Chapter 204: Strategy (2)

Chapter 204: Strategy (2) 

There was too much of a gap between them.

This wasn’t something that could be won with perseverance or confidence any longer. He lacked even the right to stand before Dawn’s Twilight.

Lonely Moon never knew that such a vast disparity existed between them; Dawn’s Twilight didn’t even need to use a single skill to overpower him. In fact, that one skill alone might be enough to destroy him!

“Hey, what do you think Dawn’s doing? He obviously could’ve finished Lonely Moon off just now, so why’d he act like Lonely Moon dodged his attack?” Next Week Is Unlikely, who was sitting beside Quiet And Steadfast, quizzically asked.

Before Quiet And Steadfast had a chance to reply, Faint Blue Seaweed said, “He’s probably trying to pressure his opponent.”

Quiet And Steadfast shook his head. “No, he’s putting pressure on Life At First Sight and Sovereign’s Descent.”

Everyone around Quiet And Steadfast looked at him in confusion and waited for him to elaborate.

Quiet And Steadfast’s gaze remained locked on the two combatants within the arena. However, that had no bearing on his very detailed explanation.

“Take a look at the people on the spectator stands.”

Jade Sea Pavilion’s elite party surveyed the area around them.

“Eh, there’s no one from Life At First Sight around,” I’m Not A Monster cried out in surprise.

“Not only that, even Sovereign’s Descent is nowhere to be seen,” I’m Really Not A Monster added.

“Even if they knew they wouldn’t win, no matter what, they still should have sent a few people over to spectate the match,” Next Week Is Unlikely said with a slight frown.

“They’re present. They’re just not on the spectator stands. My guess is that they’ve long since decided to hide at some corner of the Colosseum or some other place we don’t know about, and wait for Lonely Moon to lose before they immediately launch their counterattack at Dawn’s Twilight when he’s caught unprepared,” Quiet And Steadfast replied, his gaze never straying from the duel before him.

After ruling over Underworld City as its City Lord for so long, Lonely Moon and the rest of the members of Life At First Sight have definitely spent a fair amount of time here. The Colosseum was also a part of Underworld City, which meant that they’d likely long since grasped a thorough understanding of the area. Finding a suitable hiding place was a simple task for them.

Realization dawned on everyone’s faces.

“How despicable!” Temperate Scarlet Moon cursed.

“The counterattack will take place after Dawn has won. In other words, whatever hiding spot they chose has to be beneficial to them in some way. Once the counterattack begins, regardless of how fast Dawn reacts, there’s no way he can take on so many people in that instant.”

“But they won’t be able to finish Dawn off so quickly either, right?” Yanmen Imperial Sister said.

“Which is why they’re taking a risk. If they manage to grab ahold of the right opportunity, with the number of people they have in Sovereign’s Descent and Life At First Sight, there’s a good chance of them being able to take down Dawn before we reach him by concentrating all their attacks on him.”

After Quiet And Steadfast finished his explanation, the members of Jade Sea Pavilion couldn’t help but try to estimate the distance between their current position and where Dawn’s Twilight was standing.

It would take at least over a minute to go from where they were, to the middle of the arena. No matter how good Dawn’s Twilight defence was, or how adroit he was at dodging, there was still a chance of him being done in, in that one minute plus it took to get to him. After all, he was facing the combined attacks of players who were level 90 or even 100.

Next Week Is Unlikely couldn’t help but shift his gaze to Lonely Moon who was running at full tilt away from Dawn’s Twilight, while said person was in pursuit and acting as if he was toying with a fool. “So that’s why Dawn’s intentionally allowing Lonely Moon to escape now; so that he can test their patience?”

Quiet And Steadfast nodded his head. Finally tearing his gaze away from the battle, he said, “Everyone knows that there’s a huge disparity in power between the combatants, so the duel should end very quickly. However, that isn’t the case now. Although Life At First Sight and Sovereign’s Descent are in an alliance, that doesn’t mean they truly treat each other as allies. Otherwise, Neverending Journey wouldn’t have quietly abandoned Crying Fish and logged off when we were at the Ice Extermination Cavern last time. This is why I’m quite confident that if things don’t work out the way they’ve planned, Sovereign’s Descent is definitely going to be suspicious and their morale will be swayed.”

Quiet And Steadfast paused for a moment to sweep his gaze across the faces of the players who were excitedly watching the duel.

“No small number of players came to spectate at today’s duel, and most of them are here with the express purpose to either watch Lonely Moon make a fool of himself or to watch Life At First Sight get suppressed. Dawn’s intentionally chasing Lonely Moon around like he’s walking a dog; it’s an extraordinary amount of humiliation for them…”

Quiet And Steadfast was interrupted by I’m Not A Monster’s cry of enlightenment. “Ah~ I’ve got it now! There’s no doubt that what Dawn’s doing now is a slap to that spoilt princess, Quarrelsome Fish’s, face. She definitely won’t be able to take it, and she’ll fly into a fit of rage. When that happens, whatever plans they came up with from before will fall apart,” After he finished speaking, I’m Not A Monster felt as if his IQ had increased by leaps and bounds.

Quiet And Steadfast gave I’m Not A Monster a rare look of approval before he nodded in agreement.

At that moment, a shadowy silhouette suddenly burst out beneath the spectator stands opposite from where the members of Jade Sea Pavilion sat.

“Dawn’s Twilight, are you done yet?! Death before dishonor; if you’re that good then end Lonely Moon with one strike. Is toying around with him that fun?!”

As they weren’t able to enter the arena, the person who charged out could only stand around its edge and scream at the top of their lungs.

When Dawn’s Twilight, who was slowly torturing Lonely Moon with every slash of his blade, heard the person’s challenge, he stopped and turned towards them with a look of interest in his eyes. By this point, Lonely Moon, who’d become a little desensitized to Dawn’s Twilight’s ministrations, didn’t have the slightest intention of using this opportunity to strike back when Dawn’s Twilight ceased his assault.

Everyone’s gaze fell on the figure that had rushed towards the arena.

It was a stunning beauty with limpid eyes and striking features.

The members of Jade Sea Pavilion shared a glance with one another and smiled.

She really was a simpleton.

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