Chapter 206: A Successful Coup (2)

Chapter 206: A Successful Coup (2) 

One after another, the players from Life At First Sight and Sovereign’s Descent came out of hiding. Using their numerical advantage, they formed a large encirclement around the members of Jade Sea Pavilion.

However, all they formed was an encirclement, and they took no further action.

“Leader, what should we do now?” A player cautiously approached Neverending Journey and asked in a small voice.

This was completely different from their initial plan, causing members like this player to be at a loss.

Neverending Journey eyed Crying Fish and said, “Look to Life At First Sight and follow what they do.”

He certainly wasn’t about to let his guild members sacrifice themselves in vain.

Unfortunately, it seemed as if Life At First Sight had the same idea and they were biding their time.

When I’m Not A Monster saw the looks of terror on the faces of his enemies, he gave a laugh and shouted, “It’s such a shame that we don’t have an audience, they should see how terrified all of you are!”

The faces of everyone from Life At First Sight and Sovereign’s Descent turned pale.

“Are you guys really that scared of them even when there’s so many of us? Charge!”

Provocation was an effective tool for most people. The moment I’m Not A Monster finished speaking, someone from Life At First Sight couldn’t take it any longer and charged at them with a roar.

In most cases, all it took was one person for everyone else to follow suit. With that single roar as the catalyst, everyone from Life At First Sight felt their blood begin to boil.

That’s right, why should they be scared when there’s so many of them? At worst, they’d get killed. As men, they shouldn’t be acting all coy!

Aren’t games a pursuit of happiness? Why the hell are they being all wishy-washy about it? They shouldn’t be scared; all they need to do is attack!”

“That’s right; there’s nothing to be scared of! Charge!”

Wave after wave of battle cries resounded, and the players from Life At First Sight led the charge against Jade Sea Pavilion.

But alas, while they might have built up a fantastic scenario in their minds, the reality wasn’t so kind to them. The first wave of players broke against the members of Jade Sea Pavilion, and the ones closest to them turned into a beam of white light almost instantly.

Lolis Are Life stood at the rear with the rest of the elite party from Life At First Sight as they exchanged glances with one another.

“Make sure you don’t break the encirclement! Remember, our only target is Dawn’s Twilight. All we need to do is kill him, and we’ll win!” Lolis Are Life said.


“Remember, don’t meet them head-on. Launch attacks from the side to break through their defence.”


“Do you see that exit over there? Nine Ballads is waiting for Dawn’s Twilight there. Find a way to force him over there!”

At the same time, Neverending Journey was issuing orders to his own guild.

“Follow what Life At First Sight’s elite party does and do your best to assist them.”

“All Liches listen up: activate all your buffs, stealth over to them, and blow yourselves up. Take down whoever you can. Taking down their frontlines will make getting rid of Dawn’s Twilight that much easier.”



As one, the members of Life At First Sight and Sovereign’s Descent issued a battle cry that shook the very air and charged towards Jade Sea Pavilion.

A 1vN wasn’t something that just anyone could do! Summoning Mascot to save her from an abyss of suffering, she watched as it cut down an enemy with every swipe and felt a little better.

The opposing Liches acted just as Quiet And Steadfast had predicted. The majority of them had stealthed themselves and charged forward in an attempt to blow themselves up. However, even if they were prepared for it, the enemy just had too many people. Furthermore, while the damage one kamikaze Lich could inflict wouldn’t be much, they wouldn’t be able to withstand a continuous stream of explosions.

With the use of this double-edged tactic where Life At First Sight and Sovereign’s Descent lost more of their own forces than they did their enemy, even if Jade Sea Pavilion held the advantage, they had no choice but to retreat towards the colosseum's exit.

Quiet And Steadfast’s heartbeat sped up, and he fished out a Vajra Possession Elixir and handed it to Dawn’s Twilight.

“Hold on to one of these. Swallow it immediately if you spot anything suspicious.”

Shen Jingchen didn’t stand on ceremony and accepted the item.

As Jade Sea Pavilion’s defence line got pressed closer, someone suddenly leapt down from one of the beams above the exit. Steeped in an aura of evil, they mercilessly sent their longsword hurtling straight towards Shen Jingchen’s chest without the slightest trace of hesitation.

Right from the start, Shen Jingchen had found it strange that he hadn’t seen Nine Ballads. When he saw this scene unfolding before him, he realised she’d been waiting here for him all along. Although Nine Ballads couldn’t withstand a single blow from Quiet And Steadfast, she was still a Goddess who’d claimed second place on the leaderboards for herself. A strike that she’d invested all her strength into wasn’t something he could endure for sure.

Now was the time!

When the longsword was just about to plunge into his chest, Shen Jingchen ate the Vajra Possession Elixir that Quiet And Steadfast had given him without a second thought. Immediately after, his entire body was shrouded in a layer of gold.

Nine Ballads’ blade slipped off the golden shroud with an ear-piercing screech. In spite of that, the golden shroud remained utterly unharmed!

The players from Life At First Sight and Sovereign’s descent rejoiced when Nine Ballads revealed herself. Wave after wave of them charged forward, their numerical superiority making itself known as they opened up a hole in Jade Sea Pavilion’s tightly knit defence line.

“Do it now!” Neverending Journey roared.

The surviving elite players from both guilds rushed towards the breach, summoning forth all their strength and focusing their attacks on Shen Jingchen alone.

However, all of their skills were merely absorbed by the golden radiance that surrounded Shen Jingchen.

“F*ck!” Frustrated cursing could immediately be heard.

At this moment, the golden light suddenly became dimmer!

Nine Ballads’ eyes narrowed, and she renewed her assault.

[System Announcement] The counterattack has ended. Congratulations player Dawn’s Twilight for becoming Underworld City’s new City Lord!

[System Announcement] To celebrate the appointment of a new City Lord, all goods sold within Underworld City will be half price off and mysterious items will be available for purchase~


Nine Ballads’ weapon found its way into Shen Jingchen’s chest the moment the system announcement appeared. Her eyes were filled with ferocity as she glared at him.

When Shen Jingchen saw that he still had 3 Health left, he flashed a brilliant smile at Nine Ballads.

“We’ve won.”

Nine Ballads’ expression darkened, and she exerted more strength, causing her weapon to slide further in.

However, it was too little, too late.

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