Chapter 207: My Sense Of Aesthetics Is Very Normal (1)

Chapter 207: My Sense Of Aesthetics Is Very Normal (1) 

After climbing out of the gaming pod, Shen Jingbin realised she had a lot of missed calls on her phone, and all of them were from Xiangpeng. Since he’d called so many times, he definitely had something urgent he needed to contact her about. With that thought in mind, Shen Jingbin immediately returned his call.

The phone rang only once before it was picked up, and Xiangpeng sounded very happy on the other end of the call.

“Thank goodness Miss Shen, you finally called me back.”

“I received a lot of missed calls from you; is something wrong?”

“Oh. Here's the thing, since you've already agreed to be our ambassador and we've completed the preparations on our side, I called to tell you that you can come down to B City the day after tomorrow for the photoshoot.”

Shen Jingbin thought for a moment. It didn’t clash with anything on her schedule, so she agreed. “Sure, no problem.”

“Our company will reimburse you for your plane ticket.”

“Oh, and, just a quick question: you saw my brother’s picture the other time, didn't you? Will he be joining me?” She suddenly thought of Shen Jingchen, so she decided she might as well ask about him too.

The other party was a little hesitant, only speaking after a long while had passed, “First, I need to apologise to you about this, Miss Shen. Mr Shen’s well above the prerequisites for becoming an ambassador, however, we've just received news that Xue Sijia is also interested in this role… Mm, you should know who Xue Sijia is, right?”

Of course she'd heard of Huajuan’s ex-Goddess. “Yeah.”

“Our company decided to work with her instead as she’s got quite a decent fan base. Compared to Mr Shen, selecting her would be a safer choice. So, as for Mr Shen…”

He didn’t finish, but she understood what he meant.

“If that's the case, then it can't be helped.”

“We’re very grateful for your kind understanding. Our company will reimburse all of your expenses for coming to B City.”

“Can I bring another person with me?”

“May I know if that person is your secretary?”

Shen Jingbin thought for a moment before she replied, “Sort of.” Since Shen Jingchen couldn't join her for the photoshoot, she might as well use him as her gopher instead.

“No problem. Our company will reimburse all of you and your team’s expenses.”


“Give me a call when you reach B City, I'll pick you up at the airport.”

Shen Jingbin quickly turned him down. “Oh, there's no need. I have a friend in B City, and I can get him to come pick me up. We’ll be heading straight to your office after.”

Tch, she wasn’t going to let go of such a prime opportunity to deepen her relationship with Zhao Chengning so easily!

Faced with rejection, Xiangpeng suddenly realized that she was God Zhao’s wife. Why would an unimportant character like him barge into the equation! Slapping himself on the head, he replied, “Alright, we’ll do as you say then, Miss Shen. I'll pick you up once you've reached our office.”


Shen Jingbin suddenly couldn't help but laugh after she’d hung up. Did her rejecting someone else’s offer so that Zhao Chengning could do it instead make her a devious woman?

Deviousness aside, the main point was that she had to take Zhao Chengning down.

Shen Jingchen was very unhappy for a long while when he found out that he’d been rejected, but eventually succumbed to Shen Jingbin’s carrot and stick ploy and agreed to accompany her on her trip to B City.

It was still early when they reached B City. However, the moment they walked out of the airport, they saw the elegant and poised Zhao Chengning standing next to a tired-looking Xuya against the backdrop of the rays of the morning sun.

“Morning Little Jing, Brother Shen,” Xuya yawned as he lifelessly greeted the two of them when they neared. “Little Jing, why’d you guys pick a flight at this time? I’m dead tired; I only slept at 3 am last night.”

Zhao Chengning gave him an exasperated knock on the head. “Don’t blame others when you’re the one who stayed up so late to play.”

Xuya cupped his head and cried out in pain, “Tch, what happened to ‘bros before hoes’?” When he saw Zhao Chengning going for his head again, Xuya pulled his head back into the car and wound up the car’s window at the same time.

In truth, Shen Jingchen felt the same as Xuya! He shot an aggrieved look at Shen Jingbin with his light green eyes before he turned to Zhao Chengning and said, “How the hell am I supposed to know why this girl wanted to take such an early flight? I’m dead tired too. Ah Ning, can you help with the luggage? I’m going to catch some Z’s in the car first.”

Shen Jingbin gently kicked him and said, “Shen Jingchen, can't you be more a little more mature?!”

“It’s alright, hand me your luggage and get some rest in the car. I'll wake you guys up when we reach the hotel.”

Shen Jingbin raised her head and looked at him. When she noticed that his eyes were twinkling with amusement, she rubbed her nose in embarrassment before she followed after Shen Jingchen and sat in the car.

The two of them lodged in the same hotel they’d stayed at previously. After they set down their luggage, Xuya drove them towards Yiju’s HQ.

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