Chapter 208: My Sense Of Aesthetics Is Very Normal (2)

Chapter 208: My Sense Of Aesthetics Is Very Normal (2)

Along the way, Xuya got all worked up when he found out that Shen Jingbin’s trip to B City this time was to shoot a promotional video for Yiju. He was so excited that he nearly tossed the steering wheel away and got Shen Jingbin to sign across his chest.

In his words, he needed to get an autograph first because, with Shen Jingbin’s looks, she'd become a celebrity the moment she appeared in the promo video.

Zhao Chengning shot a look of disdain at Xuya. “Weren't things between you and Heaven’s Joy’s little huadan going well?”

Xuya choked on his saliva. “F*ck, Brother Ah Ning, don’t sell me out!” He then looked guiltily at Shen Jingbin through the rearview mirror.

When he saw the profound look on her face as she eyed him, his face immediately flushed, and he hurriedly retracted his gaze, turning his full attention back to driving. He was definitely going to break up with the little huadan when he got back!

It just so happened to be peak hour when they were travelling, and they ended up getting caught in traffic for a long while before they finally reached Yiju’s HQ. Shen Jingbin pulled out her phone and was about to give Xiangpeng a call when Zhao Chengning called out to her and asked, “Calling Xiangpeng?”

Shen Jingbin nodded.

“There’s no need; I gave him a call when we left. He should already be waiting for us at the entrance,” He said. After saying so, he scanned the area outside the window and found that Xiangpeng was indeed standing by Yiju’s entrance and looking towards them.

“Look over there, that’s Xiangpeng.”

Shen Jingbin put away her phone and looked over in the direction he was pointing at. At first glance, Xiangpeng appeared to be a very honest-looking man.

“C’mon, I’ll go with you guys,” Zhao Chengning opened the car door and alighted.

Shen Jingbin slapped her brother awake as he’d fallen asleep during the drive, and followed after Zhao Chengning.

Xiangpeng had spotted Xuya’s eye-catching luxury car long ago and had already jogged over when Zhao Chengning alighted.

“God Zhao, you came too? Don’t you have work today?”

Xuya, who’d followed Zhao Chengning out, replied, “Tsk, how can work be more important than accompanying…”

He’d left out the last few words, but Xiangpeng understood what he’d meant. He immediately laughed and said, “I didn’t know our God Zhao was so caring.”

As he said that, Shen Jingbin emerged from the car.

Xiangpeng’s jaw dropped.

Even though he’d seen her in the pictures and knew that Shen Jingbin was a beauty, he didn’t think that the person herself would be on an entirely different level.

Shen Jingbin possessed a breathtaking beauty in pictures. However, she wasn’t just stunning in person, she was more vivacious, and her persona was even more pronounced. Her presence was so striking; not a single person could bear to look away from her.

Yiju was a large company, so the number of celebrities they worked with was nothing to scoff at. Among them were ones who were on the level of superstars and pop idols. Thanks to that, Xiangpeng had seen his fair share of handsome men and beautiful women. However, he felt that none of the celebrities he’d previously seen were as striking as the two before him. It was as if her face was God’s most brilliant masterpiece, possessing a level of perfection that couldn’t even be described. He was enraptured by her the moment he laid eyes on her.

“Oi, wake up,” Xiangpeng’s blatant staring left Zhao Chengning feeling a little dissatisfied. Xuya, who was good at gauging the emotions of other people, immediately frowned and stepped forward, snapping his fingers to return Xiangpeng to his senses.

Having returned to reality, Xiangpeng felt very embarrassed about his momentary lapse, and quickly shifted his gaze away from Shen Jingbin as he stammered out an apology, “So… so sorry, I was a little dazed… I-I’ll bring you guys up,” With that, he turned and made his escape.

At first, Xiangpeng didn’t dare to tell Shen Jingbin that her role as the female lead in the promo video wasn’t guaranteed. Xue Sijia’s company had tried to lower their fees in exchange for the role of female lead to go to her, which resulted in Yiju’s higher-ups arguing over who should be given the role. In the end, Yiju’s CEO simply decided to have both of them come down and see how things were like before they made a decision.

Xiangpeng had been worrying over how he’d break the news to Shen Jingbin and Zhao Chengning if Xue Sijia won in the end. After all, who’d be happy coming all this way just to end up getting a supporting role? However, after what he’d seen, he knew that the role of female lead definitely wouldn’t go to Xue Sijia; that is unless the higher-ups were blind.

Seeing the steadily increasing distance between Xiangpeng and them, Xuya unhappily said, “Brother Ah Ning, your classmate doesn’t seem the least bit reliable. Putting aside the fact that he was staring at Little Jing, which is understandable because she’s so beautiful, why’s he walking so fast even though he’s supposed to be our guide?”

Zhao Chengning shot a glance at him. “It’s alright. Unlike you, we have long legs, so we don’t mind.”


After being woken up, Shen Jingchen, who’d taken his own sweet time getting out of the car, rubbed his eyes blearily and asked, “What’re you guys standing around for? Where’s our guide? Let’s go.”

Xuya immediately pulled Shen Jingchen over by his hand and started bawling about his dissatisfaction with Xiangpeng. Once he was done, the two of them walked off with darkened expressions, looking as if they were going to enact vengeance.

The other two who were left behind didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as they watched them leave.

“Shen Jingchen and Xuya get along pretty well,” Zhao Chengning said with a sigh.

“Birds of a feather flock together; both of them are pretty stupid.”

Zhao Chengning couldn’t help but laugh, “Going by that logic, don’t I need to be as pretty as you to be with you? Even someone as experienced as Xiangpeng was dazed by you.”

“You don’t need to be as pretty as me; that’ll be a little too difficult. As for him being dazed… that just means he has a normal sense of aesthetics,” Shen Jingbin replied earnestly. Once she was finished, she even shot a glance at him.

Zhao Chengning immediately understood what she was trying to imply - there was something wrong with his sense of aesthetics.

“My sense of aesthetics is perfectly normal.”

“Really? I wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t told me.”

Zhao Chengning suddenly lowered his voice and said, “To be honest, you swept me off my feet the moment I laid eyes on you, but it didn’t show because I hid it so well. Happy now?”

Shen Jingbin’s ears immediately flushed red. In an attempt to conceal her embarrassment she dashed forward, not forgetting to throw in an excuse while she was at it. “Huh? What’s that? Oh, they’re so far ahead of us, we better catch up!”

In the end, she was still a girl who lacked dating experience, so no matter how valiant she thought she was on the inside, she still had a shyness born of innocence. To top it off she had feelings for him, so her mind fell into the gutter the moment he neared her.

“I’m too green!” Shen Jingbin mentally ridiculed herself.

As Zhao Chengning watched her retreating figure, he felt that his brother’s worries were unfounded.

This realization caused his mood to soar, and he followed after Shen Jingbin with renewed vigor.

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