Chapter 212: So You Think I’m A Pushover Just Because I Don’t Fight Back (2)

Chapter 212: So You Think I’m A Pushover Just Because I Don’t Fight Back (2) 

Xue Sijia’s mood finally took a turn for the better.

She wasn’t going to play second fiddle to anyone. No matter what it was she had to be the best, and she’d clear away all obstacles in her path to be so.

Since Shen Jingbin didn’t have anything on, and the shoot didn’t conflict with anything in Xue Sijia’s schedule, Shen Jingbin had received the script for <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>’s promotional video. Filming was scheduled to take place the next day.

The script for this promotional video was a lot more complex than those of other games. Instead of a promotional video, it’d be more appropriate to call it a short film.

As the game’s newest update was focused on the clash between good and evil, the story told revolved around the good and evil sects within the game. It may have been a coincidence, but Shen Jingbin was cast as the representative disciple of the good sects, and it just so happened to be White Cloud Temple’s Lead Disciple! If nothing out of the ordinary occurred, then Xue Sijia would most likely be cast as the representative disciple of the evil sects.

Shen Jingbin felt that Xue Sijia was a very appropriate choice when she thought of the feeling she gave off.

Early the next morning, she found Xuya waiting on the ground floor for her, but Zhao Chengning was nowhere in sight. Xuya told her that Zhao Chengning had a meeting in the morning, and would only drop by sometime in the afternoon. After quickly tidying herself up, she pulled Shen Jingchen out of bed, and the three of them set out for Yiju’s building.

As it was a promotional video for an online game, the video’s setting mirrored that of the game’s, and all filming took place indoors in a green room. When Shen Jingbin arrived she noticed that Xue Sijia still hadn’t appeared, so she handed all her things to Shen Jingchen and went to the stylist to change her clothes and apply her makeup.

The clothes she received were the green Daoist robes of a White Cloud Temple disciple. Shen Jingbin was blown away when she felt the fabric. Yiju’s wealth was truly overbearing! They were very generous with their choice of material, and the robes themselves were recreated with a frightening degree of accuracy. After silently going to the changing room to switch her clothes, she decided to view herself in the mirror and was suddenly struck by a twinge of embarrassment.

Clothes like the Daoist robe were all cylindrical shaped, making it difficult to tell the front from its back when it was worn. However… Shen Jingbin exuded an air of seduction once she’d put it on. Shen Jingbin, who’d always thought of herself as a plain and simple girl, was suddenly left feeling an explicable sense of embarrassment.

Shen Jingbin dawdled around for a little while before she stepped out of the changing room and made her way over to the makeup room, attracting countless shocked gazes along the way.

Mommy! I saw an angel!

A makeup artist who was rumoured to be very famous in the entertainment industry was specially called in by Yiju. The moment she saw Shen Jingbin, her eyes were practically shooting out lasers.

“Oh my goodness! You’re perfect! Hey, how’d you look after yourself? This is too much for me; isn’t your complexion a little too good as well?” The makeup artist grabbed Shen Jingbin over to her and pushed her into a chair. Once she was seated, the makeup artist began groping her face while he sighed in admiration.

Shen Jingbin almost felt as if the makeup artist was trying to tear her face off.

It was truly terrifying.

“Eh, I just applied some cream.”

“What kind of cream? What brand is it? I’ll go buy it too!”

“...Dabao[1. An established company in China that covers a range of daily essentials, including makeup. However, it’s products have been labelled as cheap by some people.]”

“...” The makeup artist glared ruefully at her.

Can beautiful people really do whatever they want just because they look fabulous?!

As a disciple of a good sect, Shen Jingbin had to achieve a simple and elegant look. This, coupled with her naturally great complexion meant that all the makeup artist needed to do was apply some basic foundation to complete her look.

In his words: putting anything on her face would be tainting it!

Just after she was finished with her makeup, a girl with a stage pass hanging from her clothes jogged over to Shen Jingbin and looked at her with a mixture of emotions. A long while later, she said, “Miss Shen, I need to have a word with you.”

After eyeing her for a moment, she replied, “Mm, please go ahead.”

“About the script… there’s been a small change to it… Both you and Miss Xue are now the female leads.”

Shen Jingbin didn’t really care about who was the lead. Seeing the mixture of emotions on the girls face, she smiled and said, “Are there any major changes to my part?”

“No, the only change was an increase in Miss Xue’s appearances. Before that, the marketing department said that we needed to inform you about this first. This was done for the plot to make more sense; we hope you don’t mind,” The girl said cautiously. She was a long-time member of many gossip forums, so she knew a bit about the struggles between actors. She herself had seen her fair share of catfights, so she was terrified of this beautiful woman directing her ire towards her.

“Alright, I got it. Thank you.”

“Then… then I’ll be off now,” With that, the girl ran off.

The makeup artist who’d heard their entire conversation sighed and said, “Tsk, actors these days are resorting to more and more of these little tricks behind other people’s backs.”

Shen Jingbin silently looked up at the makeup artist.

Xue Sijia only came strolling in after Shen Jingbin had finished all her preparations. However, in spite of being late, she didn’t even bother to utter a single word of apology. Instead, she gazed coldly at everyone present before she walked off to do her makeup.

Xue Sijia’s role as a disciple of the Demonic Sect disciple naturally meant that her appearance was a lot more complicated. By the time she was done, nearly an hour had passed. Shen Jingchen, who’d accompanied Shen Jingbin and was forced to wait as well, was so overcome with resentment for Xue Sijia that he couldn’t express his feelings and muttered to himself the whole time.

Although Shen Jingbin didn’t openly complain, she silently crossed Xue Sijia out in her heart.

When Xue Sijia finally finished changing and putting on her makeup, the filming started.

According to the script, the first scene would depict the two of them fighting against one another. In her hand, Shen Jingbin held the symbol of White Cloud Temple - a horsetail whisk, while Xue Sijia wielded a dark red longsword. The longsword’s appearance, coupled with her bearing, gave off a very imposing air about her.

The information Xiangpeng had given to the management made mention of Shen Jingbin practicing martial arts from a young age. Xue Sijia herself had risen from her position as a martial arts advisor, so the two of them only needed a little bit of direction to go off on.

Before they started filming, Shen Jingbin saw Xue Sijia quietly send a puzzling smile her way, causing her to instantly be on alert.

“Snap!” The sound of a clapperboard being shut rang out. Almost at the same time, Xue Sijia stabbed her longsword towards Shen Jingbin. What’s worse, it was even angled at her throat.

With Xue Sijia’s custom-made longsword being as sharp as it was, getting stabbed in the throat by it would definitely lead to injuries.

A chill crept into Shen Jingbin’s eyes, and she swept Xue Sijia’s longsword aside with a swing of her horsetail whisk. Xue Sijia looked as if she’d already predicted this, and she raised her leg in an attempt to kick Shen Jingbin’s stomach the moment it happened.

This woman...

Shen Jingbin’s face turned as cold as ice.

So you think I’m a pushover just because I don’t fight back?

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