Yangshu was furious. “What kind of habit is this? Miss Shen, you’re someone from a wealthy background too, so why is your up-” Yangshu suddenly stopped herself halfway through her speech when she thought of what she’d heard about Shen Jingbin’s background when she was asking around. She then recalled that person’s warning that Shen Jingbin shouldn’t be provoked even if she wasn’t from B City. Furthermore, it looked like she was very close to the Second Young Master of the Zhao family.

Shen Jingbin wasn’t someone she could take liberties with.

Shen Jingbin looked at Yangshu with interest when she broke off halfway. “Miss Yang, what were you trying to say just now?” If Shen Jingbin wasn’t mistaken, Yangshu was about to say ‘upbringing’, wasn’t she?

“No… It’s nothing.”

Shen Jingbin was all smiles as she turned to look at Xue Sijia. “Is that so? I mistook Miss Xue as my opponent, so I might have struck a little too hard. Since Miss Xue has a martial arts background, I’m sure she understands too, no??”

“I can… can understand,” Said Xue Sijia through her clenched teeth.

“That’s great then.” With that, Shen Jingbin shrugged her shoulders and walked past the two of them towards Shen Jingchen.

She found Shen Jingchen sitting on a chair and idly playing with his phone. When he felt a shadow over his head, he cast a glance upwards at her and asked, “Done already? Was it that quick?”

Did he miss out on her fantastic performance just now?

Shen Jingbin couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him. She then dragged over a chair and plopped down beside him. “Get me a bottle of water… Where’s Xuya?”

Shen Jingchen stretched down, pulled out a bottle of water from the bag beside his leg, and handed it to her before he went back to fiddling with his phone.

“I think Ah Ning’s meeting ended, so Xuya went to pick him up… Say, why doesn’t Ah Ning drive on his own?” He asked.

“Are you an idiot? Driving means that he has to spend time looking for a lot to park in; wouldn’t that decrease the amount of time he has with me? That’s so not worth it.”

Shen Jingbin’s reply was filled with confidence and righteousness, causing Shen Jingchen to look as if he’d eaten a fly when he heard it.

“I can’t believe you actually had the nerve to say that. Aren't you a little too narcissistic?”

“This is called confidence - something you’ll never be able to experience in your entire life.”


“Have you been using your phone this whole time?”

“Yeah. You’re not much to look at, and I’m tired of looking at you.”

“Tch, what a waste. I knocked Xue Sijia down a peg just now!” Shen Jingbin said with a look of regret on her face as she rubbed her chin.

Shen Jingchen immediately perked up and said, “F*ck, what did I miss? How’d you take care of her?!”

Shen Jingbin cast a sidelong glance at him and remained silent. Feeling anxious, Shen Jingchen hurriedly urged her on. However, the Director called for shooting to continue before Shen Jingbin could go on.

This time, the martial arts instructor carefully stood between the two of them and issued a reminder, “Miss Xue, Miss Shen; we’re shooting a promotional video, so don’t get too serious about it. Actually, all you guys need to do is just fake a few moves…”

“My apologies, Miss Xue was just too good, so I couldn’t help but see her as an opponent the moment she made her move. After all, that murderous aura...” Shen Jingbin said sincerely to the martial arts instructor.

The martial arts instructor fell silent. She was hinting that Xue Sijia was the one who started it first, right? In truth, he’d come to the realisation that Xue Sijia had made the first move as well, but… he didn’t dare to provoke her!

“Miss Xue, uhm, we’re not shooting an action blockbuster, so you don’t need to be so serious... How about this, the two of you will take cues from me later on. What we want is for it to feel like the two of you are evenly matched, so you guys will have to rein in the air around yourselves.”

Shen Jingbin cast a glance at Xue Sijia, and replied with a smile, “That’s not a problem for me.”

Xue Sijia shot a glare at Shen Jingbin. “I’m… fine with that as well.”

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