Chapter 210: The Two Sides Meet (2)

Chapter 210: The Two Sides Meet (2)

“I heard that there’s another person here for the audition?”

Xue Sijia’s Manager grasped every second she could to squeeze out what she wanted to know from the girl.

The girl was a classic IT worker. She was smarter than anyone when it came to coding, but she lacked experience when it came to interpersonal communication. Hence, she divulged everything she knew without hiding a single thing.

“Yeah, another lady came; she’s someone the higher-ups scouted online. She’s already here, and she’s in the office. She’s so pretty!” Once she said that a stupid smile crept onto her face.

What the girl said attracted Xue Sijia’s attention. Shifting her focus away from the floor numbers, she gently lowered her shades, and her dazzling, spirited eyes gazed straight at the girl.

A fan online had once said that Xue Sijia’s eyes were like a spotlight that amassed all of the world’s light within them. She herself, however, was as cold as ice. The combination of these two opposing characteristics was enough to cause others to fall into a daze if they weren’t careful.

In the past, this beauty-lover would have long since given in once Xue Sijia eyed her. However, she was very calm now and shifted her gaze away two seconds later without batting an eyelid.

After all, once she’d seen that unearthly beauty, no one else could capture her attention!

The Manager glanced at her charge. Xue Sijia had pushed up her shades, and her lips were now curled into a clear frown. Her Manager laughed and said, “Haha, the number of beautiful people is steadily increasing, competition in our industry’s getting stiffer every day too.”

When she heard that, the girl suddenly wondered whether singing the praises of someone else in front of a celebrity was the right thing to do.

Coming to that realization, the girl apologised and stuck out her tongue. “Miss… Miss Xue’s very pretty too.”

The Manager smiled silently at the girl.

With her back against the girl and her eyes covered by her shades, Xue Sijia silently rolled her eyes.

She’s ‘very pretty too’? Heh heh, she’s very pretty ‘too’? She wanted to see just how beautiful this person who dared to compete against her was.

The beauty-lover suddenly felt the lift’s temperature drop by a bit. In her heart, she couldn’t help but remark, “She really is an arrogant ice queen; she can even control the temperature! Luckily for me, we’re about to reach our destination. Otherwise, I might have caught a cold.”

The girl brought Xue Sijia and her Manager to the office Shen Jingbin and company were seated in. She knocked on the door after telling Xue Sijia’s group to wait for a bit.

“Come in.”

Xue Sijia and her Manager exchanged glances when they heard the pleasant sounding voice from inside the room.

The beauty-lover did her best to keep her hands from shaking before she slowly twisted the doorknob.

“Miss Xue, please wait a little while inside the room. Our Manager is currently in a meeting and will be with you shortly,” The girl was almost blinded by the people inside when she opened the door and quickly turned to look at Xue Sijia and her Manager. However, her gaze kept drifting back to the people inside the meeting room.

Sigh, how sinful!

Xue Sijia gave the girl a token nod of her head before she walked into the meeting room. Her Manager very kindly thanked the girl for her help before she followed Xue Sijia inside. The girl reciprocated the Manager’s thanks while taking the opportunity to steal several glances at the room’s interior.

Raising her head as she walked into the room, Xue Sijia immediately froze when she saw the people inside.

There were four people seated on the sofa. Two of them, a man and a woman, were people she didn’t recognise. However, she was intimately familiar with the other two men. She’d heard their names from countless female celebrities, especially when it came to the one seated in the middle. Whenever his name was mentioned, the words “golden bachelor” would be paired with it. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that he was the dream partner of every female celebrity in the entertainment business.

But why was he here? And, from the looks of things, it looked like he was pretty close to the competition.

Shen Jingbin’s head was buried in a magazine as she whiled away the time, not even looking up when the door opened. Her obsessive-compulsive disorder prevented her from being distracted before she finished an article, so Xue Sijia could only see the top of her head and a portion of her face.

“Mr Zhao, you’re here too? What a coincidence,” The Manager noticed Zhao Chengning seated on the sofa the moment she closed the door and turned around. As a qualified Manager, she recognised all the influential people in B City, and all the more so for Zhao Chengning who was ranked amongst the top of them.

The Manager’s eyes lit up as she stepped forward and flashed a smile at Zhao Chengning, then introduced herself, “Hello Mr Zhao, I’m Yangshu. I’m not sure if you remember me, but I’ve met you before. This is the artist I’m in charge of, Xue Sijia.”

Zhao Chengning had a good memory, so he still had some recollection of this Manager. His businessman’s instincts kicked in, and he returned the greeting with a polite smile of his own. “I remember you, Miss Yang. Miss Xue.”

When she felt a light pat on her back from her Manager, Xue Sijia looked at Zhao Chengning and said levelly, “Hello, Mr Zhao.”

“Hello. Miss Yang, Miss Xue, please, have a seat,” Zhao Chengning replied.

You’re blocking Little Jing’s light!

The Manager’s smile brightened as she brought Xue Sijia over to the sofa beside the four of them.

“Mr Zhao, is that Young Master Xu beside you?” After taking a seat, Xue Sijia continued putting up an icy front while her Manager took charge of maintaining the conversation.

At the mention of his name, Xuya looked up at the Manager. Puzzled, he asked, “Who’re you? You know me?”

“Young master Xu sure knows how to joke. Is there anyone in B City who doesn’t know who you are?”

Her words clearly had an effect on Xuya. He immediately broke into a smile and said, “Haha, I always knew I had boundless charm.”

The Manager continued, “May I know how to address the two of you? You look a little unfamiliar; I don’t think we’ve met before.”

At this time, Shen Jingbin just happened to finish reading the magazine article. She looked up and smiled politely at both the Manager and Xue Sijia, who’d secretly shifted turned her attention to her. “Hello, my surname’s Shen. I’m Mr Zhao’s friend, and I’m not from B City.”

Xue Sijia and her Manager were so shocked by her appearance that they were rendered speechless.

Just then, the meeting room’s door was suddenly pushed open. Flanked by Xiangpeng, a man in a suit walked in. They heard his voice before they saw him. “Hahaha, my apologies for making everyone wait. I’m Yiju’s Director of Publicity. My surname is Fang…”

His speech, however, was abruptly cut off when he saw the situation in the meeting room.

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