Chapter 205: A Successful Coup (1)

Chapter 205: A Successful Coup (1)

“Leader! Leader! Come back!” One of the founding members of the guild, Lolis Are Lifewore a look of anxiety on his face as he beckoned for his Leader to return to the guild’s hiding spot.

Crying Fish glared at him and said, “What are you saying?! Am I supposed to put up with Jade Sea Pavilion’s humiliation? Take a look at the stands and see how they’re looking at this match!”

Crying Fish was filled with righteous indignation as she delivered her speech, but all that Lolis Are Life could feel was a massive headache.

A lack of forbearance leads to the destruction of grand plans. Of course, he knew what the spectators thought of this match; especially when Dawn’s Twilight was teasing Lonely Moon by acting as if he was walking his dog. But, so what if they have to suffer a moment of humiliation? All they had to do was abide by their original plan, and they could have done away with Dawn’s Twilight. They may have lost the battle, but they would’ve won the war!

They knew that whatever that was happening now was less important than the end result. They wouldn’t have to fear what others thought of them as long as they won in the end.

However, their Leader apparently couldn’t understand that logic.

Due to the distance, the members of Jade Sea Pavilion couldn’t make out what Crying Fish was saying. But they all shared a knowing smile when they saw her look back.

“Looks like they’re hiding at the back,” Said Next Week Is Unlikely as he rubbed his chin.

“Going by that logic, they’re probably hiding within the few pockets of shadows beneath the spectator stands?” Yanmen Imperial Sister asked.

“It’s probably not just limited to the spectator stands. They’re definitely hiding out in other spots as well. Look out for Dawn’s signal in a bit. He’ll give us a sign when he’s about to deliver the finishing blow; we’ll charge them before they have the chance to react.”

“Got it!”

Although the members of Jade Sea Pavilion had finished their discussion on countermeasures, things didn’t look so good for their enemies.

Dawn’s Twilight crossed his arms over his chest and arched his dashing eyebrows at Crying Fish who wasn’t able to enter the arena. “Eh? Guild Leader Fish, why are you here? Shouldn’t you be watching the battle up there on the spectator stands?”

“Where I am isn’t any of your concern! Dawn’s Twilight, if you’re a man then finish him off. Is teasing someone like this fun for you?”

“It’s alright. More importantly, I feel that I have to give you guys a proper display of my power. Did Guild Leader Fish and the rest of your little friends see the show that I put so much effort into?”

Crying Fish’s expression stiffened. She didn’t know how to respond.

Neverending Journey, who was hiding in another spot with experts from his guild, couldn’t help but quietly curse Crying Fish as a ‘brainless idiot’ when she’d rushed out and revealed herself.

One of his guild members quietly whispered into his ear, “Leader, what should we do now?”

Neverending Journey’s eyes darkened as he continued to stare at the events that were unfolding. “Call Pure Crane over.”

Ever since the incident at the Ice Extermination Cavern, Pure Crane hadn’t shown himself in front of Neverending Journey. Today, he’d taken the initiative to lead one of their groups. Neverending Journey was still frustrated with Pure Crane, so he hadn’t said anything to him either, and time went on.

However, now he had no choice but to reconcile with him.

Pure Crane was quickly brought over.

“Leader, you’re looking for me?” Pure Crane still wore the same warm and gentle expression he always had. It was as if what had happened in the Ice Extermination Cavern had never taken place.

“Since you’ve done a quest with Quiet And Steadfast, I guess your relationship with him is pretty good, right?”

Pure Crane silently looked at him.

“You’re a conscientious person; so as someone who’s an expert at reading other people, how do you think Jade Sea Pavilion will react?”

If you guess correctly and we strike Jade Sea Pavilion in advance, taking them down, regardless of how good your relationship with Quiet And Steadfast is, this should cause a rift between the two of you, right? If your guess is wrong...

Sovereign’s Descent might not be able to keep you around.

Pure Crane gazed deeply at Neverending Journey’s expressionless face. He then shifted his gaze to the spectator stands on the opposite end. With his excellent sight, the distance between them didn’t impede his vision, and he could clearly make out Quiet And Steadfast’s form; he was sitting at the forefront of Jade Sea Pavilion as he calmly observed the fight that was taking place in the arena.

Pure Crane unhurriedly answered, “They…”

However, before they managed to finished their conversation, Dawn’s Twilight suddenly turned around and, amidst the shocked cries of the spectators, hurled his sword at Lonely Moon’s chest.

Only a second ago Dawn’s Twilight had his back towards Lonely Moon and was flashing a half smile at Crying Fish. The next moment, he suddenly turned into an Asura and mercilessly lodged his weapon into Lonely Moon’s heart.

A look of astonishment appeared on Lonely Moon’s face. He looked down at the silver weapon that was sticking out of his chest as he slowly fell to the ground in the middle of the enormous arena.

The moment his sturdy body hit the ground, the protective barrier that surrounded the arena dissolved. In that instant, the members of Jade Sea Pavilion shot forward like an arrow leaving a bow, leaping towards the middle of the arena where Dawn’s Twilight was standing.

As his attention had been focused on Pure Crane and everything had happened in a split second, by the time Neverending Journey reacted, the members of Jade Sea Pavilion had drawn their weapons and formed a very imposing defence line around Dawn’s Twilight. Their formation was so tight, not even a drop of water could slip past them.

All hope was lost.

Those four words suddenly resounded in Neverending Journey’s mind.

[System Announcement] Congratulations player Dawn’s Twilight for defeating player Lonely Moon in combat, and obtaining the position of Underworld City’s City Lord!

[System Announcement] Victory and defeat are commonplace in battle. Raise your weapons and fight for your heroes! The battle to protect the previous City Lord Lonely Moon’s honor has now begun.

Two massive announcements appeared in succession before all of the spectators were teleported out of Underworld City.

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