Chapter 211: So You Think I’m A Pushover Just Because I Don’t Fight Back (1)

Chapter 211: So You Think I’m A Pushover Just Because I Don’t Fight Back (1) 

Following that, the talks that took place proceeded exceptionally smoothly. During this time, the Director found himself unable to tear his gaze away from Shen Jingbin. If it weren’t for Xiangpeng noticing Zhao Chengning’s dissatisfaction and quietly pointing it out to the Director on the side, he probably would have continued staring at her.

From the Director’s tone, Shen Jingbin getting the role of female lead was a done deal. On the other hand, Xue Sijia’s expression remained overcast throughout their discussions. She’d initially thought that the role was guaranteed to be hers, only to have it stolen by someone else. Anyone would be unhappy if such a thing happened to them.

After asking both sides for their opinions, a contract was drawn up and signed on the spot. They then said their goodbyes and left. Xue Sijia remained silent the entire time till their MPV arrived, while her Manager had a face full of smiles as she bid the others farewell. Shen Jingbin’s group gave them a polite smile in return. Throughout the entire exchange, Xue Sijia remained unmoved till her Manager prompted her, causing her to break into a false smile before she entered the car.

Once Xue Sijia got into the car, Xuya angrily said, “Why’s she acting so high and mighty? She’s just a minor celebrity. Sooner or later I’ll take care of her.”

Zhao Chengning patted him on the shoulder and said, “Forget about it, she’s got the backing of Long Dinghai from Dawn Emperor Entertainment. She’s not one of those minor celebs that you can afford to provoke.”

“Long Dinghai? Is that the same Long Dinghai that I’m thinking of?” Shen Jingbin asked in astonishment.

Zhao Chengning looked towards her and nodded his head.

Xuya looked a little worried. “No wonder she’s so haughty; she has Long Dinghai as her backer. Tsk, she really is a prime example of ‘using one’s connections to exploit others’. Sigh, public morals are degenerating with each passing day.”

Shen Jingbin didn’t find Xuya suddenly shrinking back the least bit strange as she’d heard many stories about Long Dinghai.

Different from Zhao Chengning who came from a wealthy and respectable background, but kept a low profile, news of Long Dinghai spread far and wide. Even someone like her who never paid attention to the happenings around her had heard her elders mention him. However, none of it was good. Rumour had it that his family had its roots in the criminal underworld, but had washed its hands of its illegal ways in recent years and moved into the entertainment industry instead. Be that as it may, his family was still as influential as it was before, and it was nothing to scoff at.

Speaking of which, amongst this generation of youths, Long Dinghai and Zhao Chengning represented two different ways of life.

“Stop talking about pointless things and drive,” Said Zhao Chengning as he looked helplessly at Xuya who was going on about his life’s enlightenment.

Xuya rubbed his nose, fished out his keys, and jumped into the car.

Xue Sijia’s expression darkened the moment she got into the MPV.

Seeing this, her Manager tried to console her. “Don’t feel bad about it, that girl really is very beautiful… Don’t glare at me like that. Even after being in the entertainment industry for so long, I’ve never seen someone who looks as good as her. You losing out to her is nothing to be ashamed about. And, even if it’s just a supporting role, your part in the video is indispensable.”

Xue Sijia sneered. “Hah, since when have I ever taken up a supporting role for someone else?”

“Sijia, at times it’s easier for the supporting role to gain fans than the lead. If you show some weakness by occasionally taking a supporting role, you can arouse your fans’ affection for you. Furthermore, since you, an experienced actor is taking up a supporting role, wouldn’t that put more pressure on her? If she screws up, she might end up incurring everyone’s displeasure.”

“Do you really think there’s a chance of that happening?” Xue Sijia asked in return.

Yangshu fell silent and thought back to that woman from before, but didn’t reply.

The displeasure in Xue Sijia’s eyes deepened. She whipped out her handphone, and after a few taps of her fingers, a number appeared on her screen.

“Who’re you calling?” Yangshu hurriedly asked.

Xue Sijia ignored her.

After listening to the phone to ring many times, the call finally connected.

Xue Sijia knew full well which part of her the other party liked, so she got straight to the point and said, “Mr Long, it’s Xue Sijia.”

“I know, what’s happened?”

“I didn’t manage to get the lead role for Yiju’s promotional video; I only managed to get a supporting role.”

The voice on the other end sounded indifferent. “Oh, you failed? So what do you plan to do now?”

“I recalled a similar thing happening last time, but the screenwriter changed the script to include two female leads.”

The other party laughed. A short while passed before the person replied, “You’re getting more and more ambitious. The phrase ‘a man who is never content is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant’ fits people like you perfectly.”

Without any change in her tone, Xue Sijia replied, “That’s because I have what it takes to swallow an elephant.”

“Alright, I understand,” Once the other party had heard her reply, they laughed again before reverting to their previous indifference. After exchanging another sentence, they finally hung up.

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