Chapter 203: Strategy (1)

Chapter 203: Strategy (1) 

Underworld City was the size of a regular city; it was incomparable to capital cities like Jiang City and Jiuli City. However, it was still relatively prosperous. Due to today’s challenge, the NPCs within the city had shut their doors and refused to come out, leaving the broad streets desolate and deathly silent.

The members of Jade Sea Pavilion began making their way towards the City Lord’s grandiose mansion.

Standing outside the City Lord’s mansion, Quiet And Steadfast stretched out his hand and patted Dawn’s Twilight encouragingly on the shoulder and said, “Go on, we’ll wait here for you.”

Dawn’s Twilight had a confident grin on his face. Rays of sunlight shone on his clear eyes, causing them to sparkle brilliantly.

“Just wait for the good news!”

After he said that, he strode forward by himself towards the open gates of the City Lord’s mansion.

[System Announcement] The battle for the title of Underworld City’s City Lord has begun.

Less than a minute after Shen Jingchen started walking; a scarlet red system announcement could be seen appearing in the sky.

At that moment, players from the Six Great Sects saw a translucent dialogue box appear before their eyes.

“System Notification: The time for reckoning has come, and a marvelous showdown awaits. Will you view the duel for the title of City Lord? Yes/No.”

Players who were worrying about how they could view the battle felt a sense of elation and selected ‘Yes’ without hesitation.

What a wonderful system!

Everyone from Jade Sea Pavilion naturally chose to spectate the battle as well. After making their choice, everyone was teleported to an area filled with spectator stands.

It was built in a style similar to that of a Roman Colosseum[1. Here’s what a Roman Colosseum looks like Image result for colosseum] with a circular arena at its base. The spectators were situated above the edges of the arena on spectator stands. Aside from the members of Jade Sea Pavilion, there were also many other guilds and curious players present.

Unlike the countless number of people that dotted the spectator stands, only two people stood on the arena beneath it. One was slender and held a sword in hand, while the other was robust and held a sabre. In the vast expanse of the arena, tension so thick that it could be sliced with a knife filled the air.

After Quiet And Steadfast instructed his guild members to seat themselves, everyone focused their gaze on the arena beneath them. Although there were many spectators on the stands, everyone seemed to come to a consensus and kept their distance from the members of Jade Sea Pavilion; opting to squeeze amongst themselves instead.

The arena itself was out in the open, allowing the dazzling rays of sunlight to fall onto their heads. Although they couldn’t feel the heat, their vision would definitely be affected.

Lonely Moon squinted his eyes and heard Dawn’s Twilight say “Thanks for letting me win” before he was buffeted by a wave of cold air.

“Shiiing” A masterwork sword was removed from its sheath; its glittering edge that reflected sunlight dazzling any who stared directly at it. Both the spectators on the stands and Lonely Moon who was in the arena, couldn’t help but cover their eyes to protect themselves from the glare.

The f*ck? You’re going to fight just like that?! Shouldn’t we be exchanging a few heated words before we clash with one another first? Dawn’s Twilight, your vicious actions are going entirely against the script, alright?!

Although Lonely Moon wasn’t all that strong, his skill at evading was maxed out. The moment he detected a hint of murderous intent, he dodged to the side on reflex. He managed to avoid a critical blow, but he wasn’t able to completely evade Dawn’s Twilight’s attack as the sword’s edge scraped past his face.

Lonely Moon had only just managed to adapt to the piercing rays of sunlight that reflected off of his opponent's blade when a burst of pain erupted from his wound. Quickly lowering his hands, he forced his eyes open into a squint.

A warm liquid ran down the sides of his cheek.

Cries of excitement and cheering suddenly broke out from the spectator stands.

C'est magnifique!

In that previous attack, Dawn’s Twilight had looked as if he’d become one with his blade, exuding a chilling aura that threatened everyone around him. The spectators only saw a flash of white light, and the next thing they knew, he’d already travelled from one side of the arena to the other. The snow-white edge of his blade was now covered with a layer of bright red. When they turned back to Lonely Moon, they saw a streak of blood winding down the cheeks of his rough face.

Dawn’s Twilight brought his forefinger and middle finger together and wiped the layer of blood off his blade’s edge. When this contrasted against his handsome face, it made him look exceedingly elegant and aloof

A number of maidens on the spectator stands instinctively clutched their hearts.

Ho-ly shit! That’s so! F*cking! COOL!

Blood that got onto players would be removed by the system, so even if he used his fingers to wipe away the blood, Dawn’s Twilight still maintained his image as an elegant, handsome, and youthful Swordmaster.

“That’s an appetizer for you,” Dawn’s Twilight said as he widened his eyes a little more, while a smile that didn’t reach his eyes played on his lips.

Lonely Moon, who was on the receiving end of his gaze, felt himself go weak in the knees.

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